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Discover New Artist on Spotify with our curated playlists!

Discover New Artist on Spotify with our curated playlists!

Tech N9ne – “N9NA” (Album Review) 

This is the latest full-length outing from the highest-selling independent hip hop artist of all-time; the King of Darkness himself: Tech N9ne. If anyone is far behind in his catalog, the dude has made himself one of the hardest working men in the culture by dropping at least 1 or 2 albums a year since 2016 & his previous one Planet ended up being one of his best ones yet. However with a new tour starting earlier this week, he’s celebrating by releasing his 21st album.

After the “Le Horde” intro, we dive straight into the first song “Lord of Weird”. Where Tech pretty much proclaims himself as just that over a gloomy trap beat. The title track serves as a reintroduction for N9na’s new fans with Seven’s trunk-knocking production fitting like a glove while the song “Hit the Ground Running” with JL & King Iso sees the 3 talking about how no one can stop them over a trap beat with some acoustic strumming over an eerie beat. The track “Like I Ain’t” reflects on his accomplishments while the song “Green Lit” with Iso alongside Tech’s latest Strange Music signee Maez301 sees the 3 calling out people who double crossed them over an infectious instrumental.

The track “Chuki Fever” is a shot at everyone jealous of his success over a somber trap beat while the song “Fuckin’ Do It” with Futuristic & JL is a decent alcohol anthem with a skeletal trap beat. The track “Don’t Let Me Fall” is a boring diatribe of a 1-night stand with a simplistic beat while the song “You Line!” with Krizz Kaliko viciously attacks frauds with a perfectly suiting beat. The track “EDI’s” serves as a tribute to edibles with a monstrous beat while the song “Rata” takes a surprising direction in Latin territory & it somehow works.

The track “F.T.I. 2.0” serves as a vicious sequel to the iconic “Fuck the Industry” off his 2001 classic Anghellic while the song “She Fell” is a moody sex tune with a horrendous hook. The track “Sink” talks about depression with a gorgeous bass-line while the song “H.O.B. (History Of Bitches)” talks about crazy chicks trying to come back into his life over an atmospheric beat. The track “Ion Memba” recalls his past drug addiction with an average C-Mob verse over a spacey bass-heavy beat while the song “Active” talks about gang life over a nocturnal instrumental.

The track “EF U (Easier For You)” with Jelly Roll is a heartfelt dedication to the broken with a pretty guitar passage while the song “I’m Caught Crazy! (4Ever)” is essentially Tech embracing his insanity over a nocturnal instrumental. The closer track “I’m Sorry” is a triumphant ode to his family & then there’s the bonus track “Disparagement”, where he & King Iso diss their haters over a generic trap beat.

While I personally prefer Planet, this is still a solid listen. Of course Tech brings his A-game lyrically & I like how he kept the features minimal just like that previous album, but some of the production choices on this one in comparison could’ve been better.

Score: 7/10

Erick Sermon – “Vernia” (Album Review) 

Erick Sermon is a legendary MC & producer from Brentwood, New York known for being a member of EPMD & the Def Squad. He made a flawed yet solid comeback in 2015 with E.S.P. (Erick Sermon’s Perception) but now 4 years later, he’s at it again with his 8th full-length album.

After the “Payne Intro”, the first song “Wake Up (No Fear)” brags about his skills over a futuristic instrumental. “Da Wave” brags about his skills over a vintage instrumental from Rockwilder while while the track “Tha Game” with AZ & Styles P sees the 3 dissing people only out for the fame over a bass-line & a soul sample. The song “Go” with No Malice talks about life in the streets over a luscious boom bap beat while the song “My Style” with N.O.R.E. & Raekwon sees the 3 showing all of their unique styles over a laidback soul sample.

The song “That Girl” with Big K.R.I.T. is a smooth dedication to Southern women while “Cabinet” shouts out a plethora of legendary MCs over yet another funky instrumental. The track “Stay Real, Pt. 2” with Keith Murray & Nature is a fantastic sequel to a highlight off of Erick’s underrated 1993 debut No Pressure while the song “Zion”with Xzibit alongside David Banner & even Shaquille O’Neal spit battle bars over a boom bap beat with a sinister piano-lead. The track “May Sound Crazy” with Devin the Dude & Too $hort sees the 3 getting romantic over a g-funk beat from Battlecat while the song 300 E is essentially E-Dub charismatically boasting over a beautifully futuristic instrumental from Rockwilder. The album then finishes with the Apathy produced title track, which is a heartwarming dedication to his grandmother.

All & all, this is a fantastic comeback for The Green-Eyed Bandit. Could’ve done without a couple tracks but this late into his career, Erick really sticks to his guns lyrically with the features mostly adding into the equation & the production is absolutely top notch.

