S.I.N. (Survival In Negativity) & B.Positiv share visuals for “Rewteen” [Video]

Baltimore mc S.I.N. (Survival In Negativity) and Portland producer B.Positiv are back at it again with this new release titled “Rewteen”. The track is a mellow, brooding tune made up of dusty keys, and moody basslines with soft drums that match the delicate issue of the anxiety that comes with a routine stop by the police. It’s quite relatable and offers an insight into the mind of a Blackman caught up between a rock and a hard place where he is not sure of what to do in case an overzealous cop decides to go above and beyond his duty.

S.I.N. (Survival In Negativity) and producer B.Positiv first made each other’s acquaintance as far back as 2017 through the good old magic of Soundcloud & connected over shared influences including the likes of Blu & Exile, Atmosphere and Madlib to name a few. Their unique spin on jazzy lofi soundscapes and observant subject matter makes its debut on their 6 track joint release, “Ximena: The Listener’s EP” and continues on their 2nd effort “Nightlife 4 (Thinking) Introverts”

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