Piff Jones Prepares for Third Annual Loopy Fest at Queens Bridge Park in NYC on Saturday 

This Saturday, the third annual Loopy Fest will be presented at Queens Bridge Park, NYC. Loopy Life LLC has partnered with Community Capacity Development to bring this free celebration of hip-hop to the forefront. The event includes performances by prominent, independent music artists, basketball games, and vendors. 

Piff Jones, the Loopy Fest Founder and seasoned hip-hop artist, has worked diligently to inspire the next generation of artists. He stated, "It's an honor to bring Loopy Fest back to Queens Bridge and celebrate the incredible talent in our community. The festival is more than just music and performances-it's about empowering our neighborhood."

Save the date-August 26th from 4pm to 9pm! Take part in games, raffles, live music, and community bonding! While you're enjoying the festivities, make sure to post your content using the hashtag #LoopyFest2023. Follow Piff Jones on Instagram to stay up-to-date with events and content!

JD Brings Back to Back Bangers with "We In The Party" and "Animal" 

Catching a vibe with his latest offering is none other than Canadian rapper, JD. The Ontario-bred rising rhymer returns with his new summer smash, "Animal". His hot new hit, comes on the heels of his sizzling single, "We In The Party"!

Although he's putting on for his country of Canada, JD can't help but to credit the New York Hip-Hop heavyweights by the likes of: 50 Cent, Pop Smoke, and Sheff G - that's influenced his musical sound and style. In fact, this trailblazing talent is one whose originality weaves into his metaphorical lyrical talent that focuses on his personal struggles, accomplishments and relationships.

JD stepped into the spotlight with his breakout release, "We In The Party" (November 2022). Alongside its astounding audio, its infectious beat and vampiric-styled visual drew the attention of influencers such as Julian Newman. His debut raved release received so much recognition that it amassed over 10K views on YouTube within the first few days, while shattering streams until this day from the start!

Remaining a force to be reckoned with, JD is undoubtedly a rapper to watch in 2023! Stay tuned here at Hip-Hop Indie Music for all things JD For now, get familiar with this rising rhymer and press play on his most recent record, "Animal". Lastly, let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Skilla Baby X Tee Grizzley - Controversy (Album) 

Skilla Baby, a breakout star of the Detroit rap scene who’s risen to fame for his flow-like sound and dynamic lyricism, recently released ‘Controversy,’ a fresh new album alongside fellow Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley. Building upon a steady drumbeat of new music releases since the onset of his career in 2020, Skilla Baby’s latest work shines a spotlight on his edgy aesthetic, poetic lyrics, and experimental approach to classic rap beats. Skilla Baby, a protege of the notable artist Sada Baby, first fell in love with the power of writing when he had to memorize a Langston Hughes poem for school as a child. The impact of this early influence can be felt throughout Sada Baby’s work, but his lyricism feels extra especially powerful in the 12-song sequence on ‘Controversy.’ Though Skilla Baby successfully emulates the vibe of popular classic rap – one of his biggest influences being Lil Wayne – listeners can also glean a deeper layer of unique experimental sounds throughout the album. During press interviews for the recent release, Skilla Baby revealed that his favorite tracks from the album are ‘Gorgeous’ and ‘Side Piece.

“We didn’t just rap – we had a story to tell,” he said about the writing process for the songs with co-writer Tee Grizzley.

‘Controversy’ also comes during an interesting time for Skilla Baby. In just a few short years since launching his career, the Motor City rapper’s notoriety has exploded. He mentioned during the interview that his biggest challenge as an artist these days is adjusting to his sudden fame, particularly in his hometown. The reality of his newfound status hit him hardest when he performed at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, the same venue where he grew up watching the Pistons play.

Though Skilla Baby’s career is rapidly unfolding, he still manages to prioritize community outreach across Detroit. He performs at local schools just as much as he does for fans, if not more.

“I appreciate the schools more than anything because I’ve been in those seats; I feel like if I just save one child, then I did what I was supposed to do,” he said. “I feel I was put on earth to do something like that and save somebody. I do it to motivate them to do better – I want to reach back and let them know I’m still a person who can reach them and touch them.”
For hip-hop fans looking for a fresh take on Detroit rap, Skilla Baby’s ‘Controversy’ is now streaming on all major music platforms.