Score: 8/10

Toso – “Can’t Stop Me” 

New rising hip hop artist, Toso, release a new releases a new track this month called “Can’t Stop Me”. This record was originally intended to be released on his upcoming debut album “The Prophecy”, but eventually didn’t make the cut. Instead, Toso decided to release this record free to the fans.

Sage One the Wise – “Seven Zeros” (Prod. By Asend) 

Sage One the Wise paints a lyrically vivid picture of struggle but explains sacrifice is necessary to evolve.  Asend comes well equipped with a jazzy boom bap vibe that has soul melting trumpets. The duo presents “Seven Zeros“.

FOLLOW: Sage One the Wise on SPOTIFY for more.

Q&A With Perris, CA Based Underground Hip Hop Artist RudySamA 

We want to thank you RudySamA for dropping yet another solid project in 2019 “Love You 2”,  We want to let all fans know that your a true underground Hip Hop artist, your style and sound is truly original and extremely different then anything we have come across online.  Give us a background on where your from again?  Perris?  Pretty unfamiliar city in SoCal, is it not?

Yeah Perris is a small town located in the riverside county section of the Inland Empire. It’s a tight nit community with a lot of hometown pride. It’s not crime infested but like every place things can get ruff. For the most part it’s a working class suburb though.

We have been networking since Dec 2018!!  We remember your first BLOG post “Relics EP”, since then and now, please describe the growth and progression in your music career?

Oh man I’ve really been focused on promoting my music since than. Finding an audience outside of my local area as well as establishing myself as an artist has been so much fun. The work truly pays off at the end when the labor is grown from love.

We love your dark melodic (maybe a little angry..LOL) style of Hip Hop, you go really deep in all your tracks!!  What’s the story behind your unique style and sound in your music.

Wow thank you it means a lot to receive positive feedback! To some showing emotions is a weakness but in reality it’s what makes us human along with what really shows strength. My music is love. From the instrumentals I make to my bars it’s all just a canvas that I use to create audio art. I find that light truly shines brightest in the dark which is why the sound of my instrumentals are dark or angry yet my content is more on the conscious side of the spectrum.

What is your brand really about?  What is your mission statement to all new ears that come across your music for the first time, what is your message to them?

I intend to reach those who are willing to listen to content, who understand substance, and for those who know themselves as well as for the lost. I make music for all occasions life may have and leave it wide open for interpretation. My message can be seen as deep to some and as shallow as a puddle to others. I speak from an introverted perspective leaving a message that’s over all positive and uplifting.

Congrats on success of your follow up album, “Love You 2”. Feel free to breakdown the creative process of the project. (features, production, etc). Where can people find the project?

Well the creative process is always my favorite part of music. This was made in a continuous format proceeding from where “love you “ left off. At work I would get inspired to make a beat so during my lunch break I would go start making the instrumental in my car. Once I finished I brainstormed about how the beat made me feel and from there I began to lace the track. I wanted to give off an eerie yet comforting vibe. The only way I could achieve this was by doing it all myself from scratch. It was truly an amazing and self gratifying process.

Any plans on going on tour, or are you planning on some shows?  How often do you perform?

I would like to go on tour and do shows more often but my work situation limits that some what. I try to perform at least once a month now at open mics or at any event that fits within my schedule. Currently I’ve been performing for events organized by an artist known as yung miss. On 4/20/19 my boy Upr!ze and I are an opening act for kushstock festival in adelanto ca.

Wow…Boom, One of our senor writers and considered one of the most credible Hip Hop journalists had the opportunity to review your new project yet again!!!  He gave it a 7/10!!! Not bad!!  Did you get a chance to read the review?

I’m so grateful that he enjoyed this project and I’m honored to be praised in such high regards. I read the review and was happy to see that my sequel project was received so well. My music is dope as fuck so it’s cool to see people enjoy it.

We are an LA based Hip Hop website, so I’m sure you heard that Nipsey Hussle got gunned down out here in these LA streets.  What are your thoughts about this latest Hip Hop tragedy?  Ever heard of him before?

If you live in SoCal you know of Nipsey Hussle, he was legendary. I wasn’t always listening to his music and in fact I slept on his latest Grammy nominated album until his passing. The underline issue is that a smart, successful, influential artist was taken from his family. People should focus on that. Hopefully people can learn from his legacy. I don’t dive into the conspiracy theories for one simple fact. Social media is mainstream media now. If anything is meant to be hidden it wouldn’t be able to get on social media.

Where can people find you on the Internet? Drop all the vital links.



Apple Music:

Lastly, and shout out?

