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Sole Sistas Shoe Brand 

Sole Sistas shoe brand is the brand that celebrates self-confidence and self-esteem and self-respect This brand was established the summer of 2019 and comprise of strap sandals and a leopard heels that can complement any fashion outfit that you wear. The shoes are made in Italy and there is free shipping worldwide.

Sole Sistas was created by Phyllis Dawkins who is a resident of North Carolina who came up with the name Sole Sistas as a brand for all walks of life no matter what nationality or background they have to check it out today at

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TallSlim Tees: Not Just for the Big & Tall 

Now There Are Shirts For The Slim & Tall, Not Just The Big & Tall

People come in all shapes and sizes. Most people know this intuitively. That’s why all clothing and apparel brands offer their shirts and other products in a variety of sizes.

This realization also spawned a movement in the men’s fashion world by inspiring “big & tall” sized brands to sprout up. While this was a welcome development for many, others were asking what size options they had if they were tall but not big.

Now tall men who aren’t big have an option for shirts. TallSlim Tees is a specialty online apparel company that offers shirts in slim and tall sizes for men.

Guys won’t have to choose between getting the shirt that’s long enough but too big or the shirt that fits but isn’t long enough. Those days are over.

TallSlim Tees offers t-shirts, polos, henleys, tank tops, hoodies, dress shirts and other styles of shirts. There’s certainly something for everyone.


Founded in 2014, the TallSlim Tees brand has established itself in communities like beach volleyball and swimming where male participants tend to be on the long and lean side. And their shirts aren’t just regular sizes with a little extra length. The founder, Dan Deceuster, is 6’6” and personally develops every one of their styles.

For tall, slim men around the world (and their loved ones who shop for them), TallSlim Tees is here to provide shirts that actually fit. Or as they like to say…they’ve got you covered.

Learn more about TallSlim Tees

TallSlim Tees Website

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Karukinka: One Step Further 

We have just launched our new product Kojniken Sweater. It is made with Polartec power stretch, 40% baby alpaca wool, 60% Marino wool. It has a side zipper to let the skin dry whenever you get sweaty and an upcycled leather tag. It comes only in black and will be customized to your fit after purchasing the product.

Who we are: We are Karukinka, who make sweaters for the people whom we love. We keep people warm with our sweaters. We are a new developing brand who want to bring a social change in the world as well. We are the people connected with our culture and diversity. We have the ability to bring in local changes also. We have a factory setup as well where we teach and train our art to new workers.

What we offer: We offer an ethical, sustainable and luxurious outwear which are handcrafted in Patagonia. These are very similar to the sweaters your mother used to make when you were little. These are the same kind of sweaters which filled you with the warmth of your mother’s love. We offer comfort, love, and uniquity in our products. Our five keywords are Tribute, Fashion, function, durability, and handcraft. We live and work under these five keywords.

How we do it: There are local breeders who breed goats for us. We take care of our animal with love. Once the wool is ready we take it off carefully and clean it with our own hands. The wool is completely organic and no animal suffers in this procedure, we make sure of it. We comb this soft wool to make threads out of it. This work is done by the technical hands of our team. We know how much clothes matter and we do every possible thing to make them special.

We want you to trust us for the best quality clothes. They are made from all natural materials. Most of our team includes women, to support them and to make them confident about their work. When you purchase from us you are not only purchasing clothes, you are supporting a campaign. You are supporting women who work with us to bring change, socially and economically. This will encourage sustainable outwears as a lifestyle and fashion product. We as a team, do not take any shortcuts to reach our goal, we are hardworking and honest.

Body By LaRen 

I am Erie LaRen a regular girl from Brooklyn New York Fashion is my passion. All my life I have struggled to find clothing for my body type. At the age of 12, I began to design my own clothing with the help of my aunt who was a master seamstress. I’ve learned the importance of helping people gain self-esteem through fashion. I’ve been a fashion stylist for over 10 years. For me helping curvy and plus size women were essential. By doing so I’ve been able to establish a brand – Body by LaRen.

Everything needed to achieve the perfect look awaits you at Body by LaRen. I offer budget-friendly services in Image Consulting, Wardrobe Styling, and Personal Shopping. Inquire in the book me section. The selections of clothing made available to you reflect my years of experience as a devoted designer for the curvy woman. Not only are my collections affordable, but they are also a mix of high fashion pieces and quality fabrics. I want all woman to look elegant and exude confidence no matter their size or shape.

