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Pharrell Williams, Robin Thicke Ordered To Cough Up $5M To Marvin Gaye Estate 

'Blurred Lines' Musicians Robin Thicke And Pharrell Williams Lawsuit By Children Of R&B Legend Marvin Gaye Trial

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Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke‘s “Blurred Lines” hit has sparked a flurry of legal back and forth between the artists and the estate of Marvin Gaye. The pair were ordered to pay $5 million to the late R&B legend’s estate over of one of his most popular dance tunes.

CNN reports:

The pair had been accused of copyright infringement for their 2013 single because of the similarities to Gaye’s 1977 hit “Got to Give It Up.”

Gaye died in 1984 after being shot to death by his father, Marvin Gay Sr. (the singer added the “e” to create his stage name).

Thicke and Williams were ordered in 2015 to pay Gaye’s estate more than $7 million, but that judgment was reduced to $5.3 million and the pair appealed the verdict.

In the recent judgment from U.S. District Judge John A. Kronstadt in California, Thicke, Williams and Williams’ More Water From Nazareth Publishing are jointly required to pay Gaye’s family damages of nearly $2.9 million.

The outlet adds that Thicke was ordered to hand over $1.7 million and Williams, by way of his publishing company, will have to pay $357,631 to the estate.

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9 Things We Learned from Kodak Black on ‘The Breakfast Club’ 

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Kodak Black made news earlier this week when he walked out on an interview with Old Man Ebro for asking him a question he didn’t like, but that’s not to say the Florida rapper is done doing interviews in general.

Today the Heart Break rapper got back on that media horse and stopped by the original scene of the ski masked crime, The Breakfast Club. Sitting down with your favorite Hip-Hop morning trio, Black opened up about why he moved to California, his relationship with Master P, and paying child support.

Here are the 9 things we learned from Kodak Black on The Breakfast Club.


1. Goin’ Back To Cali

Kodak Black says he moved from Florida to Calabasas, California because “it’s positive. Ain’t too much Black people too.” But before you make it a racial thing, Kodak says “In Florida everywhere I go it’s people just like me… so if everybody packing iron I’ma have to pack iron. I’ma have to be on bullsh*t too. But in California, nobody ain’t wit that.” Yeah, that explanation ain’t help much, but ok.

Oprah Opens Up About That Unseasoned Chicken She Tasted On Her Show Back In 2006 

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An old video of Oprah hilariously tasting unseasoned chicken has been making its rounds on the internet and now the queen is responding to all the online chatter. In the 2006 clip, Oprah has invited Anna Ginsberg to her talk show to cook up her award-winning chicken recipe.

After just one bite, it was pretty obvious that Oprah’s tastebuds weren’t happy. At the time, she told a desperate Ginsberg “I do like it, I like it very much…I think, did we add salt and pepper? I think we needed salt and pepper.” After Ginsberg said there was no salt and pepper in her dish, Oprah reassured her with “I think it’s delicious.” Watch the hilarious clip below.

Revisiting the funny throwback moment, Oprah says she liked to provide a good experience to guests of the show, so she was torn between being nice and being honest.

“I was having a moment of trying to decide…do I want her to have a great time? What is my real moment of truth?” she explained on Instagram. “Because the truth for me was that I’m used to having salt and pepper on my chicken. That’s just the truth…That’s what I was thinking: “This chicken needs some salt and pepper.”

Watch her tell everybody how she really felt in the video below.

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“SnoozYe” Google Chrome Extension Allows You To Cancel Kanye West From Your Newsfeed 

New App SnoozYe Blocks Kanye West News

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Kanye West is Tweeting again, and while some find it entertaining, a lot of other people thinks it is absolutely exhausting. Now if you are over Koonye’s Twitter-rants you can block the “genius” on Twitter but a new app called “SnoozYe” will allow you to cancel the rapper completely well at least digitally.

Yeah, this is definitely a very useful app.