To stay up to date with the latest from the rising artist, follow him on Instagram @_skillababy, YouTube @SkillaBaby, or Twitter @_SkillaBaby.

Quis Chandla Got the Streets Flooded with "Mission #1" Visuals 

NJ-native Quis Chandla has reached the summit of self-realization, meeting the most hierarchical hip-hop requirements. He's not only soul searching and rhyming actual rap wisdom, but he's dedicated his mic to changing the streets.

While his single speaks volumes, so do the visuals. The Jersey-native puts the city on his back with his brand new banger. In doing so, he brings the dirty Jerz out to spotlight and support all of those who have shown support throughout his creatively climbing career. This is because true fulfillment comes from serving others rather than gaining fame and notoriety. 

Additionally, the TrueNLivin founder is seen switching scenes posted up in the hood bodega, breaking bread with his homies, all while putting on for his city. With no lies detected, the striving star mentions the money he’s made off of his “Get the streets flooded” and “Get the hood jumpin’” merch in which we see the stans and all of Jersey sporting his attire!

Quis Chandla Gets The Hood Jumpin' With "Mission #1"

Lethal lyricist, Quis Chandla is a master of his craft. In fact, he mixes metaphors, similes, and other literary elements to paint pictures with his lyricism. As a result, he creates unforgettable lyrics that remain long after the music stops. Throughout his groundbreaking career, he has explored the whole range of rap and hip hop lyrical, from intricate, multi-syllabic rhymes to socially concerned musings. The best rappers can create stories that resonate with their audience and transcend time by crafting songs that encapsulate the essence of their experiences and emotions. With that being said, allow me to introduce to you the latest lethal lyricist.

Quis found his formula early in his music career and has stuck to it. The thought-proving spitter never went too far from his niche, merging explosive turn-up tunes with some contemplative cuts and a handful of joints for the ladies as well. Overall, after hitting a new level with his lyricism and album-crafting, he has firmly established himself as one of the top rappers to watch in the game right now. Don’t believe me? Press play on his latest offering “Mission #1” featuring The HitSystem here at Hip Hop Indie Music!



Amiri Jaccson Proves He's An Artist To Watch in 2023 With 'Project Prince'  

New York’s newest noisemaker Amiri Jaccson arrives with his debut album, Project Prince! Made up of thirteen trendy tracks, Amiri takes listeners on a musical marathon with a versatile sonic soundbed that’ll stay stuck in your head after one listen. Additionally, each raved record resonates with his fans in some way or another. 

From the slow, subtle synths of “Solo” to the Jazz inspired “Kid In Queens”, the astounding album opens up with a wide range of musical opportunities for listeners. Next up, Amiri talks that talk to fans on his turnt up track “Talkin” before bringing it back to the beginning, as he pays homage to his hometown on “914”. Maintaining momentum, Amiri Jaccson brings along fellow collaborator, Ty Leray for a fire feature on “Gifted”. In which this standout single serves as the only guest appearance appearing on the album. 

Switching it up by slowing it down a bit, the booking breakout artist unveils “Understand Me” followed up by his optimistic “One Day” release. Not letting up, Amiri continues catching a vibe on raved records “Always Been Me” and “Always Been You”. Moving the masses through his music, Amiri taps into his cultural bag by spitting a little Spanish on “Yo No Se” and asks God to save him on “Save Me” before the album begins to close out with hot hits like “Ride for My Bruddas” and “Let Up” which he launched at the top of the year. 

Continuously honing his craft, Amiri's latest offering Project Prince proves his position in hip-hop. While highlighting his artistic abilities and viral versatility. Nonetheless, this timeless collective captures the art and heart of all things Amiri Jaccson. In addition to being the perfect project to set the standard for what’s to come in the near future. 

For now, get familiar with this trailblazing talent. Press play on Project Prince here at Hip Hop Indie Music. Lastly, let us know what you think! 

Stream 'Project Prince' by Amiri Jaccson


Naeem Reign Is Back With Another Celebrity Feature This Time With Crip Mac 

Naeem Reign is set to release a new track with the most viral content creator and rhymer on the west side, Crip Mac. Check your calendars, as July 16th, the trendy track,  "Virtual Reality" will be available on all streaming platforms including SoundCloud.