We celebrate the vivacious curvy women here.

We welcome different proportions

Fashion enthusiasts come one come all

We will be serving must-have looks from the contemporary fashion world.

Body By LaRen website

Body By LaRen on Instagram

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How Should Men Wear Rings? The Urban Gentleman Ring Guide 

Can Men Wear Rings - The-Urban-Gentleman

A few Sundays ago, one of my best friends and I had a chance to catch up over breakfast at Venkmans Restaurant in Old Fourth Ward, Atlanta. We covered the usual stuff – relationships, business, travel, our dogs, and life. As he talked I noticed the additional adornment he was swaggin'… a few rings. He was giving off low-key  Lenny Kravtiz vibes. After telling me the story behind each one he asked how he should be wearing them– wondering if a few of the rings were too feminine or not. I gave him a few tips, and he gifted me a ring with Turkish origins (thanks Julian)

More than anything I appreciated his thoughtfulness in personalizing his style. It's been evolving over these past few years and I could see that jewelry was going to be apart of it. So I decided to create him a personalized Ring Style Guide. Because, hey– what are friends for!

I'm going to keep the generosity flowing and share his custom guide with all you Urban Gents out there. 



In general,  "less is more" is the rule of thumb for most things in life, especially if those "less" items are of high quality. Great fit, good materials, and good colors that match one's skin tone and look will always be the main ingredients to good style. For jewelry it's the same different.

Adding jewelry to your ensemble is another layer and creates a definite vibe. It helps tell your style story of who you modern, hipster, luxe, earthy, or even a combination. 
Men Wearing Rings - TheUrbanGent
So How Should an Urban Gentleman Wear Rings?
Here's 4 simple tips:
1. Stick with thicker bands. It's generally more masculine.
2. If you find yourself in love with a thin band rings, try to find 1-2 additional rings (at that same time)that you can stack with it. Try to coordinate their color as best as possible.
3. Wearing just one ring at a time will give you a more streamlined, well-groomed look.

4. Be unique and personable with your choices in jewelry. What's your favorite color, stone, and or symbol.
How Should Men Wear Rings- TheUrbanGent
Just one ring will do, the pinky ring is classic. Johnny Depp sports his rings on his pinky & ring finger

 How to Swag in Rings-The-Urban-Gent   
Lenny Kravitz wears a thin ring on his thumb; Fashionable photographer with thick band rings on all fingers
Justin Bieber Wearing Ring on GQ TheUrbaGent
Justin Bieber Wearing Three Rings on the cover of GQ

Like my friend, some of you may already own a bunch of thin band rings. That's fine, here's 4 tips on how to style them…

How to make a thin band, or more feminine looking ring, look more masculine: 
  • Stacking – if you're going to wear rings with thin bands– stack them. Meaning wear 2-3 rings on one finger. This gives the rings a more masculine look. Wider band rings look more masculine on men, so stacking gives a thin band ring the allusion of looking wider/thicker. 
  • Pinky – another solution for thin-band rings is to wear it on your pinky. Pinky rings are unfortunately synonymous with secret societies and pimping. Though unfortunate (regarding pimping), it also makes a ring on a man's pinky finger the norm. So you can always give this a try. 
  • Thumb – this is probably a more masculine finger to wear a single ring on than the pinky. The pinky has lost some of its luster due to secret society conspiracy theories and rejection of patriarchy. So the thumb is a great solution for a thin-band ring. 
  •  One – less is more. Wearing just one ring, that matches with your clothing that day, is another great alternative. 



Zayn Malik wearing three rings

Guide to Men Wearing Rings - The Urban Gent

At the end of the day, you have to do what the mood calls you to do. If you're hitting up a music festival, going to a fashion event, or just feel like switching it up– multiple rings will do just fine and could be fun to experiment with. The general rule for style (and life in general) is to keep it simple– so when in doubt, just wear one ring. 


For most of you, your only and  most important ring will probably the ring you'll receive from your woman once married/partnered. Making it the classic and stylish of all. 

A Conversation with Indie pop band tri patterns 

When I started listening to tri patterns, a local Indie-pop band, and watched their new music video, I figured the three guys in the group were probably in their mid twenties. When I sat down to interview them and, amongst fits of laughter, they told me about their high school and middle school band days, I figured they were finishing up college. It turns out that all three members of the band are under the age of 21 and not yet old enough to attend many of the venues in which they perform. Through their musical expertise, unique sound, and participation in the Indy music scene, they are making a name for themselves regardless.

