Let's Talk About Kanye West


NuMainstream Talks discusses the Kanye West documentary on Netflix and asks the question, "What if Kanye West would not have got in the accident?"

NuMainstream Talks Back 


NuMainstream Talks w @daFantom336 @jrorpap @blkverseky, but first sit here and listen to a song about our logo!, then we will talk about the playoff games leading to the Super Bowl, Halftime Shows, Battle Rapping, and more!!

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It's Autumn Time 

We would like to introduce the world to a very inspiring artist that goes by the stage name Autumn D. She is an American singer and songwriter who specializes in Pop and R&B music. Born and raised in North…

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NuMainstream Talks w YBG336 

NuMainstream Talks w YBG336 about hit song "Welcome to Winston Salem" and his upcoming projects, we also discuss Derrick Jaxn's infidelity and women's vulnerability to being misled by his narrative. Also, we discuss the George Floyd trial opening statements.

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NuMainstream Talks w Erin Blue and American Pika 

NuMainstream Talks w Erin Blue about her new music video also discuss Tory Lanes and Megg the Stallion, and a possible verzuz with Maxwell and D'Angelo. We also spoke with American Pika about his chill instrumental hip hop! What…

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NuMainstream Talks w Nees and Spitty the Sequel 

NuMainstream Talks about Dame Dash's new streaming service app coming soon, the family of Malcolm X introduce new evidence in murder, and Lori Harvey's love life, also discuss Spitty's music!

NuMainstream Talks w King Ibe and Cam Be 

NuMainstream Talks Afro-beats and Hip-Hop with King Ibe as well as the Biggie Doc set to drop on Netflix, Mr and Mrs Smith remake with Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino, and more, as well as converse with Chicago artist…

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NuMainstream Talks w Nikon Don and Keshon Whyte 

NuMainstream Talks with Nikon Don about T.I. and Tiny contreversy allegedly accused of sexual misconduct, Diddy suing his former company Sean John, Lil Uzi Vert's diamond forehead implant, and more!! Musical guest Keshon Whyte gives insite into his music…

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