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Discover New Artist on Spotify with our curated playlists!

Discover New Artist on Spotify with our curated playlists!

Listen to “Tempo” by Lizzo ft Missy Elliott 

I can’t switch either the TV or radio on these days and not find Lizzo pop up somewhere. Ever since “Juice” came out she’s become like an instant media darling and figurehead for body positivity and feminism who everyone wants to chat with. She has such a likeable personality and effervescing presence that you can’t help but smile and feel good. Best of all she’s fighting our corner for the better good of womankind – amen to that. I guess we haven’t heard anything as refreshing and unabashedly candid until the much talked about Missy Elliott collaboration “Tempo” arrived.

From the moment “Tempo” jump starts us with a very Prince-styled opening I just knew this track was going to be special, even though it had been called already just by being aware of Missy Elliott’s involvement. This is a song introduction which really makes the heart stop and one that you’d never quite imagine that you’d hear the like of again. Lizzo’s gone and done it though, and it couldn’t be more amazing. No points for guessing, its the rappers hat Lizzo is wearing on this song. There is no massive melody as such on “Tempo” it is swapped out in favour of rumbling bass notes and the most minimal of musical refrains. This only goes to serve the ladies body positive lyrics be heard with crystal clear clarity.

When you get a verse into the song you become massively aware of how intoxicating it is. The pounding rhythm and the stylistic patterns created by Lizzo and Missy’s vocals are near on hallucinogenic. It’s just the best mix of club heater and rap stomping trap with the briefest of appearances from the singer’s beloved Sasha flute. Maybe we won’t be hearing this one so much on daytime TV in the UK though. Hey, that’s OK, I more than suspect there still plenty of promo opportunities that can be squeezed out of “Juice.”

You will find the Lizzo track “Juice” featured on our newly updated “This Beat Is Poptronik” Spotify playlist below along with lots more, cool electronic-pop songs we have written about here on EQ Music Blog.

Connect with Lizzo
Twitter: @lizzo

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SXSW Boys On Film Review: Us 

Boys On Film review Us, the latest film written and directed by Jordan Peele, his follow-up to his critically acclaimed and Oscar nominated horror film Get Out.

I’ve just returned from SXSW and was thrilled to be at opening night of the film festival to see the world premiere of Us by Jordan Peele. I got together with Phil Marriott to dive into the film and if it’s really worth all the hype…

The one question I get asked the most about Us is if it’s just as good as Get Out and the answer is a resounding – YES!

Us is more crepepier, scarier, brighter and even a bit darker then Get Out and really weaves in the social commentary narrative in the film that has you asking the question “Are we our own worst enemy right now?”

Us is in cinemas today – go see it!

New episodes of Boys on Film are released every Monday and Friday, so make sure to subscribe to Phil Marriott’s YouTube channel for updates.

For more EQ Music film and television reviews, check out our Film/TV channel right here on the site.

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Watch “Sixteen” by Houssein 

Singer and songwriter Houssein secured a spot, here on EQ Music Blog with his all guns blazing electronic pop anthem “Summer Night” last summer. Since then he has been far from quiet. Put out a further two taster singles and accomplished important firsts in his career. Such as his first TV appearance and first ever arena show. 2018 treated him pretty good. He’s been working hard to make 2019 even better. The release of “Sixteen” ensures he is off on a good footing.

As someone who has an insatiable hunger for brightly lit electronic-pop with plenty of heart and soul beating out of it. On this song, 19-year old Houssein gives me all that I have a constant craving for. A pleasant melody which has good fluidity. A vocal which seamlessly traverses dynamics and is steeped in emotive tones. More importantly, the track has a lyrical depth which

“focuses on the common occurrence of ignorance and immaturity in teen relationships. It’s all a learning process that I reflect on with the benefit of hindsight,” Houssein explains.

When you get to see the journey behind a pop singer on the rise and because of how active he is on social media. You become engrossed in the star in the making process. It is no good if the songs don’t hold up, unlike this prodigious young chap who only produces pop beats of the noticeably, super catchy kind. For the “Sixteen” video we get to see this talented young man in a rehearsal session with his live band – Charlie, Josh and Jamie. Why would you need a big budget production when the essence and sense of feeling about this song and who this singer has been captured in this delightful clip. To see them working on their dream like this, in the moment. Gives a genuine sense of pride in the art they are making. You really wouldn’t see any of that unfeigned kind of normalcy in a lavishly produced visual. I like that, for the “Sixteen” video they have kept it real.