Their new music video, “Blue” is now released and embedded below. Guitarists and vocalists Nathan Davis and Dawson Freeman, as well as drummer Logan Morrison, told us all about the music video and what it’s like to be in a band with your best friends.

Julia Bluhm: What are your musical backgrounds?

Nathan Davis: Dawson and I actually met at school– we played in a band together in middle school. We both played guitar. I originally taught myself guitar so I could play in this middle school worship band, but it quickly became my main thing.
Dawson Freeman: When I was about nine years old my parents got me a guitar for my birthday, and it kind of just went from there. I didn’t really ever think that I was going to be a songwriter or anything, but then I started experimenting with that kind of stuff about freshman or sophomore year of high school with Nathan.
Logan Morrison: I got started in music when I started taking lessons in the fifth grade, and the teacher was like “I kind of taught you everything I know.” So I started doing my own research. I really learned through YouTube. I don’t really have a musical family, so it was just trial and error. And then when I was in high school I realized this was something I could make a career out of.

JB: How and when did tri patterns form?

: Nathan and I went to the same school from sixth grade through high school. By the end of freshman year and sophomore year we really started taking ourselves more seriously with music, and started messing around with writing. We were also taking an audio production class together and started doing projects for that. Then one time we were hanging out and we actually just wrote “What to Be,” which was our first song, and you can find it on the EP. It went from there. We actually named it “tri patterns” before Logan joined which is funny. We met Logan through our church during our senior year. He was about our age and we thought he was really, really good. We’re all best friends now.
ND: And we’re coming up on our second year as a band.

JB: How would you describe your music and your sound?

ND: Our sound has been evolving a lot recently. For example, a lot of our songs on our EP were written like three years ago. So our style has already changed somewhat.
LM: I feel like it’s Indie pop, but it’s a lot more melodically and lyrically positive than a lot of Indie pop songs. So I feel like the mission of this band, and the sound of this band, is to be a light to people who aren’t feeling so good, maybe.
DF: I think we have a lot of different influences, even if it’s in one single percussion layer or something. Some of it can be from jazz music, and some of it can be from rock and roll. We all have varied experiences with different kinds of music that we draw from.
LM: I also like to think that we’re kind of like paving our own path when it comes to our own unique sound. I don’t want it to be like, “that band tri patterns from Indianapolis sounds like this,” I want it to be like, “this, from a different band, sounds like tri patterns.”

JB: What was the process of making the music video for “Blue” like?

ND: We got to make that video with two of our best friends who are super talented, Tyler Sap(?) and Austin Petty. We kind of wanted to bring this EP cycle of sorts to a close with something really well thought-out that still continues what we did on the EP. We wanted to make a video that was funny, but also “Blue” is a song that’s basically just a story, so we wanted to do a twist on the story and the actual meaning of the words itself. There’s a super old fifties-type vibe, but also some super modern stuff of us playing. And there are funny parts where we’re dressed up as little kids, but also this really intense live show. We wanted to do something unexpected and funny that also really got the heart of the song to come through.
DF: It was a really exciting process to plan it all out and storyboard it, too. And it was great to do it with our best friends.
LM: I have a kind of funny story about shooting. One of the places that we shot was Dawson’s parents’ land in southern Indiana. I kind of left without telling my parents because I was like, “I’m almost 18, I got this.” But we ended up going super late, it was like 2 or 3 in the morning. We’re in the middle of shooting the music video and my mom is blowing up my phone. She had no idea where I was. She could see on the Find my Friends app that I was out in the middle of the forest somewhere at 3 am. So she was pretty mad.

JB: How is it being a band in Indianapolis? Do you feel like there are opportunities and support here?

ND: It’s cool because I feel like Indianapolis is growing so much in so many different creative and cultural areas. I’ve seen a lot of people supporting each other and supporting new ideas, from coffee shops to music. We have a lot of big brothers so to speak, who have brought us into the music industry here. Like sometimes we’ll play a 21+ show and somebody that’s been around for a while will offer to run our merch for us because we can’t do it, we’re not 21. But yeah, there’s a lot of support.
LM: I think the coolest thing for me to experience was like when we played a show at the Hi-Fi. I didn’t realize the potential of what Indy audiences could bring. It was so amazing to see people respecting us onstage and giving us a chance. The amount of people that talked to us after, saying that they wanted to come to the show because we are a local Indy band, or saying “this is so cool that you guys are from Indy” was really great.