“SnoozYe” is an extension for your Google Chrome web browser that will block all Kanye West-related news from your news feeds completely. Developed by Team BNE, in the YouTube video announcing the extension, they state:

“we can all agree that Kanye West is a musical genius. But in a time when our political climate is in disarray, his ‘genius’ (or however you’d like to call it) has become pretty exhausting.”

We wholeheartedly agree, while blocking him on Twitter removes the rapper and his annoying voice from your timeline on the app, he still finds a way into your life someway. Whether it’s visiting Donald Trump at the White House wearing his cape aka his MAGA cap or his sneakers Yeezy will find a way into your newsfeed. But no more thanks to the free app that can be canceled at any time.

Now if only they could develop one for his annoying wife and his new best friend, Donald Trump. You can see how the how the extension works in the video below.

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Nike Unveils Earned Edition NBA Uniforms [Photos] 

Nike Earned Edition Jerseys

Source: Nike / NIke

To honor the teams who have locked in a playoff spot for the NBA 2018-2019 season Nike has curated capsuled jerseys. And they are pretty litty.

As part of the Earned Edition collection the global sportswear brand has remixed the uniforms of 16 teams which include fan favorites Golden State Warriors, Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, The Utah Jazz and Philadelphia 76ers. The new looks, which are variations of each team’s Statement or City Edition uniforms, aim to supply fans with a tangible claim to both their team’s heritage and current success streak.

Select teams will debut their uniforms on-court as a part of the NBA’s annual Christmas Day lineup of games (get the schedule here). Other participating teams will begin wearing their Earned Edition uniforms in games soon after.

The Nike NBA Earned Edition uniforms will be available December 19 in limited quantities on and as well as at team retailers and select retail partners.

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Cardi B’s Driving Skills Leave Much To Be Desired on ‘Carpool Karaoke’ 

While Cardi B finds herself in the midst of going through a messy breakup to makeup (maybe?) situation with her hubby Offset and petty drama with Nicki Minaj, she continues to chase that bag. Last night (Dec. 13), James Cordon previewed an upcoming Carpool Karaoke featuring the Grammy-nominated rapper from the Bronx.

In the quick clip we find the over the top artist get in the whip with the late-night host and demonstrate her life-threatening driving skills and offer a gang of white children advice on life. Once white children know who you are you know you’ve officially made it. Just sayin.’

Check out the preview for James Corden’s upcoming Carpool Karaoke below and tune in on Monday night for what’s sure to be his livest segment yet.

Butthurt Bob: Akademiks Goes At Ebro For Interviewing Vic Mensa [Video] 

Source: Pharrell Williams celebrates his 41st birthday with a Spongebob Squarepants themed party at Bikini Bottom, Cipriani Wall Street Featuring: Ebro Darden Where: New York, New York, United States When: 05 Apr 2014 Credit: Derrick Salters/

Akademiks is in his feelings—again. The Everyday Struggle host and avid Twitch user recently took issue with Hot 97 giving one of his biggest critics a voice.

As per Hot New Hip Hop the DJ turned Hip-Hop know it all has taken issue with Ebro Darden for his interview of Vic Mensa. Earlier this week the Ebro In The Morning radio show invited the Chicago MC for an in-person sit down to discuss his new album and much more.

During the Q&A the topic of Akademiks came up and Vic made it clear it isn’t on sight when he finally sees him. “I heard Akademiks was the informant for 6ix9ine, what’s to that?” he added. “Livingston man? I don’t know. I can’t comment on Livingston man.”

Apparently, this was not taken so well by Livingston (Ak’s government name) who went on a video rant while playing Fortnite no less. “Vic Mensa is f***ing garbage. You’re not popping in the streets. I don’t care what Roc Nation signed you for, you’re still wack”.

Ebro also caught some smoke as well. “Salute to Hot 97, by the way Ebro you’re a real sucker for how you tried to conduct that interview. You’re a sucker in a lot of ways to be honest. You’re kind of out here failing looking for ratings. You’re doing some really weird sh*t for ratings my dude,” he explained. Akademiks went on to trash one of Vic’s new songs and blasted the rapper and radio host throughout the live stream.

