Top instrumental submissions EP3 April, 2021 

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Fresh – “More”


Fresh -dive into the somber zone on “More” a laidback, moody track ripe with smooth piano riffs, pulsating drums, and ethereal vocals.
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KristianK – “Alright”



KristianK is a music producer originally from Osijek, Croatia, and on his new release titled “Alright”, He flips Elis Regina’s vocals to create a laidback and reflective piece. A blend of smooth jazzy pianos, neck-snapping drums, and alluring vocals to complete the mission. Get it on Bandcamp



Metic – “Finding Home”


Producer/guitarist Metic brings back the warmth on “Finding Home” a soulful piece ripe with snapping drums, heavenly guitar plucks, and soothing textures. “Finding Home” is the lead single from his upcoming Soul Feather EP.




Dirty D – “San Miami”


“San Miami” is a cinematic beat from producer Dirty D who makes his way to our site this week. The track threads a handful of genres with its dynamic and varied arrangements, the ethereal sounds, jazz horns, and deep basslines all add up to create one enthralling piece.
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Sun Deep – “Elevator”


Sun Deep‘s “Elevator” is a laidback soothing piece that sounds like a mix of trip-hop, downtempo and lofi elements. The layered synths are ethereal and the drums are not too punchy but the grove is solid too. “Elevator” is taken from his newest instrumental EP.
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Kaureer – “Roses”


Kaureer comes through our list with “Roses” an ethereal beat ripe with atmospheric synths and spacey vibes. It;’s quite cinematic too
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Keedy Weedy – “Dot”


NYC-based producer Keedy Weedy makes his entry on our list with “Dot,” a lofi somber beat ripe with warm basslines, dusty guitar tones, and an alluring vocal sample.
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DBLHX – “GeekWorks”


DBLHX takes inspiration from the late great Dilla on his new effort “GeekWorks.” The dark moody beat takes 3 samples from “Donuts” and flips it into his own creation. The result is a scenic and urgent beat that feels like a scene from an action-packed thriller.
This beat is a layered beat of the three samples used in J Dilla “Donuts”.
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Washyb. – “Iris.”


Washyb. brings forth the might of cinematic sounds on his new release titled “Iris.” The track is ripe with anthemic orchestral elements and thick 808 basslines and rousing trap drums to complete the mission.



Sweeps – “clarity”


Sweeps teams up with fellow instrumentalist NK on “clarity” a chilled soulful record ripe with lush keys, heavenly guitar plucks, and punchy drums. “clarity” is taken from the sweep’s new album Escapism.
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DaMarcus VanBuren – “Made It Through”


DaMarcus VanBuren goes for a somber and reflective mood on his new release “Made It Through.” It’s straightforward, soulful, and heartwarming.
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Sïckö – “YAMAS”


As Sïckö prepares for his forthcoming summer album he shares with us its new release “YAMAS.” The track is a nice synth-driven piece with an engaging groove and ethereal sounds. Solid as expected


AOI – “petals falling from the cherry tree”


Japanese producer AOI makes her entry on our list with this warm and sobering piece titled “petals falling from the cherry tree.” She blends crunchy drums, pulsating basslines, ethereal textures, and chilled guitar plucks all culminating into a rich lo-fi sound.
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Leffen – “Floatin’ Redux”


Producer Leffen showcases his live instrumentation prowess on this lively piece entitled “Floatin’ Redux.” From the rousing drum patterns and lush textures and guitar riffs, he brings that bedroom vibe with an unusual twist for us to rock with.
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Mvdk – “somepiano”


“somepiano” by Mvdk has a somber and reflective vibe. It’s quite solemn and dusty too. This is that quintessential lo-fi goodness we need in these crazy times.
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Raven Paradox – “Say Something”


Raven Paradox comes through the list with “Say Something” a nice fusion of boom-bap drums, jazzy pianos, and nostalgic horns to match. It’s very soothing and well-crafted too.
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Verseau – “Trapish”


French producer Verseau taps into the worlds of bass music and chill-dubstep to bring froth his new release titled “Trapish” The textures are quite atmospheric and very relaxing and the drums are soft and sparse. Interetsing mix for sure.
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The Elohim – “Sunrise”


The Elohim is a production duo made up of Bless 1 (Chicago, IL) and Castro (Lawrence, MA) and their latest offering is a dark cinematic piece titled “Sunrise.” It’s ripe with an ominous vibe and the drums are crunchy to the max, I sure can hear some Griselda artists spazzing out on this one. “Sunrise” is taken from their 7 song EP titled Sharp Metal Objects.
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Blue Front Hermit – “Figuring it out”


“Figuring it out” by Blue Front Hermit is a mixed bang and blends a handful of genres. It has a nice snappy drum arrangement, funky guitars, and airy textures to match. It’s pretty off-kilter in a good way. This song is from his latest album called LUX FORMA, which can be streamed here.
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LXXPZ – “Void”


UK producer LXXPZ shares this piece titled “Void” with us. The punchy beat is ripe with dreamy and ethereal textures. The sound design is really enthralling and it’s very cinematic as well. “Void” is taken from his instrumental EP ‘Volumed 2’
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Eddie Moore – “We Chillin'”

Producer Eddie Moore (from We The People) comes through with the jazz-infused boom-bap beat titled “We Chillin'” The track is quite relaxing and nostalgic with its lush keys, heavenly horns, and smooth punchy drums.