JB: Ok real quick for the last question– who are some of your favorite musical artists?

Death Cab for Cutie and Young the Giant.
ND: Hippo Campus and The Cars.
LM: Led Zeppelin and the 1975.

tri pattern’s new music video, “Blue” is now available on Youtube. You can follow tri patterns on their website or Instagram.

Holiday Events Guide 

The holiday season is quickly approaching! If you are looking for festive things to do, look no further. Below are several events happening from now until New Year’s Eve that will surely get you in the holiday spirit. Perfect for date night or girls night out!

November 16 – December 30
Lights at the Brickyard
See over three million lights at Indy’s Brickyard! Drive through the two mile stretch and see race cars, trees and fun displays all covered in lights.

November 17 – December 26
A Christmas Carol: Indiana Repertory Theater
Celebrate this classic play of past, present and future with Scrooge and all his “friends.” Presented by the Eli Lilly and Company, this play will surely get you into the giving season and warm your heart.

November 18 – January 6
Winterlights at Newfields
View a million and a half lights as Newfields and The Lily House illuminate for Christmas! Enjoy warm drinks and s’mores as you walk through the gardens and take amazing pictures to make all your friends jealous.

November 23 – December 23
A Very Phoenix Xmas 13: Merry Superstitious
This sketch comedy/cabaret/variety hour show is turning 13! Celebrate with them at the Phoenix Theatre in Indianapolis.

November 23 – December 30
Christmas at the Zoo
See your favorite animals in lights as you walk around the Zoo at night! Visit Santa’s Village, see some of the animals, and take a holiday card picture.

November 23 – January 9
Jolly Days Winter Wonderland
Looking for something to do with the kids? Check our Jolly Days at The Children’s Museum! Visit Santa, slide down a Yule Log Slide, “ice skate” in your socks, explore the ice castle and much more.

November 30 – December 16
Christmas Don’t be Late: BroZone
A midwestern boy band, BroZone, books a gig in California over the holidays but gets snowed in on Christmas Eve. This show will surely have you laughing and wondering how it will end.

November 30-December 23
IPL Yuletide Celebration: Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra
The 33rd installment of the IPL Yuletide Celebration will be brought to life as Broadway’s best singers and dancers perform on stage. Hosted by Jack Everly, Josh Kaufman and Angela Brown, this show will have new editions to the typical lineup, including a performance by Indy’s own dance group Expressenz.

December 5
Ghosts of Christmas Eve: Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Returning to Indianapolis for their 20th Anniversary Tour, this show will focus on founder/composer/lyricist Paul O’Neill’s Ghost of Christmas Eve story about a “runaway who finds her way into an abandoned theater.

December 6
Christmas Together: The Piano Guys
From YouTube to the big stage, The Piano Guys will surely get you into a jolly mood by playing your favorite holiday songs live!

December 6 – 22
A Christmas Carol: Beef & Boards
See Charles Dickens play live surrounded by ghosts, Scrooge and Tiny Tim. Sing along to the classic carols and watch the ultimate Christmas transformation unfold right before your eyes!

December 7
Hip Hop Nutcracker
A fusion of Tchaikovsky’s classic score and hip hop choreography, this mash-up will surely have you dancing in the aisles. All-star dancers, a live DJ and a violinist tell the story of the Nutcracker set in contemporary New York City.

December 7 – 22
Conner Prairie by Candlelight
Experience Christmas Eve in the year 1836 in the heart of Prairietown. Familes of all ages will hear stories from new Indiana settlers, Ullmans who celelbrate Hanukkah, and receive a special visit from Santa!

December 8
12 Chefs of Christmas
This culinary celebration showcases 12 Indy Chefs and 12 Indiana breweries! By purchasing a ticket you will enjoy a sample of each food and brew and hear music from DJ Rusty Redenbacher.

December 8 – 31
Christmas at Garfield Park Conservatory
See the Conservatory decked in it’s Christmas attire of poinsettias, lights and toy villages. You can also visit with Santa, make crafts, listen to a reading of The Polar Express, and more!

December 9
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer: The Musical
Watch as the classic tale come to life as a musical on December 9. Hear from all your favorite characters including Clarice, Hermey the Elf, the Abominable Snow Monster, Yukon Cornelius and, of course, Rudolph.

Santa Hustle Indy 5K & Half Marathon
Start your New Year’s Resolution early with Santa Hustle Indy 5K and Half Marathon. Sign up and receive a swag bag full of festive goodies including a Santa hat, beard and metal!

