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Lil Nas X Drops Rock Song Teaser With Ryan Tedder 

Lil Nas X

Source: Lil Nas X / Columbia Records

Lil Nas X became an unlikely star with his “country-trap” track “Old Town Road” dominating the charts and forcing the industry to think about song classification. After dipping his toe in the country waters, the rising artist teased a rock-tinged track for the masses over the weekend.

As he gears up for his debut album, Lil Nas X has been in promotion mode via his Instagram page, which now has over 1 million followers. With the success of “Old Town Road,” many are anticipating what sound he’s going for next and a track with Ryan Tedder is in the works. Tedder, as some might know, is a singer-songwriter and lead vocalist for OneRepublic.

Taking to Twitter, Lil Nas X let the fans in on the process of the track.

There isn’t much in the way of details on the track, but Nas X did let the cat Tedder cat out of the bag along with a new non-album track “Titanic” that’s out now.

It appears that Swae Lee is also working on Lil Nas X in the studio as well.

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Dude In Wisconsin REALLY Liked The ‘Captain Marvel’ Movie 

Captain Marvel poster

Source: Disney / Disney

Captain Marvel continues to hit big numbers on the global and domestic front at the box office, this as Marvel fans the world over are preparing for the epic Avengers: Endgame film due to hit theaters this week. One man has taken on a noble quest to singlehandedly keep Captain Marvel‘s stateside numbers high after setting a world record for viewing the flick.

Local outlet WSAW reports:

Steve Ruppel is a Weston chiropractor, who on the side likes to break Guinness World Records. This is his fifth record broken, he’s already done four including running a half marathon wearing the most amount of t-shirts.

“I thought it was the most insane thing ever, I thought it was impossible. I wasn’t even sure why it was even a record, but I thought after a while ‘I should probably do that,'” said Ruppel, the Guinness World Record breaker.

14,268 minutes in 116 showings of the same movie.

“The amount of time that it takes, I’ve had to take time off work, I would take long lunch breaks to accommodate watching an entire movie in that particular time frame. And then just time on the weekends where I’m not doing other things,” said Ruppel.

What’s big to note here is that Ruppel only needed to watch the movie 104 times to break the record, but decided he was going to go all out.

Wonder what he’s gonna do with Avengers: Endgame?

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Michael Avenatti Accused Of Stealing Hassan Whiteside’s Settlement Payment To Ex-Girlfriend 


Source: FREDERIC J. BROWN / Getty

Michael Avenatti has been dogged with accusations of doing some shady business of late, including trying to put the squeeze onto Nike before the apparel company got the drop on him and countered his moves. Now, a new report is alleging that the attorney embezzled money from NBA player Hassan Whiteside after he intercepted a $2 million settlement in order to buy shares into a private jet.

Los Angeles Times reports:

When Hassan Whiteside of the Miami Heat wired $2.75 million to Michael Avenatti in January 2017, the pro basketball player intended most of the money to go to his former girlfriend, Alexis Gardner.

Avenatti was Gardner’s attorney. An actress and barista, she’d hired him just a few weeks before to negotiate a settlement of a potential lawsuit against Whiteside. It’s unclear what she would have alleged. Avenatti quickly struck a $3-million deal, and the $2.75 million was Whiteside’s first payment.

Avenatti, prosecutors say, was entitled to take just over $1 million in legal fees, leaving the rest for Gardner.

Instead, they allege, Avenatti hid Whiteside’s payment from her and immediately took $2.5 million to buy a share of a private jet.

The full story of Avenatti’s alleged embezzlement from Gardner came to light in bank records and in the April 10 indictment of the Los Angeles lawyer by a federal grand jury in Santa Ana.

Read the full details of this report by following this link.

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The Game’s Music Royalties Safe From Sexual Assault Accuser…For Now 

Rapper The Game goes shopping at Brooklyn Projects

Source: 3rd Eye/WENN.COM / WENN

The Game was in danger of having his royalties seized by the woman who accused him of sexual assault and won a $7 million judgment against him that she claims went unpaid. The West Coast rapper can breathe somewhat easier, this after it was reported that a judge won’t order him to hand over his royalties.

The Blast reports:

The judge said the motion was improperly filed and there is no real emergency. He notes Rainey could seize the royalties in the future but not at this moment.

She recently asked for a judge to assign all rights, title and royalties in any money or payments, explaining he is releasing “Born to Rap” later this year.

Rainey said he still owes her $7,254,123.18 on the judgment she won and wants all his royalties to be paid to her until the debt is settled.

Priscilla Rainey was a contestant on The Game’s VH1 reality show “She’s Got Game.” In her 2015 lawsuit, she claimed that during production the rapper sexually assaulted her by forcefully reaching his hand inside her dress to rub her bare vagina and buttocks.

The Game has not made any public remarks about the latest developments of the case.

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Blogger Who Said Cardi B Is A Prostitute With STDs Gets Served 

2019 Beauty Con Day 2

Source: Patricia Schlein/ / WENN

Last month, bloggers Tasha K and Starmarie Ebony Jones got on the bad side of Cardi B after posting content suggesting that the rapper and mother used drugs while pregnant, was a prostitute, and had STDs. Cardi has since launched a lawsuit and Tasha K has been served but after things almost got a little violent.

TMZ reports:

We broke the story … Cardi’s going after Tasha K for claiming the rapper’s a drug-using prostitute with herpes. Cardi’s lawyers hired a process server to deliver the lawsuit to Tasha’s residence Thursday night.

This audio from their run-in, obtained by TMZ, makes it clear things quickly got dicey.

You hear the server ID himself to Tasha and a male companion as they pull up to their home. Tasha got pissed because she says the guy was in her driveway, looking through her mail.

Although she was pissed, he does his job … handing her the docs and delivering the line, “You’ve been served.” Tasha responded by informing him she’s within her rights to “blow something in your head.”

Check out the audio of the run-in below.