Emerging British musician/producer ERAAN closes out our list with his debut single “DROWN.” A moody and somber beat that is also engaging as well.

𝔹 𝕆𝕆ℕ𝔼𝕊 drops 2 new beats “ʀʜɪᴛᴏ” and “ᴘʜᴀsᴇ ᴄʜᴀɴɢᴇ” for us to rock with 

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

Eclectic producer BOONES is back with some new tracks for us to dive into.

“RHITO” is the first cut on deck and from the jump, it sounds pretty anthemic. From the dark synths, rumbling percussions, and hard-hitting drums, the track really ramps up the energy as it progresses. He also makes use of trippy sound designs and fx to add flavor to it.

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The second cut is titled “Phase Change,” and it has a very cinematic and somewhat atmospheric vibe. The pads here are airy and nostalgic while the beat progresses into a bass-heavy section with distorted and pulsating bass lines. It’s quite off-kilter and edgy.

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Kairiko delivers mellow vibes on “The Slaying of the Bearwhale” 

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

Irish producer Kairiko makes his entry on our site with his latest entry titled “The Slaying of the Bearwhale,” a laidback soulful piece ripe with elements from different genres. The drums have a distinct hip-hop vibe, the instruments are classical with some folk elements too. The progression sure keeps the energy flowing as new elements come into play such as the nostalgic horns, dark pulsating basslines and trippy textures.

“The Slaying of the Bearwhale” is taken from Kairiko’s first EP.

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Karl Monroe takes us on the “European 2 Seater London Remix” 

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

Karl Monroe shares his new release “European 2 Seater London Remix” as the week runs out. Bolstered by a punchy and trippy backdrop, Monroe comes through with his unique impassioned vocals and evocative lyrics. He dives into a wide range of topics from self-realization, props to the late rappers and some reflective elements. The track sure packs a punch and has a handful of gems to grow on.


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Skypp shares “Fix Yo’ Crown” with Rhymefest, Allison Victoria & Jared Thompson [video] 

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

Skypp teams up with Rhymefest, singer Allison Victoria and jazz musician Jared Thompson on this heartfelt jazz-soul infused number titled “Fix Yo’ Crown.” The track is a smooth, reflective piece that dives into self-realization and taking ownership of one’s destiny regardless of the obstacles placed in the way. It’s an ode to the black folks trying to find their way out of this eternal struggle and endless cycle.

The visual is very cinematic and has a roaring 20s vibe with glamorous aesthetics. Directed by Skypp, Josh Jonez, and Rhymefest, all 3 men craft an engaging visual capturing the lives of young black men wading through this game of life with a target on their backs. The man is always watching but the black kings are up to the task and with unison, they hope to go against the odds.

“Fix Yo’ Crown” is taken from Skypp’s latest LP King Of Indiana. You can stream it here.

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LA Hip Hop Group MarkRob Share ‘Coffee and CBD’ Album 

By msavino Word Is Bond

New Orleans, LA-based Hip Hop group MarkRob release their new album titled ‘Coffee and CBD’ available on major digital platforms.

Focus and Hansum Rob, brothers who make up the group, are vetted Hip Hop artists with 20 years of music under their belts, and just recently began sharing that with fans…who couldn’t be more ecstatic.

The 9-track album ‘Coffee and CBD’ is the perfect fusion of jazz and soul looped into classic Hip Hop records. Unique in their own talented right, these brothers come together to transcend listeners through a kaleidoscope of smooth piano keys, funky drum sets, and incomparable bass lines. A journey that is sure to rouse the core and liven all five senses.

The duo delivers what can be noted as an exemplary timeless gem for authentic Hip Hop enthusiasts to embrace and press repeat. Stream/download ‘Coffee and CBD’ on preferred platforms and connect with MarkRob below.

