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EQ Music Premiere: Watch “I Wanna Dance” by JLine 

We haven’t met up-and-coming pop artist JLine, here on EQ Music Blog before. Yet, the New York, born and raised singers signature brand of music mirroring the brightness of the late 80’s/early 90s definitely fits right in with our preferred choice of electronic-pop styling. He is someone, however, who has strengths in all areas of creative artistry, not just music and as a songwriter, he is an accomplished dancer/choreographer as well. He uses his natural born talents to inspire, motivate and educate people to believe in themselves, through his own experiences in life. Partnering these important, topics with the energetic beats and vibrant melodies of his completely authentic songs. Speaking about, current single “I Wanna Dance” JLine told me (via email) “I wrote this song about falling in love when you’re going through a personal transition. You’re starting to feel better about yourself, secure in your own skin and want to stand still for a moment. I think to fall in love during those circumstances-rather than when you’re feeling anxious or lonely-is ideal.”

Interpreting the emotions covered in his songs into movement and energy is high on the agenda for the singer. With a passion for performance in his blood, you will see every drop of commitment JLine puts into his artistic endeavours in the music video for “I Wanna Dance” premiering here with us.

The Vincent Cota directed clip was shot all in one take. It follows the independent music artist hitting the streets of Brooklyn. Taking in the vibe of the city and cheerily breaking out into bursts of energetic dance routines. You really get the feeling of pure enjoyment and celebration coming through in this video. JLine’s hip-hop inspired dance routine is, executed with precision. His nimble moves are ninja sharp. He manoeuvres through this choreographed piece at a dizzying pace that I can only presume he is able to maintain such velocity because he’s guzzled down a week’s worth of healthy, power boosting smoothies in one sitting. I love the spirit and hyper, hyper euphoria which bleeds out from the grey expanse of the sidewalk. The purposeful statement, this video clip makes is … here I am. What an introduction to JLine it has turned out to be for us.

Keep locked in with JLine online. “I Wanna Dance” is the first single from upcoming album “EPisode 2” coming this November.

Connect with JLine
Twitter: @jlinemusic

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Ras Kass Releases ​”Rasassination”​ 20th Anniversary Album 

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of his 1998 sophomore album Rasassination, West Coast rap veteran Ras Kass released a limited edition anniversary album. The 20th anniversary version includes a 12 page booklet with the album’s lyrics, and a “Freestyle Files” bonus disc which features exclusive sessions with Krs-One, Canibus, Xzibit, Chino XL, Killa Priest, Saafir and Coolio.

Rasassination featured several notable guest appearances, including Kurupt, Twista, Xzibit, Mack 10, and more. According to Ras Kass himself, “I got Dr. Dre and the RZA spittin’ on this album mother f*****s! Now what!! Hahahaha.” The 20th anniversary version, which includes the lyric book and freestyle sessions, serves as a must-have collectors item for any avid Hip-Hop fan.

The Rasassination 20th Anniversary album is now available on all digital outlets. CD copies of the anniversary release are available for a limited time only, and can be purchased at

Don Def – “Survival Kit” Ft. Mr. Lif 

Don Def links with underground veteran Mr. Lif for the new single, “Survival Kit”, pressing issues of today’s society.  Be on the lookout for “Don Def Kennedy” project set to drop on October 6th.

Reds – “Crowns And Camo” (Album) 

Straight out of the bubbling Hip Hop in the UK, Norwich based underground Hip Hop artist Reds releases his new highly anticipated album titled “Crowns And Camo“.


A product of the UK sound system culture, Norwich based Reds earned his stripes holding the mic at some notorious raves in an era filled with crazy characters and a spirit of rebellion that has shaped his approach to music ever since.

By the early 2000s he had founded his own imprint Chronic Redeye Music and started street -level distribution of a unique brand of reggae influenced hip hop, designed to boom out of big bass bins and give a snapshot into a lifestyle that operates outside the mainstream bubble and often the law in general. Despite the disregard for industry acceptance, his work started getting airplay from BBC Introducing, Itch FM and Kool London amongst others.

Over the years a stream of street albums, mixtapes and EPs has seen him work with a number of US artists such as Hell Razah, Big Noyd and Bronze Nazareth alongside a host of British counterparts. In the early days HHC magazine described Chronic Redeye Music as ‘’the real deal’’ and this new album is more proof that they made the right call.

