Tonio Sagan drops “Luna Moths” feat. Michael Wilbur & Erick t Coomes 

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

Tonio Sagan‘s newest release “Luna Moths” is a solid collaboration with instrumentalists Michael Wilbur (of Moon Hooch) and Erick t Coomes (of Lettuce).

The track sure hits the bullseye with its multi-layered production style that takes elements from jazz and hip-hop with experimental sensibilities. Wilbur handles the sax on this one while Coomes peppers the track with excellent basslines. Sagan is not far behind and delivers more than a handful of sci-fi, off-kilter bravado raps that would make lovers of solid lyricism smile.

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Paying Tribute to Alex Trebek on WIB Rap Radio 

By Chase March Word Is Bond

In this edition of Word is Bond Rap Radio we pay tribute to Alex Trebek and DJ Spinbad. 

As you usual, we start off the show with music and feature a great set that DJ Spinbad did where he weaved 50 classic hip-hop tracks together.

Kicking off the second half hour of the show, we have a special edition of Know Your History, where we look at how Jeopardy featured hip-hop in its clues. You can play along by shouting out answers at your radio. We also look at some of the great moments Alex Trebek had spitting rhymes as part of the game show.

We close off the show with an interview with Five. He’s been making a lot of noise by winning contests including the most recent one from Breaking Wreckords Radio. He has been featured on Shade 45 on Sirius XM Radio and is definitely a voice you will be hearing more of in the future.

Chase March & Traffimatics – Word is Bond Theme
Ras Beats ft JBiz & A.G. – God Bless Remix
DJ Spinbad – Hip Hop Megamix
Lil Fame & Termanology – We Out Here
Dej Loaf, Nicole Bus, & Dave East – STAR
Mr. Lif & Stu Bangaz ft Akrobatik – Sonar
Wyld Bunch & MiLKCRATE – My Sorrow
Jeopardy – Hip-Hop Clues and History
Nerdcore – Who is Alex Trebek
SoulChef & Hydroponikz – Last Time
More or Les ft Rel McCoy & DJ Slam – Progress
Stevie Wonder ft Rapsody, Cordae, Chika, and Busta Rhymes – Can’t Put It on the Hands of Fate
Common ft Lenny Kravitz – A Riot in My Mind
Aceyalone – Morgan Freeman
De La Soul ft Styles P, Talib Kweli, Pharoah Monche, Mysonne, & Chuck D – Remove 45
Marco Mello – 4evaeva
Moka Only – Pause and Reflect
Five – Nothing New
Five – Unconditional
Five – Alchemist Freestyle
Weird Al Yankovic – I Lost on Jeopardy


Original air date – Thursday November 19, 2020

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Carlehr Swanson Releases “I Want You” Single 

Listen now:

This R&B music review found this old school sound tasty and dripping with sweetness. Carlehr Swanson has a unique voice that takes us through this love song with finesse.

Over and over she woos us with her declaration, "I want you..." Her deep nearly bass voice holds the long notes with ease as the multiple male voices create a pleasant layer of sound imitating by gone groups like the Four Tops, The Impressions, and the Drifters. Her voice is unique but entrancing. He vocal undulations adds great texture to the song.

Carlehr Swanson is a recent Miss Virginia Talent Winner and a Jazz Vocalist studies major at George Mason University and the University of Miami. She is both a pianist and a vocalist who combines all her education in the delivery of this old school sound. Stepping a little to the left, she moves into R&B/Hip Hop with much of her music, yet this is her first release, a reminder of the days when R&B groups consistently topped the charts.

This is her debut into professional music. She will be releasing her first EP soon. Until then, listeners will have to wait patiently for her next song. She is sure to be as prolific with the production of songs as she is talented. Reminding us of Anita Baker with her unique vocal talent, she is sure to release more music with chart topping potential oozing out of each note.

Listen now:

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Alia Lene Releases “Die for You” Single 

This R&B music review for Alia Lene's "Die for You" is a single just released through DistroKid. Alia begins the song, "Baby, you know I got what you need..." From there she continues to deliver her declaration of what she has for her man with a backdrop of well layered synthesized music. The sound is different, and it keeps you grooving, and moving.

Alia's voice is soft but strong. She's got great enunciation, unlike many artists who depend on their voices more than their words to complete the song. In this song the vocals are noticeably clear, and the story will be timely for many.