Stream/download ‘Coffee and CBD’ here on preferred platforms

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Youtube MarkRob -topic

Top submissions EP3 Apr, 2021 

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Becci Wallace – “Focus”


Singer-songwriter Becci Wallace shares the visuals for her heartfelt and poignant song “Focus.” The mellow record is bolstered by the somber keys and moody textures courtesy of producer Novasound and The Girl Who Cried Wolf duo, Audrey Tate and Lauren Gilmour. Wallace takes center stage with her soft vocals and evocative lyrics that explore a wide range of emotions ranging from inner resentment, jealousy, and nostalgia.
The visuals shot by Stephen Dewar, feature women whose experiences span four generations and threads the connections that run through them.
“Focus” is taken from her LP Present Tense.
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Sky Eyes & Foodj Madrigal – “Et si “


Sky Eyes teams up with Foodj Madrigal for this insightful and reflective single titled “Et si ” Over. soothing and somewhat somber backdrop, they deliver a blend of English and French as they reflect on this thing called life.
“Et Si” delivers a style and sound that embraces the U.S and French hip hop influences with a hint of reggae-tinged vocals to produce a perfect collaboration.
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TheyCallMeSolo x Tre Houston – “Baddest Man Alive”


“Baddest Man Alive” is the new anthem by TheyCallMeSolo and Tre Houston. The track is MLB Allstar Mookie Betts’ brand new walk-up song and it’s apt as it packs upbeat and vibrant energy from the moment you hit the play button.
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Self-taught musician, Monroe make her entry on our list with the soulful and insightful record titled “Seattle” Bolstered by a groovy and soulful backdrop, she delivers a tale of heartbreak and soul searching that listeners can relate to.
Monroe is currently working on the self-titled debut EP, with her first single and music video “Seattle” available on all platforms now!




Oliver / Aberson : “Let It Burn” (feat. Edwin Canito Garcia, Tye Slagle & Corey Mauser)


Musical duo Oliver / Aberson caught our attention with the visuals for their song “Let It Burn”. The laidback soothing track is an interesting love story between a young lady and an older guy where the dynamics between them are quite different. Bolstered by a lush guitar-driven backdrop and the enthralling vocals of Stephanie Oliver, listeners are slowly immersed into the scene and the result is quite gripping.
The video is shot by Tony Li for The Tony Li Project
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Roger Songbird – “NO STRINGS ATTACHED”


Roger Songbird caught our ears with this punchy single titled “NO STRINGS ATTACHED” a track that focuses on being open-minded and being true to one’s self at all times.
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Joe Reidy – “Inhale”


Joe Reidy‘s newest release “Inhale” is a heartfelt song that sees the rapper dive into his journey as an artist. Over a somber backdrop, he explores his personal struggles and looks toward a brighter day.


G RIEL – “Make Sense”


Emerging Virginia-based emcee G RIEL come through on our list with this heartfelt record titled “Make Sense.” Bolstered by a smooth and somewhat eerie texture and punchy drums, G RIEL takes us deep into his world and all the drama that occurs within. It’s filled with insightful, honest, and unapologetic lines that really display the rapper’s life. RIEL is an acronym for Rhythm In Every Language.

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Jance – “4 Brothers Freestyle”

Jance shares the visuals for “4 Brothers Freestyle” which he put out quite recently. Over the soothing “Lemon Pepper” beat, Jance gives the listenr a sneak peek into his life. The video was Directed by Jr.Skootah​
“4 Brothers Freestyle” out here.


Areo – “Color Doesn’t Mean Much”


Areo dive into discrimination and racism on the uplifting and poignant track titled “Color Doesn’t Mean Much.” The record sees him teaming up with rapper Jamell Rene whose punchy vocals and evocative lyrics form the centerpiece of the track. The beat is quite energetic too and reaches the plateau on the chorus section ripe with lush guitars, vocal scratches, and crunchy drums.


Flare Tha Rebel – “Happy Clouds (Bob Ross Flow)”


“Happy Clouds (Bob Ross Flow)” is the newest release from Flare Tha Rebel who links up with producer Bob Pulliam. Over a smooth head nodding backdrop, he takes the listener up above the clouds with his vivid and evocative lyrics. He also calls up Oboi Kong to add his 2 cents to the issue at hand.
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Tiana Kocher – “Same Lame”


Emerging American singer-songwriter, Tiana Kocher, make her entry on our list with her new single “Same Lame.” The track has a nice warm soulful texture and taps inspiration from classic R&B tracks. Kocher delivers a solid performance with her silky melodic runs while T-Boz comes through with her unique low vocals to bolster the track.



