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Walt Wellz – “Spaceship” (Single Review)

Walt Wellz is an up-and-coming Illinois artist quickly becoming a promising new artist with his familiar mid-western appeal. Eager to entertain the masses and breakout of his regional popularity. In his latest effort, Wellz hops on a “Spaceship” and flies to the top of music.

“Spaceship” is a one-shot release by Walt Wellz. Slated to appear on his forthcoming new project, releasing late-2019. Slowed and hip, the new song is prepared to relocate the rising star to the top of today’s Hip Hop elites.

Stream “Spaceship” by Walt Wellz now, courtesy of YouTube.

The song’s production is a handful. Distorted, rough, natural, “Spaceship” production is attractive. Sticking to the script, the new song is familiar, garnering a copycat mixture of mainstream producer signatures. Lackluster mixing plays a major part in the track’s clarity, further effecting the production to be simply toleratable.

Cliche bars at best. Walt Wellz isn’t different from any other trendy Hip Hop star and comes out feeling gimmicky. Suffering from the “sound like” syndrome, Wellz delivers intrigue through his energy but his wordplay is a mockery as he does not execute originality in his raps. Nothing distinctive, nothing catchy, nothing unheard of. It’s as if Wellz embedded ever hit trap song and blended them together to make a generic trap hit of his own.

While the rough and unpolished single has its bounce to it, “Spaceship”, overall is an acquired taste directed at today’s trap infested Hip Hop consumer. Designed to excite and entice today’s flashy things addicted fans who lack the importance of valued substantial lyricism. In the song’s defense, its a single, of course its going to use popular appeal and cheesy parlor tricks to attract attention, it’s what is working for every other similar artist in the game; therefore, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Rating: 7/10

Highlights: Energy

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