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Listen to “What U Like” by Kyan Palmer and nicopop (ft Johnny Mac)

Regular readers of EQ will know I’ve been incredibly excited by the latest music releases from Kyan Palmer and nicopop. Truth is, the newly formed duo are tapping into an electrifying electro-pop style. Which is both funky, fun and fresh. It is music that makes you move and quite honestly, is hugely listenable because it is carried along by feel-good vibes. These guys are certainly on a roll, “What U Like” continues their hot streak. Furthermore, it is every bit as poptastic as their previous singles.

I don’t really know how they are doing it, but Kyan and nicopop are steaming ahead on a vibe, which is buzzy and oh so slick. I cannot get enough it, and to my delight, they keep on bringing out more of it. I don’t say it very often, but this music is lighting up my life right now. What I am also loving about these tracks is that the guys are featuring new emerging talents that I hadn’t been aware of before. I am happy that “What U Like” has put singer Johnny Mac on my radar. Dudes R’n’B flushed vocal certainly adds some more juice to the song.

I feel with this current run of tracks from Kyan and nicopop, dudes pretty much have my summer sorted. Each one is a jam that I’d prefer to blast out loud, top-down driving to the beach. Yet, more so applicable with “What U Like” because of the tracks fabulously flirty lyrics. Sheesh you know, it really is OK to admit liking an upbeat pop song which has nothing deep to say, once in a while. I think it kinda like readdresses the balance. This track is all of this for me. Yay, consider me psyched, I am being told there are more jams on the way! The duo plan to roll out more singles over the course of the summer, culminating in a full-length project set to release in September 2019.

Connect with Kyan Palmer
Twitter: @KyanPalmer

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Twitter: @iamnicopop

Connect with Johnny Mac
Twitter: @johnnymacboogie

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