The Black Creatures release debut album ‘Wild Echoes’

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Black Creatures debuts new album, Wild Echoes. The songs are akin to soft soothing raps that take you on a journey through the adventures of the common love life. Even though the music is well composed and magically paired to the words, the lyrics are very prominent, though softly spoken.

Piano is clearly heard throughout much of the song as it is featured from beginning to end. The tinkling of the keys plays against the soft rap of the singer who speaks of the confusion she feels because of a lover is constantly challenging her.

The Black Creatures are two Kansas City native who delve in the darker side of hip hop creating songs like "Wild Echoes" that ask you to see. As percussion yields to synthesizer and then ultimately piano, the singer takes a surreal view of why her lover won't let her sleep.

"I can't fall asleep... someone could save me now...hearing her whispered screams...I finally look in her eyes...I regret it.... Tears all over my pillow...Ain't nobody coming for me..." Lost in the wild echoes, the singer is in love, no matter how much it hurts. It still feels good, too good to let go.

This slow entrancing beat takes you to new heights of passion and drops you to land back where you started. Just like the singer, "Wild Echoes" holds on with no intention of letting go.


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