What is Raikago? 

High-end fashion Streetwear can often be overpriced and not affordable for the everyday Joe. Luxury streetwear products can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. At Raikago, they want everyone to look and feel their best, and not having to break the bank doing so. Raikago Streetwear delivers high-quality unique fashion pieces that both males and females are able to wear. Besides being affordable, Raikago has a weekly sales page that is updated with weekly fashion pieces.

Raikago is passionate…

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Sole Sistas Shoe Brand 

Sole Sistas shoe brand is the brand that celebrates self-confidence and self-esteem and self-respect This brand was established the summer of 2019 and comprise of strap sandals and a leopard heels that can complement any fashion outfit that you wear. The shoes are made in Italy and there is free shipping worldwide.

Sole Sistas was created by Phyllis Dawkins who is a resident of North Carolina who came up with the name Sole Sistas as a brand for all walks of life no matter what nationality or background…

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TallSlim Tees: Not Just for the Big & Tall 

Now There Are Shirts For The Slim & Tall, Not Just The Big & Tall

People come in all shapes and sizes. Most people know this intuitively. That’s why all clothing and apparel brands offer their shirts and other products in a variety of sizes.

This realization also spawned a movement in the men’s fashion world by inspiring “big & tall” sized brands to sprout up. While this was a welcome development for many, others were asking what size options they had if they were tall but not big.

Now tall men who aren’t…

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Karukinka: One Step Further 

We have just launched our new product Kojniken Sweater. It is made with Polartec power stretch, 40% baby alpaca wool, 60% Marino wool. It has a side zipper to let the skin dry whenever you get sweaty and an upcycled leather tag. It comes only in black and will be customized to your fit after purchasing the product.

Who we are: We are Karukinka, who make sweaters for the people whom we love. We keep people warm with our sweaters. We are a new developing brand who want to bring a social change in the world as…

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Body By LaRen 

I am Erie LaRen a regular girl from Brooklyn New York Fashion is my passion. All my life I have struggled to find clothing for my body type. At the age of 12, I began to design my own clothing with the help of my aunt who was a master seamstress. I’ve learned the importance of helping people gain self-esteem through fashion. I’ve been a fashion stylist for over 10 years. For me helping curvy and plus size women were essential. By doing so I’ve been able to establish a brand – Body by LaRen.


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How Should Men Wear Rings? The Urban Gentleman Ring Guide 

A few Sundays ago, one of my best friends and I had a chance to catch up over breakfast at Venkmans Restaurant in Old Fourth Ward, Atlanta. We covered the usual stuff – relationships, business, travel, our dogs, and life. As he talked I noticed the additional adornment he was swaggin'… a few rings. He was giving off low-key  Lenny Kravtiz vibes. After telling me the story behind each one he asked how he should be wearing them– wondering if a few of the rings were too feminine or not. I gave him a few tips,…

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A Conversation with Indie pop band tri patterns 

When I started listening to tri patterns, a local Indie-pop band, and watched their new music video, I figured the three guys in the group were probably in their mid twenties. When I sat down to interview them and, amongst fits of laughter, they told me about their high school and middle school band days, I figured they were finishing up college. It turns out that all three members of the band are under the age of 21 and not yet old enough to attend many of the venues in which they perform. Through…

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