Dynasty & Brother Spins “Keep The Rhythm Spins” 

By xplizitsouljah Word Is Bond

This is a video for the first single off the upcoming album “Once Again For the Very First Time”, by Dynasty and Brother Spins to be released on June 13th, 2020. On this project, we have Dynasty supplying all the lyrical firepower while all the productions are handled by Brother Spins.

‘Keep The Rhythm Spins’  speaks to the pains and struggles of the average Joe but stresses the importance of keeping the faith regardless of the situations. The video is a simple and straightforward decent pictorial directed by Militia Films. The song is available on all streaming platforms but you can kick it with Brother Spins on Instagram and Twitter and Dynasty is there on Twitter and Instagram as well.


Tall Black Guy drops "We Rollin' for You" as tribute single for DJ Devastate 

To celebrate and remember the life of the late Swedish disc-jockey DJ Devastate, Coalmine and Sweden's Counterweight Records have teamed up with gifted producer Tall Black Guy for the release of a stunning new single "We Rollin' for You " - a tribute to the memory of the late DJ. The lush instrumental track is bursting with life, […]

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C.G. presents new R&B and hip-hop compilation 'The Certified Genius' 

New Jersey producer C.G. confidently displays his growth and ever-expanding skill set on his latest effort, The Certified Genius. A 13 track project that includes features from Guilty Simpson, Rockness Monsta, Ren Thomas, Bizarre (D12), Ca$his, Twisted Insane, and more. The project sees C.G exploring a variety of sounds while keeping the hip-hop element present, for example, the […]

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The Council x Eesah x SpaceAgeRasta Talk “Streets of Jamaica” 

By xplizitsouljah Word Is Bond

The Jamaican Hip Hop collective, The Council, connects with Reggae artistes Eesah and SpaceAgeRasta for a new single titled ‘Streets of Jamaica’. The song comes accompanied by a music video, directed by Fyah Roiall, and you get to watch it right now.

The new school boom-bap beat and raw verses from The Council’s Five Steez, Nomad Carlos and The Sickest Drama, alongside SpaceAgeRasta, make this song a deadly combination, effortlessly blending social commentary with braggadocio. Eesah’s catchy hook fits right in place to remind everyone where all this dopeness comes from – “We going hard again / Dem think seh ah foreign but ah yard again.”

The music video shows amped up performances from all the artists, interspersed with various visual effects, matching the high energy of the song itself, which would sound equally at home in many Hip Hop, Dancehall and even modern Reggae playlists.

Streets of Jamaica is the second release, following Life Goes On which featured SpaceAgeRasta, Inztinkz and The Sickest Drama, from collaborative sessions with The Council, NRG and Eesah.

You ought to know by now that The Council comprises Five Steez, Nomad Carlos, The Sickest Drama and Inztinkz while NRG (New Reggae Generation) consists of SpaceAgeRasta, Iyah Gift and Rseenal. Eesah joins the fold as a singer or singjay, bringing the melody, among a circle of rappers and deejays.

Hit up the men on their social:
Eesah Instagram and Twitter
Five Steez Instagram and Twitter
SpaceAgeRasta Instagram and Twitter
NomadCarlos Instagram and Twitter
TheSickestDrama Instagram and Twitter

BodyBagBen & M.O.P. tap into the spirit of the “Lord Body” 

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Oxnard, CA producer BodyBagBen connects with Brownsville’s legendary firing squad, M.O.P. for this hard-hitting street banger titled “Lord Body.” Backed by BodyBagBen’s cryptic, cinematic backdrop, the veteran rap duo delivers the goods from their off-the-cuff lyricism, signature energetic adlibs, and in-your-face swag. From Lil fame‘s authoritative bars and streetwise lines such as “…for every lost, there’s a mourner, for every shit talker,  there’s a goner/ we bang the barrel on ya, anyway from BK to California…”  Billy Danze follows up with vivid lyrics that go beyond threats such as “…Hoe bitch smack ’em and choke ’em, I Texas Hold ’em/I’m a master with this poker…”

Lil Fame and Billy Danze have truly found a new partner in crime with Ben, whose instrumental rattles and bangs beneath their throat-chopping bars.

If you’ve been craving some new heat from M.O.P. or just need a new banger for your playlist, “Lord Body” is it. Get it on all DSPs HERE.


Keep up with BodyBagBen   |  Spotify: Twitter: Instagram

Keep up with  Billy Danze | Spotify: Twitter: Instagram

Keep up with Lil Fame | witter: Instagram

Quis Christ Busts A Rhyme On “WOO-HAH!!!” 

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Quis Christ has just dropped a new song on us. The rapper, who is from Long Island is heavily Influenced by Busta Rhymes and 90’s Hip Hop era. You can hear Quis Christ channeling his inner Busta on this track here which also takes the same name as Busta’s smash hit ‘Woo-Hah!!!”.  Just in case you are not familiar with this emcee, Marquis Richardson better known as Quis Christ hails from Long Island, New York and has been taking the underground rap scene by storm. Stream more of Quis on Soundcloud and he is live on Twitter to build with.

