Express culture through live music, which will add economic value throughout the state.

When you travel to cities such as: New Orleans, Nashville, Memphis, Athens, Chicago, Austin, and New York you are able to experience the vibe of the city through musicians that are regularly gigging throughout these cities on a professional level. The main reason that these cities are able to accomplish this is because they have a competitive market for musicians there. Musicians train hard and value their craft and must compete for the respect of the  venues that are willing to pay them a liveable wage. 

These cities are bigger than most of our cities in our great state, but that doesn’t mean that we do not have something unique to offer. Our state has many cities that are filled with many talented artists, musicians, and performers that are not being utilized on a regular basis.

How Do We Achieve This


  • Our first step will be approaching venues, bars, restaurants, etc. and assess which ones “would like” to have live music available at their establishment.


  • After we assess this list, we would figure which establishments have the most potential.


  • After figuring establishments with the most potential, we will talk to them about their monthly budget toward entertainment.


  • After we figure out a monthly budget, we will figure out if they will need supplemental funds to support the artists.

Our job will be to make sure the artists are comfortable and that they are getting paid for their service. After that we would need to ensure that the venues are getting their money and time’s worth from this project. We may need to provide sound, lighting, and security at some establishments to ensure a pleasurable experience.

We will provide venues with talent from our roster, venues will be considered for subsidies from (501c3 non-profit) Strange Fruit Foundation. Venues will benefit by Strange Fruit Foundation covering the cost of artists' deposits, travel, and/or stipends as well as covering cost of the performances in some cases.