Connect with Houssein
Twitter: @cheekyhoussein

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Premiere: Listen to “Remember” (The Klassiks remix) by Payson Lewis 

Last year I was sent over a preview of “Take Me Apart” the debut EP from indie-pop artist Payson Lewis. There was one track on the mini-album release which particularly leapt out at me above all the others. The song “Remember.” I have been hoping ever since that it would at some point turn out to be the focus of an upcoming single release. To my complete joy. It turns out Payson had some very big plans in the works for this song. If any track from “Take Me Apart” has deserved to be suited and rebooted with a remix or four. The mellow but jaunty styled pop of the original edit of this song would indeed make it a good candidate to receive different kinds of remix treatments.

It is important to note that the EP from which “Remember” is lifted off, sees Payson drawing on the influences of his youth and inspiration from his life and the world around him. The work is an inspiring lyrical and musical project which gives some fresh insight into his mind, his artistry, thoughts and ultimately, flex his voice about current happenings in society. To a point, the roles he has also had as an actor in the TV shows, “How I Met Your Mother“, “Revenge“, “The People vs. OJ Simpson” and “Rules of Engagement.” Have allowed him to portray and inhabit the character of other people/roles. Speaking his own thoughts out loud is the freedom and pleasure that singing provides.

“‘Remember‘ is a song that is an ode to the nights we never forget; nights we drink until the sun comes up; nights that bond us ride or dies; and the nights that are a blur but live on forever in our memories. This remix by The Klassiks takes that vibe and lives up to it by hitting hard like a double shot of jack; it pumps you up to hit the club or pack another plate on the squat rack. Pour a shot, take a hit, pump it up. This song is gonna make you move and is meant to be played LOUD.” – Payson Lewis

The original edit of this song has such an uplifting vibe and even has a few synthy styled embellishments peeping up here and there. From my early listen to the “Remember” remixes EP, I knew instantly of one which would pique my interest, The Klassiks mix. (As having, already been aware of the producer/DJ’s previous work on the Anthony Starble track “Paperweight” which I covered last year. ) You will not ever hear me say, there’s too much synth action in a song. The Klassiks is mindful to give Payson’s track an appropriately balanced blend of EDM strokes enabling him to create an even bigger and bolder euphoric vibe than the original. The main thing this mix does, it takes Payson Lewis’s flourishing career as an actor, music artist and a songwriter in yet another exciting direction.

Connect with Payson Lewis
Twitter: @paysonlewis

Connect with The Klassiks
Twitter: @theklassiks

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Watch “New Girlfriend” by Gia Woods 

With the ready-made tag of Queer pop provocateur being bestowed upon her. Persian songstress Gia Woods embraces all of her LGBTQ identity. Puts empowering topics into song and as an LGBTQ activist encourages that we be true to ourselves, helping others to do the same. The singer has announced she will be releasing new music monthly throughout 2019. The latest cut is the sophisticated yet cheeky track “New Girlfriend.” It is a song, where we find the singer in a playful frame of mind. While noticeably at ease with her identity. There is a strong feeling that she really knows what she wants to say. The music video which supports the latest track reveals, she totally IS about spreading her word. Doing so in the most endearing of ways.

Gia has a warm style of vocal delivery. A smokily hushed voice which envelops the senses in a masterful alluring manner. She purrs like a pussy cat but has the resolve of a lioness. With the boldness, bravery and courage to speak about what is exactly on her mind.

New Girlfriend” is basically a song, where the scenario centres around two, one-time lovers, who happen to be out somewhere, and where they meet up at the same time. The ex-partner delights in flaunting their new squeeze right in front of the singer. Yet the reaction, the ex receives from Gia more than likely isn’t what they have been expecting. Gia’s past love may have moved on but if the former boo was thinking to themselves I expect deep down she misses and thinks about me. They are sharply reminded she isn’t afraid to call it as it is. When coming face to face with her replacement and her ex, the singer has verbal ammunition at the ready. Her cutting retort is “I like your new girlfriend more than you.”

With an assertive playful confidence Gia Woods breaks down boundaries and slays exes with the mightiness of, word power. Ha, she’s nobody’s fool. She’s smart and has nice hair. I am here for all of this.

Connect with Gia Woods
Twitter: @GIAWOODS

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Listen to “Antisocial Socialites” by Kyan Palmer and nicopop (ft Yuri Joness) 

Arizona-bred, LA-based Kyan Palmer has given me plenty of good things to talk about with regard to his previous track releases. To refresh your memories about this pop newcomer, he has a particular flair for songwriting and working in a pop / R’n’B crossover style which I’ve previously compared to Nick Jones and Jake Miller. In his works as a solo artist, his vibe sits comfortably on current trends and always has a good, full of measure of catchy melody. His evolution as a pop artist has now brought him to form a collaborative project with buzzy electronic-pop producer and DJ nicopop. This alliance between both artists is proving a very good match in pooling their talents together. One in which they are even bringing further newcomers onside, such as the rising NYC rapper Yuri Joness, for a vocal feature on their latest effort “Antisocial Socialites.”