The creative collaboration of Crip Mac and Naeem Reign was established almost 2 years ago as they spoke to each other over social media. In doing so, the constant communication and support eventually lead to them working together on music. Since, they have come together to collaborate on two tracks titled, "Virtual Reality" and "Connected" set to arrive. Maintaining momentum, Naeem Reign shows no signs of slowing down!

Since stepping into the spotlight, Naeem Reign has been seen and spotlighted with many celebrities as Nikko London, Blovee, Serena Smart, Billy B, Big D (Roc Nation), Jo Jo Simons (Rev Run's House andGrowing Up Hip Hop), Ynvs Shampoo (Def Jam), Chinese Kitty and many more! For now, geT familiar with the trailblazing talent here at Hip Hop Indie Music! While we await the arrival of his forthcoming releases, go stream Naeem Reign's "Ice Age" featuring Gucci Mane on your preferred DSP.

Stream "Ice Age" on Spotify



Memphis Artist La'Falle Discusses Music Ventures Thus Far: Collabs With Wikid Films for... 


Memphis, Tennessee artist La'Falle has done it again! Just a few days ago, he announced the premier of his new song with visuals, "La'FallElvis Presley"! Collaborating with Wikid Films was the perfect strategy to ensure the success of the project. 

La'Falle is known for combining a plethora of genres, bringing a different flavor to the scene! His fans love him and his audience continues to grow as he wows everyone he comes in contact with! 

Between his fashion sense, musical abilities, and his charm in front of the camera, La'Falle is certainly going places in the entertainment business! As an independent artist, he has accomplished so much already!

With all of his recent success, La'Falle shared a message to other indie artists striving to make an impact in the business, "I would tell others to stay humble and keep GOD first. I would tell them to invest into themselves and trust the process. Don’t expect nothing from nobody." La'Falle is known for giving back to the community and strives to make a difference. He knows what it's like to hit rock bottom and work hard to regain what was lost. 

The dynamic music video has already hit almost 2k views in a few short days! Be sure to check it out, subscribe, and leave a comment!

Sleepy Loco Initiates Summer Takeover With New Single "Fa Sho" 


Prominent independent music artist, Sleepy Loco, has become a fan favorite this year. He is a prime example of the importance of remaining authentic and consistent. Since the beginning of 2023, Sleepy Loco has hit the ground running with back to back releases. Keeping his audience engaged has been a priority of his which is proving to be a great strategy. 

It's only been two weeks since Sleepy Loco unleashed, "Fa Sho" on YouTube and the response has been amazing! The crisp visuals have already garnered 5k views and it continues to climb daily. Sleepy Loco is a mixture of fun, sexy, and talented which allows him to reach a large demographic. 

Check out the music video for "Fa Sho" and be sure to stream his other projects such as, "In Mook We Trust," and "On My Mind". If you're looking for a good time, you've found it!


Yamu Law's top-notch new Hip-Hop album, "Loyalty Ova Love," was released 

"Loyalty Ova Love," an album by an unquestionably great new name in the music sector, is a great start to the hip-hop scene. Yamu Law put off the publication of this album to mold the flow of each song and advance his enthusiasm, and eventually, it produced something incredible!

Yamu Law, a Louisiana native and talented rapper, has only recently started to make music, but he has already begun to set the framework for his ascent to prominence. He can increase his reputation and audience now that his album "Loyalty Ova Love" is available. And, people, I have high hopes for this aspiring artist.

What was the most challenging part of creating the "Loyalty Ova Love "album?

The most challenging part of "Loyalty Ova Love" was piecing it together. I wanted my message to be like a telegraph.

When you were going through picking the right beats for the album, was it an instant decision for you?

Going thru the beat selection was instant cause I knew exactly what I wanted to deliver with each concept per track.

I see you put a great album together. How many studio sessions it took for you to accomplish this album?

(5) 4hour sessions and (1) 2hour session.

What would you be doing now if it weren't for your music career?

If I wasn't making music now, I would've focused more on creating a label to give people opportunities and impact their lives.

How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business? 