Sly5thAve joins Marlon Craft for potent new single "More Or Less" 

While Sly5thAve has long been a highly sought-after collaborator with artists like Prince, Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight and Janelle Monáe among others, his solo work has quickly been turning heads as of late. The Brooklyn-based producer and multi-instrumentalist has stepped out with impressive singles like "With You," and "The Night," and returns this week with […]

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Top instrumental submissions Ep5 May, 2020 

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

It won’t be fair not to show love to the cats that work behind the boards. Cats whose soundscapes help push hip-hop to loft heights. So in the same vein, this weekly list sheds light on budding and even established producers who continue to push the envelope for the culture. So sit back relax and get familiar with these producers.
Remember, don’t forget to support them by sharing their works.

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Doctormeta – “Just Remember”

NYC based jazz saxophonist/producer Doctormeta takes us down memory lane on his beat titled “Just Remember.” He makes use of a nicely chopped vocal sample, lush keys, and head-nodding drums to complete the job. It’s a nice mix of jazz and hip-hop we can rock to during a breezy afternoon. Get it on Apple Music//Deezer//Spotify




GlobulDub – “Moonlight”

Paris based beatmaker Globuldub debuts on the taste-maker Soundplate Records label with “Moonlight,” a standalone single. The track has a reflective vibe with its jazzy keys, warm bassline, and nostalgic textures.




Mac James – “Summer Blue”

Mac James reminds us of  the calming energy of summer with the release of his new track aptly titled “Summer Blue.” He makes use of a mellow drum arrangement, lush keys, and contemplative textures and flutes to complete the job





Padre Tóxico – “Summer in L.A.”

Producer Padre Tóxico makes a solid entry on our list with this laid-back cut titled “Summer In L.A.” The track is rife with atmospheric textures and ethereal pads engulfing a laidback drum groove. As the title says, it exudes the L.A summer vibe and all the calmness that comes along with it. Get it on Soundcloud.



Nogymx – “Floating Lanterns”


“Floating Lanterns” by Nogymx sees him making use of solemn oriental sounds against contemporary elements. The beat has a very soothing and reflective texture too.



TalcBeats – “_geen tonic”

TalcBeats sends us a cinematic piece he calls “_geen tonic”, a smooth mellow beat that has a solemn texture and choppy drums. This is taken from his first instrumental album called Confronto.
Get it on Apple Music//Deezer//Spotify




tkdwn – “too much soul”

Canadian beatmaker tkdwn shows us why he got “too much soul” on his new release. He chops up a beautiful soulful sample and layers it effortlessly against a smooth groove. This is pretty alluring and reflective too.
Taken from his newest beat tape ‘loopdreams.’, Get it on Apple Music//Deezer//Soundcloud//




Surebert – “Roses”

Portland, Oregon based producer Surebert makes his entry on our list with “Roses.” He flips this classic sample and adds a nice touch with the soft tones and horns to complement the dreamy vocal samples.
Get it on Apple Music//Deezer// Spotify//Soundcloud





ward beats – “coronasesh 18”


“coronasesh 18” is a nice effort by producer ward beats and serves as a solid introduction to his style, He uses a simple chord progression with the keys and soft bell-like synths over a smooth trap drum.


Laizlo – “laizlo;;edits”


Canadian beatmaker Laizlo shares this compilation of his various remixes which he calls “laizlo;;edits.” The body of work contains a blend of jazz, lo-fi, and neo-soul vibes. It also features a plethora of rappers over these unique textures.





defbymisadventure – “undead”

defbymisadventure‘s “undead” has a western type vibe at the start and switches into a smooth boom-bap groove rife with a weird wobbling synth. Well crafted and smooth all the way.





Behind The Beat -” Horizontal Beats II”

Behind The Beat closes up the list with ” Horizontal Beats II.” A laid back mellow medley of beats that starts off a low warm bassline and sparkling pianos and switches into more than a handful of textures and grooves as it progresses. As the title suggests, this is Behind The Beat ‘s sophomore collection of beats that are 16 bars long. Get it on Apple Music//Deezer

Darkz x Monét Have Lofty “Dreams” 

By xplizitsouljah Word Is Bond

Darkz is a young and aspiring British rapper from the United Kingdom and he collaborates with singer Monet on this song he calls ‘Dreams’. To give us an understanding and thought process that went into the song, Darkz says:

“Dreams is a song where i speak from the perspective of the artist on having dreams and how that may or may affect the other parts of your life as the journey is never easy and brings a lot of pain. accompanied by the beautiful voice of Monét who brings a very mellow and melodic feel to the space created by the jazzy /hiphop infused production.”

This song can also be streamed on Soundcloud, Apple Music and Deezer. Holla at Darkz on Instagram and Twitter so he knows who his fans are.


Big O Demonstrates “Hard Work Pays Off” 

By xplizitsouljah Word Is Bond

Big O is back at it with a single from the debut instrumental album “Between Memories & Choices.” ‘Hard Work Pays Off’ is the second single from the album by London-based, American producer Big O. This song is a smooth, boom bap, soulful instrumental that gives listeners that motivation to get up and go get whatever it is they want by working hard at it. This sound here is very exemplary of what you would call chilled vibes. Make sure to stream it as it is now available on Spotify, Bandcamp and iTunes plus you can hit up the beatmaker on Twitter.