I haven’t spoken about nicopop before, but feel it prudent to make you aware he is a pop culture obsessive. A major trait which tends to seep through into the body of his effervescing production work. When adding Kyan’s impressive pop-sensible voice to nicopop’s beat-laden production. The combination produces electrifying sparks of crackling electronic-pop nostalgia. Just like I enjoyed and danced around my bedroom too when I was a kid. nicopop’s bold accessible style on this track feels as though it might have been a little inspired in parts by the hugely acclaimed “Footloose” movie soundtrack. As I detect a rhythmic pattern within the melody which may have taken just a smidgeon of influence from the Deniece Williams club stomping track “Let’s hear it for the Boy.

I actually love that the narrative of the song speaks about how we fit in with our social circle. The expectations which come out of it. The times where we might feel a little pressured to hang out with the gang as though we are the life and soul of the party in some club or other. When all we really want is to sit at home a while with a drink and have a party back indoors at home. This is the appropriate song to play to let them know that on this occasion your mood is set at an intimate, quieter kind of sociable.

Connect with Kyan Palmer
Twitter: @KyanPalmer

Connect with nicopop
Twitter: @iamnicopop

Connect with Yuri Joness
Twitter: @yurijoness

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Emerging Artists: CNCO 

As far as the UK is concerned, we best know the Latin American boy band CNCO because of the involvement of Little Mix on the remix version of their track “Reggaetón Lento.” Not only does the song appear on Little Mix album “Glory Days” (The Platinum edition,) but also was the song which brought the boy band over to the UK in 2017 to perform with the girl band during the final of the X Factor that year.

I’ve spoken about the UK producing less to no new boy/girl bands over recent years. It does seem the case that we now have to look further afield to fill the void in this respect. Such as to South Korea for BTS, America/Canada for Prettymuch. CNCO were formed on the South American TV show La Banda. With the goal of the show being to find talented teenage singers to make up the next boy band phenomenon. Since their inception in December of 2015, they have gone on to be massively successful all over the world for their rhythmically charged, latino beat-laden tracks.

If we think about it, the UK pop charts have been a little neglected of Latin-inspired pop. When we once relied on Ricky Martin, Shakira and Gloria Estefan to pep up the Top 40 charts. In recent memory, Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi has probably been the biggest new crossover act we’ve seen for many a year. Not unless CNCO has their way. The boys have slaying Europe firmly in their sights. “Pretend” the current single is a catchy, Spanglish dance-pop effort which features a memorable sample from the Debarge hit “Rhythm of the Night.” Currently, the boys are proudly trailblazing this song through-out Europe at various destinations during the European leg of their tour. They have ONLY the ONE stopover in London, at the Shepherds Bush Empire on March 24th. Even though the band haven’t promo’d much at all in the UK, because of their successes elsewhere there has been a BIG demand for this show. No brainer really, cute Latin-American boys who sing, dance and are very entertaining. Win. Win. Win.

Connect with CNCO
Twitter: @CNCOmusic

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Listen to “Dead Flowers” by Nosaint 

Danish emerging artist Nosaint is only just beginning to be noticed by his native Danish audiences. Gathering up information online, from what I understand he’s only played a small number of live gigs under his Nosaint guise. I became very excited about him after discovering one of his debut releases, the track “Like I Do” (which came via an online tip-off by another young Danish artist Ea Kaya.) Weeks later he’s back with a new single, the ominously titled “Dead Flowers.”

I knew I had to write up a spotlight feature about him instantly. Because of his commanding voice and also, the pop current within his music styling being strong. With regard to the music, I sense that during the upcoming months the plan is to get lots more tracks out, book and play more gigs. Just today in a profile-raising effort, he is playing some of these new songs, including “Dead Flowers” at the Ideal Bar in VEGA, Copenhagen.

The new single brilliantly draws focus on Nosaint’s soulful full-bodied voice. It hints to me, maybe at one time perhaps he started out with rock star inclinations as opposed to desires to become an electronic-pop star. However, “Dead Flowers” is a song which spans through a range of dynamics. It has it’s quieter moments where the melody is stripped back and shows every facet of his voice. Gradually the momentum builds, slightly, ensuring the song is topped off with a rousing chorus section. The execution and production are massively on point. Prompting me to conclude. Whoever the team working with Nosaint are. They clearly have big desires for his success which are a match for the newcomer’s own ambitions.

By far the mission statement regarding Nosaint’s burgeoning electronic-pop career appears to be to make lyrics and musicality cool again. The more new music I hear from him, the more I am aware he is striving forward.

You will find the Nosaint track “Like I Do” featured on our newly updated “This Beat Is Poptronik” Spotify playlist below along with lots more, cool electronic-pop songs we have written about here on EQ Music Blog.

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