Yo I wouldn’t be able to do this without my mom and dad. I love those two. Also big ups to my team Xydewayz8 (Upr!ze, roo$kie, Murx, beaker, Golden galo, Emcee p-nutty, Exon, duck beats)

Watch “Mad” by Laoise 

I really wanted to share the Laoise music video for “Mad” with you, today. The Irish pop talent caught my attention because, she records, produces and releases her music completely independently. I am full of admiration that everything she is doing in music is being done under her own esteem. Additionally, “Mad” is a good electronic pop song. The music video is slick and rather accomplished for an independent artist. While being authentic to the lyrics of the song.

Being introduced to Laoise brought me around to thinking about female Irish pop artists of recent times. Singling out a few. Clearly an innovator, Roisin Murphy. A brilliant songwriter, Dolores O’Riordan. As for the pure pop spectrum, we cannot forget that it was Ireland who gave us B*witched. My memory served findings conclude, it’s been way too long since the Irish ladies have shown the world of pop what they are made of. Maybe a new wave of Irish pop music has been started right under my nose, first with Tara Lee (I wrote about her in August last year) and now Laoise.

Mad” is the lead single lifted-off the singer’s latest EP, of the same name. The track is a gleaming insight into the honest and sincere style of lyricism which the singer explores. Her nice soft voice is kinda, sweet, endearing and mellow. This song also reveals, if you make her mad, she will turn fierce and fight back. (To see how mad she can get, take a look at the video below.) The sugarcoated electronic beats of the melody boast a made in LA vibe. The kind of glittering synthpop you would most certainly listen to poolside. Had I not been told she was Irish, I would have had made an educated guess this track had come from a studio in New York or at least the USA. As there are similarities drawn within the music I am sure “Mad” will also appeal to fans of the synth-pop duo Reyna.

I’m taking note of Laoise right now and you should do the same, she is every inch an up-and-coming, buzz-worthy electronic pop artist. A bright new hope, for sure.

Connect with Laoise
Twitter: @laoisemusic

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Q&A With DMV’s Very Own Underground Hip Hop Artist Mic Mountain 

Bro!!!! We would personally like to thank you Mic Mountain for rocking with our BLOG and most importantly pushing real Hip Hop! Let me ask you how long have you been a Hip Hop artist? What specific area are you from? Also, how did you get you emcee name?

Thank you for having me me it feels good to be here. I’ve been doing hip hop recording since 1992 but I didn’t release anything online until 2008. I’m from the Washington D.C. area akla the DMV area. My real name is Michael Mountain but I dropped the letters to Mic because back in the days the Source would give you 5 mics. I wanted to represent a Mountain of Microphones.

We notice your style is super original and very creative. Let us know how your style if different than all the rap artists out there!

My style rhythmic and melodic but at the same time my delivery jump’s out and grabs you and hold your attention. Plus I speak with alot of character in my voice so that always helps get the point across when conveying a message through song I guess.

Please breakdown the creative process behind ““The Avalanche”…Also, ever planning on pushing a full Spanish project?

I might do a Spanglish project but not entirely in Spanish. I made sure the listener could follow along in both languages on on of the tracks “Ritmico Boricua.” From the beginning I sat down and made each beat from practically scratch. Then I put them all in Playlist order as what would sound good after the previous track.and I just wrote to the music and planned the album out as far as features and hooks and skits etc.

Do you remember the day/time when you realized you wanted to become an Hip Hop artist?

Yes my uncles always encouraged me to do my raps and draw when I was a teen, I didn’t start taking it serious until my late teens. My best friends at the time, actually my brothers Hasani Lateef and Lee Majors showed me how to do this professionally. I’ll always be thankful for them helping me believe in my self and my talents.

How does social media playing a role in your success? How are fans/supporters helping your movement?

Social Media has been a blessing and a Curse because some people will like you and some won’t. It’s like your personality and views represent your brand now but as long as you do good business and offer a good product or service and most of all remain yourself than you are golden. I’ve made tons of fans online but the best ones are the ones who are friends for life whether you have met them or not. it’s all about making that personal connection.

Your TOP 5 in Hip Hop….Deal or Alive?

Redman, Big Pun Biggie, Sean Price, Thirstin Howl the 3rd

With this being an underground hip hop site, we always ask this important question. What is your definition of “underground hip hop”?

Whatever is it that is going against the grain baby!!! It’s ALL Gravy!

Where can people find you on the Internet? Drop all the vital links. Just look me up Mic Mountain everywhere!

Lastly, and shout out?

Shout out to Mom Dukes she always beenmy biggest supporter, My brother Grand Master Rodimus P! My bro Mr. Ripley! My Brother Alex Gholsten. My sister Marthalicia Marthalicia. My fellow Mc’s Pace One, Prince Po, C Rayz Walz, Hakim Green, Shabaam Sahdeeq and Tame One!