This song should move up the charts. It's timely and has new sound elements that should push it to the front of the crowded R&B musical landscape. "And when things get rough, I'm still ten toes down...I would die for you, lie for you, do that crime for you, take that time for you. I'm that Girl..."

This song is a true declaration of commitment to her man. Alia sings this song with intensity and you can hear the joy in her voice. The artist may very well be in love. It comes true with the depth of feeling in her voice. The home girls will be broadcasting this song from their cell phones and car USB players on the regular.

Coming Soon

Alia Lene will release her Christmas Miracle EP December 11 via Contra Worldwide Recordings. Pre-orders start November 27. The EP will be available on all streaming platforms.

Featured In The BET Movie 'Twas The Chaos Before Christmas'

The First Signing To Haqq Islam's Contra Worldwide Recordings



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Maia Zakay Releases Her Debut Album #SpeakUp 

LOS ANGELESNov. 20, 2020  -- Up and coming R&B singer-songwriter Maia Zakay has released her debut album #SpeakUp. The incredibly talented 19-year-old musician, who sources the likes of Drake and Ariana Grande as her musical inspirations, co-produced this album alongside Stephan Oberhoff, who works closely with legends such as Quincy JonesDavid Foster, Barbra Streisand, and many more industry titans.


This 15-track project showcases Maia's beautiful singing voice as well as her songwriting skills. Do not be fooled by her age; Maia's music possesses soul and passion well past her years. She pulls from her personal experience to bring honest and relatable lyrics to her music. What started as a form of therapy has become Maia's way of helping others. Other people's reaction to her music has indeed manifested into the driving force of Maia to pursue a career in music and take it more seriously than just a hobby. The current single "2 Nice," which tells the story of someone who's kindness is taken for granted and is tired of this mistreatment, is now buzzing on the airwaves and heavily streaming online.

For more information, visit or listen to #SpeakUp on Spotify.

About Maia Zakay 

Born in London, but raised in Los AngelesMaia Zakay is the future of R&B music. At only 19 years old, she has developed a sultry, passionate singing style like Ariana Grande. Maia started singing for fun at the tender age of three years old and has never stopped. Although she had some vocal training, her singing and production skills are self-taught, and she obsessed with everything that is music.

Maia wrote her first song at 16 years old in response to a dark time in her life. Now, Maia finds solace in the art of songwriting. What started as a personal form of therapy became Maia's way of helping others. Her music deeply resonates with people, which has become the driving force of Maia's music career.

During Summer 2020, Maia wrote, co-produced, and released her album, #SpeakUp. The album was co-produced by Stephan Oberhoff, who works closely with legends such as Quincy JonesDavid Foster, Barbra Streisand, and more!

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Independent R&B artist Miss Washington released her brand-new EP F. A. T. E (Deluxe) on October 23rd exclusively available through Her smooth, sultry, and soulful voice denotes back to more old-school female vocalists. Influenced by her passion for Gospel, Jazz and old-school R&B, hints of Stevie Wonder, Kim Burrell, Anita Baker and Anderson Paak can be heard in her music.

Miss Washington is involved in every step of writing, composition, and production of the entire EP F. A. T. E (Deluxe) is an incredibly personal piece, which takes you on a relationship journey. Starting with the first few notes of Fantasy, you can hear the joy and hopeful tones of a new relationship. Miss Washingtons soulful voice carries you through the rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts that come with time, the twists, and turns can be heard in tracks like Change and the end with Truth.

Miss Washington states, "I'm so excited about my new album "F. A. T. E" (Deluxe)! One of my favorite things about it is that it is a multi-faceted album which means there is a piece of it for every type of listener! It carries a variety of different sounds! It's a very emotional and romantic album and gives the essence that the listener is reading pages in someone's love diary."

Available to download now!

Notes on F.A.T.E (Deluxe): 

Album Track list

1. Fantasy 

    This track is literal in its name with the meaning. Outlines the fantasy and longing for the one you love and wishful thinking of what they should be in the future. 

2. No Cap

    This track is the phase of officially being with the one you love in an official relationship. They feel special and feel like they have found the one.

3. Get to Know

    This track is the phase of really opening up to a person mentally and forming a deeper bond through the intellect and feeling safe enough with that person to share such vulnerable things.

4. Change

    This track is the phase of hitting the rough patch in a relationship. Almost feel a little disfunction because there is so much misunderstanding. You see the ways in which the person is stuck in their ways/habits instead of seeing the other person's perspective.