The Internet literally boosts how people get noticed and or seen. Most platforms like TikTok have impacted the music industry with dances and shorts.

What is your favorite song from the album you like to perform?

1. "When I'm in it" ft 5thwardJp.
2. "Ghost Pepper."
3. "Wins with Losses."  

What is the most trouble you've gotten into? And how did that situation make you who you are today?

I was young, still trying to figure out the world, honestly had to be when I was 16, me and moms had a falling out, which led to me assaulting an officer. I got locked up in JJC and changed my whole life from a path of aggression.

What is the best music advice you've been given?

Keep working and grinding. It will pay off soon enough.

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

If I could change something in the industry, it would be the process of getting where you wanna be, if that makes sense, 'cause now, if you don't have a buzz and you've been working extra hard to put yourself in a position, there should be no reason to be overlooked. However, I do understand though.

Which skills have you gained that help you perform effectively as a musician?

Mainly apply more of myself to my content, like it's okay to show your scars and misfortune cause a lot of people are already plotting your downfall the moment you start. So showing different cadences and flow patterns, passion is a different take on how music should be expressed, at least for me.

Who helped you most in your musical journey?

Good family and friends, if I'm honest. More so, family, but you can only be grateful, blessed, and thankful. 

Did your style evolve since the beginning of your career?

Astronomically I don't rap the same as I did before. However, I have retained a lot of methods and experiences in my journey.

What accomplishments do you see yourself achieving in the next five to 10 years?

Having my label, driving a scat pack, and expanding my business and brand. Taking my children on more vacations, see the world, ya know.



Shygirl Delivers Dream-Like Performance at ‘Nymph’ World Tour Stop in New York City’s Webster Hall 

Since the release of her debut album ‘Nymph’ just one year ago, Shygirl has captivated fans of house, rap, and hyperpop music worldwide. The whimsical London-based artist is already on a global tour, bringing the sounds of ‘Nymph’ across North America, the United Kingdom, and Europe. Her highly anticipated New York City performance occurred at Webster Hall on April 4th, 2023, where the zany aesthetics, sensual songs, and party-like atmosphere enchanted the audience with a unique dance music experience.

The concert opened with a performance of “Woe,” the first track on Nymph. Part-R&B groove, part-explicit rap, the song is a perfect encapsulation of Shygirl’s diverse sounds. The live version of the track was no different – the audience was swaying to her floaty vocals and leaning into the sexual, fast-paced rap beats.

The stage was surprisingly barebones despite Shygirl’s association with hyperpop sounds and maximalist aesthetics. The minimalist design, however, was intentional. All eyes were on Shygirl, her floor-length black and white gown, and the single piece of set decor: a large, tilted mirror at the back of the stage that featured animated clips timed to Shygirl’s songs and movements. When she stood directly before it, the surrounding animations of nature and human figures created a haunting, eye-grabbing effect.

Photos courtesy of DeShaun Craddock | dac.photography

Shygirl has never shied away from spilling her heart into raw lyrics but maintains a playful, mischievous persona. This juxtaposition was on full display when her performance of “Coochie (A Bedtime Story),” a coy take on the nursery rhyme format that celebrates the vagina, was followed directly by “Firefly.” Though it’s an easy track to sing along to with catchy lyrics, the song explores the hollow, depressing feeling of loneliness after a breakup. Of course, dedicated fans know that “Firefly” is Shygirl’s favorite of her own songs.

While most of the show featured only Shygirl and her voice – a few songs of which were performed while lying down on the ground – things took a turn toward the end. After building up the crowd’s energy with her contagious charisma, Shygirl welcomed two pole dancers onto the stage to spin party-inducing tracks like “Poison” and “BB.” Although Shygirl needed no backup to bring her performance home, the dancers were a perfect cherry on an elegant evening.

Shygirl is one of those artists perfectly aligned with the times, and her New York City stop of Nymph on tour underscored her ability to keep a finger on the pulse of listeners’ tastes. So much of her popularity bloomed during the pandemic when audiences were hungry for sensual sounds, escapist aesthetics, and the nostalgia of a free night out on the town. A master of her unique craft, Shygirl effortlessly blended these complex themes into a perfectly bold Spring concert that audiences won’t soon forget.