Weighing in with a hefty amount of solo tracks and produced entirely by in-house Red Wok Productions, Crowns and Camo is perhaps the most focussed project from Reds to date. Each song is designed to play its part in a sonic journey that combines golden era craftsmanship with a modern take on production. The range of styles all carry the DNA of the artist’s sound system influences and picking away at the layers you will find heavy bass and drums, intelligent wordplay and minimal but clever synth work creating a dancehall reggae meets rave soundscape in a hip hop package. Guest spots on Crowns and Camo were a careful consideration. Affiliated artists from inside the
camp such as DPF and Lyrical T rightfully take their place on the project, but other notable appearances include the two tracks with Shabazz The Disciple. The Sunz Of Man/Gravediggaz legend creates a unique chemistry both heavy on the rhyme skills and raw reality content. The unmistakeable sound of Irish rogue Rob Kelly can also be heard as he rounds the album off in typical heavyweight fashion.

If the works of the underground and under-rated artist known as Reds have so far passed under your
radar, now would be a perfect time to step into his world and explore…

Watch “Grace” by Lewis Capaldi 

I was so pleased to see Raj write up the feature “Three New Music Acts Who Can Make A Mark in 2018” on the blog recently. As I have also been somewhat intrigued with the band Superorganism and singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi myself. Both of these acts played the Great Escape in Brighton this year. I had half hoped I would be able to make it down to the festival to check them out, being as neither of these artists music falls within the electronic pop genre. Nonetheless, even though I didn’t make it to Brighton. I have been quietly endeared by Scotsman, Lewis Capaldi’s emotive singing voice and style for a little while now. His style flits between acoustic guitar-led pieces and melodic pop compositions. His voice really comes alive on the latter of the two styles. I am here writing this post because the new single “Grace” just happens to be another of Lewis’s fantastic melodic pop songs which suit my preferences best.

I had a terrible start to Tuesday last week. I managed to sleep through my morning alarm. Coincidentally it wasn’t just me, my two sons managed to snooze past their alarms as well. A ten minute panic of the three of us, packing up lunches, washing, dressing skipping breakfast so that they made their bus into work, duly happened. My eyes were still heavy with sleepiness when they slammed the door shut on their way out. After the panic had ended, in an attempt to fully wake myself up, I poured myself a strong cup of coffee and peered into my inbox. While still half dreamy, this is when I noticed I’d been sent over a cheeky preview of the video for “Grace.” I guess I expected it have its focus mainly on Lewis singing, I didn’t for one minute anticipate that he’d be pole-dancing. What weirdness was happening that Tuesday morning! Through my extreme sleepiness, this video did spring a smile across my face.

Totally the “Grace” music video was going to be my star post when it officially released on Friday. I thoroughly enjoyed it as it is nice to see a music video with a fun, happy tone, and humour to it. Not at all a complete ball of cheese, as sometimes things like this can disastrously turn out. It has helped me to see Lewis Capaldi in a new light, which I like very much. I will be keeping an extra special eye out for new music from him in the future. I’m sorry this feature got bumped back a few days, but I hope you’ll agree with me The Sound Of Arrows surprise EP “”EP1 – Cuts From The Stay Free Vault.” release was bloody brilliant and of course, in the end, how could synth-pop not win the day, or New Music Friday for us, for that matter.

Connect with Lewis Capaldi
Twitter: @LewisCapaldi

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Emerging Artist: Tjye 

I love it best when I look into my inbox and pick out an email about a new artist I haven’t heard a single thing about before. I thought Tjye has an interesting name, it stood out to me, and I was sent over a, very nice press photo as well. Too often, pop newcomers don’t realise how important it is to put a good press package together, especially the DIY acts. I recognise these are the people who have limited or budgets of next-to-nothing. When like me, you have hundreds upon hundreds of email submissions flooding in during the course of a week. A good press photo becomes a good guide, to grab attention, for a music blogger such as myself.

From his name alone, I didn’t suspect Tjye was originally born in London (before moving away to live in France.) I thought his smart, side-parted, blond hairdo was a big clue that he was Scandinavian. Before releasing his debut single “Sirens Calling” he’s achieved quite a lot in the music business. Supported Sir Tom Jones, performed with Rebecca Ferguson and has been writing with Jud Mahoney (Michael Jackson) and John McLaughlin (Westlife.)

Sirens Calling” is a solid electronic-pop song, which begins in a subtle way. Spotlighting Tjye’s impressive soulful voice flanked by acoustic guitar in the verses of the song. The chorus brings with it a full explosion of electronic pop colours. It is bold and anthemic. Above all else the track doesn’t stay in the one place, it’s nicely diverse and dynamic. In terms of a debut release, the song has a good energy and the lyrics are full of substance and class. When all said and done the track is too catchy not to appreciate. I have only this one track to go on, but Tyje shows a good deal of potential and accomplishment, and my ears are eager to hear more.

Connect with Tyje
Twitter: @tjyetjye

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JZAC – “Something 2 Say” (Video) 

We don’t know what city this kid is from after reaching out to him on Instagram multiple times. It’s all good though since this some of the dopest Hip Hop we have heard in a while. Check out “Something 2 Say”, new video by rising JZAC.