5. Truth

   This is the phase of the relationship where you look past the person's flaws and use the basis of love to have forgiveness and compassion for the other person and at the end of the day you want make it work with that person.

6. Get to Know (Unplugged)

 About Miss Washington

Graduating from the world-renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston with a Bachelor of Music set her in good standing to pursue a career as a solo artist.  As a professionally trained pianist and keyboardist, Miss Washington has performed and shared the stage with incredible artists like Grammy award-winning Lalah Hathaway, Gloria Estefan, and  Beyonces all-female band, as well as being an assistant to the Music Director of Black Girls Rock.

Her message for life is to accept good and bad experiences, let them teach you, and shape you into the person you are today. Taking chances in life and not being defined by fear is a very personal message of Miss Washington and her upcoming EP. For more information, visit


King Interview 


We caught up with King out of Fayetteville, NC to talk about his music creation during this Covid season and here's what he had to say:

Please tell us how many years have you been creating? 

I have been creating for a good while, as a hobby I have been creating content since 2001. As a professional I have been creating content for a little less than a year. I feel as if I still have much to go, and look forward to learning more about the entertainment industry as I progress. 

Tell us who are your influences? 

My biggest influences might seem a bit cliché but to be honest I grew up on a lot of Pac, Biggie, and Kid Frost. As my style of music evolved I was truly amazed by Big L's abilities, and Cypress Hill's unique rhythm. Not to mention other major Spanish influences in my life such Vicente Fernandez, Residente (Calle 13), Ramon Ayala. 

Please breakdown the creative process of your project. Also, tell us about the project artwork! 

Everyday we face oxymorons', we just don't really pay attention to them. On my most recent single "OXYMORON" i share some of the oxymoron's I have faced in my personal life. The vibe had to be a mellow, thought provoking type of mood. Its not meant to be heard when you are relaxed, and rested to capture the true essence of the music. The artwork for the single is the portrayal of the wise fool, which in my opinion is an oxymoron on its own. I felt that this was a great portrait representation of the single. 

How has your perspective changed when it comes to maintaining being indie, or is your goal to get signed one day!? 

I strongly feel that being indie has taught me very valuable lessons, extreme budgeting being one of my biggest lessons learned (lol), of course in addition to good project management in general. As an indie artist we are very limited with resources, we are constricted by our ability to afford important aspects of our entertainment careers. If I were to think of signing on to a label, I would be very specific with what I am looking for within the contract, this will obviously get me turned down more often than not, but as long as I keep knocking on doors, eventually one of them will open. 

How are you dealing with this Corona Virus epidemic right now? 

Practicing all social distancing by all means. 

Any new projects/videos you are working on!? 

I am currently finalizing new next all spanish single "Quedate", it is a love story with an interesting twisted, we can it is a twisted love story. Stay tuned. 

Where can people find you on the web? Drop all the vital links? 

I have simplified it for all of my listeners by combining all of my links in one place:

Anybody you would like to shout out?! 

I most definitely shout out the NuMainstream Media team, thank you so much for the support!!

Felix Dahmen and High Klassified team up for “Close Calls” 

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

Montreal based producer Felix Dahmen teams up with fellow Montrealer High Klassified for this solid, off-kilter collaboration titled “Close Calls.”

The track is as dynamic as they come and it’s ripe with smooth bass drops, crunchy trap drums, electrifying swirling synths, and dark ominous textures to match. “Close Calls” is the single off Felix Dahmen’s first EP.

Get “Close Calls” on Apple Music//Deezer//Youtube

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Rowlan teams with Raquel Castro on “Like Glue” 

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

“Like Glue” is a surreal R&B infused track by Rowlan with singer Raquel Castro.


Castro opens the track with her silky alluring vocals that blend with the solemn moody backdrop. The track focuses on being neck-deep in love with someone and describes all the emotions and actions that come with it. It has a nice smooth vibe and sure captures the chemistry between Rowlan and Castro.

Get “Like Glue” on all DSPs here.

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John Alex Harper teams up with Joe Sig and Goomson for “A Lot On My Mind” 

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

John Alex Harper is back in the lab and has announced a single every fortnight to prepare listeners for his upcoming EP. His newest release “A Lot On My Mind” sees him teaming up with Charlotte emcee Joe Sig and Goomson.

The record has a solemn, dusty mood with its smooth jazzy texture and laidback crunchy drums that serve as the perfect canvas for the emcees to share their candid thoughts.

Get “A Lot On My Mind” on Apple Music//Deezer//Soundcloud


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