Mensa took issue with the blogger over his coverage of the Chicago Rap scene during a 2017 appearance on Everyday Struggle. From there the two have gone back and forth on social media calling each other out.

You can see Akademiks rant in full below.

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Derrick Rose’s Rape Accuser Has Appeal Case Shut Down 

San Antonio Spurs v Minnesota Timberwolves

Source: Hannah Foslien / Getty

The resurgence of Derrick Rose on the basketball court has been one of the NBA’s feel-good stories of the current season but was marred by the accusations of rape that hung over the player’s head. However, the case is finally done for good after an appeal made by the accuser was effectively shut down thus ending the matter.

The Blast reports:

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the appeals court ruled that the lower court verdict, which dismissed the case against the NBA star, will be affirmed.

Lawyers for Rose and his accuser battled it out before the court last month and the judges took a couple weeks to reach their decision.

The order states the lower court did not rule in error when allowing photos, texts, and testimony to be presented in court, despite Jane Doe’s argument none of it should have been shown.

They denied Rose’s attempt to sanction his accuser stating, “Although this Court affirms the district court’s evidentiary decisions and the judgment of the district court, it does not find that Doe’s attorneys brought a frivolous appeal.”

The matter stems from a 2013 case in where Jane Doe accused Rose and two of his friends of alleged gang rape. In 2016, a jury found that Rose and the men were not liable with all jurors voting unanimously in Rose’s favor.

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Kim Kardashian Tweets In Defense Of Kanye West Tofu Beefing With Drake 

Versace Fall 2019 - Arrivals

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You can’t say Kim Kardashian isn’t a ride or die. Kanye West’s wife came to the defense of her hubby who is currently blessing the world with a play by play of his latest tofu beef with Drake

“@drake Never threaten my husband or our family,” she wrote. “He paved the way for there to be a Drake.”

She @’d Drizzy, so you just know she was mad.

Also, Yeezy never has been much of a singer like Drizzy, but hey…cook.

She went on to say, “My husband is the most brilliant person, the most genius person that I know. He has broken so many boundaries, everything from music, stage design, fashion and culture and will continue to change the world.”

We sincerely hope he continues to do. But the twitter tirades seems to expose that he still hasn’t gotten his mental health in check. It sounds (reads) like he’s going through a manic episode.


Catch up with Kanye’s tweets in the gallery.

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Take His Phone: Kanye West Continues Zany Drake-Inspired Twitter Rant, Drizzy Seems Unbothered 

The Official Birthday Bash Afterparty Hosted by Future

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Kanye West isn’t new to having long, off the cuff Twitter rants but what began on Thursday as a plea for peace has morphed into something entirely different. After stating in tweets that he isn’t responsible for the rift between Drake and Pusha T, West seems to suggest in the tweet storm that Drizzy allegedly threatened his family.

“Drake called trying to [threaten] me,” began a later string of texts from Yeezy. He added, “The kid he had run on stage at Pushas concert is in critical condition.”

For context, Pusha T did a recent show in Toronto where a group of unknown men tried to rush the stage with one person suffering a beating at the hands of Pusha’s security squad.

West then shifted into speaking about the potential for harm to come to his family at the hands of Drake.

“So drake if anything happens to me or anyone from my family you are the first suspect. So cut the tough talk,” West continued. “I got a family and kids. 69 is locked up xxx is dead. The kid that ran on stage is in the hospital.”

The convo then shifted into the tensions between Black men and how the entire beef between the pair is nothing but Internet gossip fodder.

“That’s why black people never get ahead and and we stay controlled,” West tweeted. “I’m up for talking. We need to show all of these fans that black men can@talk without someone ending up dead or in jail.”

One of the most interesting portions of the rant, however, was when West mentioned J Prince and saying that Drake would never address the Houston OG as he’s doing with him. And in the midst of all of this, West’s wife, Kim Kardashian West, also chimed in.

Check out the reactions to Kanye West and Drake’s brewing beef below.

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