Gutty – “70”


Gutty handles the boards and microphone on this new release “70” A laidback soulful track that dives into his life’s journey and then some. He brings a mix of wit, bravado, and insightful bars on this one. Also, watch out for the switch-up at the tail end when the beats get screwed up.
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Somandla Nigel x ENG Creation – “Take it There”


Somandla Nigel team sup with ENG Creation on “Take it There”. Bolstered by a moody and sparse backdrop, the rapper delivers a plethora of bravado-laden bars in his own unique fashion.
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Dax – “Beatbox” Remix


Dax is going for the jugular on “Beatbox” Remix where he spazzes out or a piano-laden trap beat. Armed with his impassioned flow and fluid cadence, he raises the ante with every line.
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Mike the $eventh – “[adult $wim] ” ft. Camo


Mike the $eventh flexes his production chops on his new effort “[adult $wim]” and delivers a moody beat that is reminiscent of those Adult swim music interludes. He also calls up Camo to do his thing on the track and both reflect on life, insomnia, and love for Adult swim. The single is from his upcoming EP.
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Rachel Geek – “Holy day (Remix by Ludacris)”


Canadian rapper/producer Rachel Geek flips Ludacris’s classic “Area codes” into “Holy day.” Backed by a laidback and somewhat moody texture, she dives into quite a number of topics swirling in her mind from self-growth, bravado elements, and more.
The video is shot and directed by Rachel Gieck and Jodie B. They really craft an engaging visual with VHS-type effects and expressive motifs that run throughout the video. Geek is fully hands-on with the music and she produced, mixed, and mastered the song by herself.



Airis Xavier – “Faith”


Emerging Miami-based rapper Airis Xavier looks toward a better tomorrow on his new single “Faith.” Bolstered by a soulful and bright texture, he takes us through the ups and downs of his life and how his inner will power, faith and determination keeps him afloat
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DYFL – “Butterflies”


DYFL puts his emotions on wax on his new release “Butterflies.” The Neri-produced track has a soothing and reflective vibe that merges with the rapper’s vivid and adulation-filled lyrics. Joining him on the track is singer Kay Bridges who delivers a heartfelt and soothing melodic run to complete the mission.



Tireek & Lonely Leonard – “Spend It”


The Arizona-based duo Tireek & Lonely Leonard share the visual for their song “Spend It.” A pop-infused cut that dwells on the lifestyle of an individual ready to go all out for his girl. The production is pretty accessible and lyrics are straight to the point and it’s bolstered by a somewhat memorable chorus. The video has a nice retro aesthetic and it’s quite colorful too. “Spend It” is taken from the duo’s LP CROOKLAND
Stream/Download Crookland here.




DyMe-A-DuZiN x Money Montage – “EBT Freestyle”


DyMe-A-DuZiN and Money Montage just dropped their new collabo EP TRAINING and share the focus track “EBT Freestyle” to close out our list. “EBT Freestyle” is a dark gritty track that showcases a blend of bravado and insightful lyrics. The TRAINING. EP serves as lyrical and musical exercise for the duo to showcase and preview what’s about to come during the next Ghetto Olympics.
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Tee Peters,Kishan and L Martin team up for “WS3 (Way Up)” 

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

UK emcee Tee Peters delivers a poignant and uplifting single titled “WS3 (Way Up)” to celebrate his 3rd year of staying focused on his goals as an artist. The Kishan-produced track is a blend of jazz, soul, and hip-hop that gives listeners a sense of accomplishment with its uplifting aura. Peters is in his element as well and shares details of his journey thus far. Also joining him is fellow London rapper L Martin who adds his own 2 cents to the track.


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Don Altae needs a “Supernatural Woman” 

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

Emerging DC-area-based singer/songwriter Don Altae comes through with this soulful single titled “Supernatural Woman” which sees him paying homage to all the women across the globe. The track has a bright and uplifting texture which suits Altae’s catchy melodic runs and insightful lyrics that pours adulation on women.

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Jameel Mason pays homage to all the “Black Queens” out here [video] 

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

NJ emcee Jameel Mason’s new song “Black Queens” is an adulation-filled record that dives into the life of all black women out here trying to make it in this cruel world. Over a solemn, sobering backdrop, Mason details the tenacity and steeled willpower of these women who have to struggle hard to get what they deserve. He acknowledges their sacrifices and reminds them that they are and never will be forgotten.

The visual for “Black Queens” is very cinematic and captures black women from various backgrounds and in their true element as well. Showing their struggles and journey in this male-driven world as they attempt to assert their presence in all facets of life. We see working-class women, creatives, athletes, and more doing their thing and pushing on regardless of the hurdles they may face.

Jameel Mason a product of New Brunswick (Pine Hill) New Jersey discovered his love for rhyming at the age of 10. Throughout the years he would channel his frustrations within his rhyme book but all that would change when he recorded a song titled “No Turning Back” which caught the ear of Eminem. He was playing college basketball at the time, Eminem wanted to meet but the date and time coincided with a big collegiate game and Jameel never made it to the meeting.

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