December 10
John Legend – A Legendary Christmas
Hear his legendary Christmas album come to life as John Legend performs December 10th at The Murat Theatre.

Noel The Musical
Set in modern day London, this musical tells the story of a little girl, Noel, who will be performing in her school’s Christmas play but hides the fact that her mother recently disappeared. See if Noel finds her mother and restores the believe of Christmas again in Noel The Musical.

December 11
Holiday Sounds: Indiana State Museum
Hear from local school and community choirs, bands, soloists and ensembles perform in the Great Hall.

December 12
Christmas Wonderland Holiday Spectacular
Listen to your favorite Holiday tunes performed by Santa and his merry helpers!

December 14-16
The Nutcracker Ballet – Indianapolis Ballet
Get swept away as the Indianapolis Ballet performs The Nutcracker.

Norm Lewis: Nutcracker Cool – The Cabaret
Hear Norm Lewis’s take on several holiday classics including “This Christmas” and “Santa Baby.” The Tony award nominee will also be performing songs that have made him very well known on Broadway.

December 24
The Great Russian Nutcracker: Moscow’s Ballet
This performance is unlike the rest as it includes life-size dancing puppets, a 60-foot Christmas tree, amazing costumes, and a large set of Russian nesting dolls. You don’t want to miss The Great Russian Nutcracker Ballet performance at the Murat Theatre on Christmas Eve.

December 31
Family New Year’s Eve – Indiana State Museum
Enjoy face painting, magician acts, as well as activities and music as you ring in the New Year with Indiana State Museum!

Downtown Indy Inc.’s New Year’s Eve
Have you ever wanted to ring in the new year with your friends on Georgia Street? Well now’s your chance! Downtown Indy has an exciting performance lineup, food and drinks and “a unique midnight extravaganza.”

The Indy Masquerade
Ring in the new year in style! Spend the evening partying at Union Station with The Indy Masquerade. Each ticket awards you access to three rooms, Speakeasy Lounge, Grand Hall and DJ HQ, that each have different attractions. Tickets are limited.

Internship Diary: Interviewing through Indy 

On the day of my internship interview for PATTERN, I accidently arrived 25 minutes early. I sat in my car and stressfully scrolled through Instagram for almost half an hour. I feel like this sums me up fairly well as a person: stressfully over prepared, kind of awkward and ready to put my head down and work.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure how I would fit in amongst PATTERN’s world. Everyone involved with PATTERN seemed very cool, confident, and fashionable in every sense of the word.

I quickly learned that though PATTERN is definitely very cool, it’s also extremely welcoming and even pretty goofy. This is a New-York-City kind of organization that exists in Indianapolis for a reason: it’s home. And though I’m not from the midwest at all, I felt like I fit in.

PATTERN’s internships are very independent, and you have a fair amount of control regarding what you take on. As a journalism intern, I immediately emailed as many creative people as I could about the possibility of interviewing them for a story. I emailed so many people that I kind of hoped some of them wouldn’t respond for the sake of my sanity. Most of them did.

I talked to entrepreneurs and artists of all kinds, from a costume designer to a hip hop artist. I went to Columbus, Indiana by myself to attend a national architecture symposium, I talked to a rock musician in a crowded restaurant before his concert the same night, and I interviewed a renowned NYC photographer on the phone about her inspiring “I Vote Because” project. I tried to say “yes” a lot and then just make it work.

As I did this, a few things started to happen. Firstly, I was doing so many interviews that I quickly became more comfortable with interviewing. And by “comfortable” I mean I still get sweaty and shaky when I interview people, but I know it’ll be just fine.

Secondly, I started to feel constantly inspired by the stories I was hearing. There’s nothing more heartwarming than listening to creative people talk passionately about what they love to do. I talked to a diverse range of people from all backgrounds– people I probably would never have a reason to interact with otherwise. As I left interviews, I felt like I was walking on air. If all these people could find a way to build creative lives, maybe I could too.

By now, I’ve written twenty-something stories for PATTERN’s website, and a tiny bit for the print magazine as well. I’ve formed friendships with the other intern and fellows, helped out on photoshoots and at the launch party, and had quite a bit of fun.

Above all, I’m thankful for the sheer amount of experience I’ve gained during this internship because with experience comes confidence. I don’t know what my future will be like, but now I feel like I’ll be able to handle it – and maybe even without sitting in the parking lot for 25 minutes beforehand.