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Travis Scott & Kylie Jenner Indulge In A Little ‘Game Of Thrones’ Role Play For Instagram 

Over the weekend, Travis Scott hit Instagram to show his girl some much-needed affection.

In case you hadn’t heard, not too long ago, rumor was Kylie Jenner and her rockstar baby father hit a rough patch in their relationship. But recently, things seem to be all good, as Scott hit social media to gush about his girl the Game of Thrones way.

“House of Flame, Son of lord Jacques B Webster the 1st, Husband of the Goddess K🦋, Protector of the Seven Kingdoms, Blatt,” he wrote, posing in a medieval look only he could pull off.

Feeling the role play, Kylie commented under his series of photos “Oh lord Webster !!” and “Protect my realm.” We’re pretty sure we know what that means —start preparing for baby numero dos, as you check out Ser Scott’s GoT gear up top.

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Kanye West Takes His Sunday Service Congregation To Coachella 

Ever since co-signing Donald Trump’s MAGA madness that’s been tearing away at the fabric that is our democracy and turning political norms on it’s head, Kanye West has been making some interesting choices, including starting a weekly Sunday service in which he and his congregation praise the Lord in Yeezy fashion. Naturally, the service is an exclusive affair and held at a secret location in LA.

So when it was announced that Kanye would be taking his choir with him to Coachella to give the crowd a spiritual experience, we didn’t know what to expect but it has happened and of course, it was something to behold. Taking to a hilltop stage at a camping area of the festival, Kanye’s set began at nine in the morning, but Yeezus himself didn’t take to the mic until two hours later where he set things off with his ’04 classic cut “All Falls Down” before eventually debuting his new spiritually moving track “Water.” Rocking a new Easter-egg lavender colored wig piece and purple church getup, Ye rocked the crowd as only he can and gave attendees a show they’ll soon not forget.

Featuring guests like DMX, Chance The Rapper and Kid Cudi, Kanye’s set was filled with all kinds of surprises including an overwhelmed Yeezy getting all in his emotions and shedding tears.

Check out some videos of Kanye’s Sunday Service at Coachella below and let us know your thoughts.

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Sony Announces “God of War’ Doc “Raising Kratos” Commerating The Games Anniversary 

God of War

Source: PlayStation/Sony Santa Monica

PlayStation 4’s classic (debate your uncle) God of War shook the video game world when it was released last year April 20. To celebrate the games anniversary, Sony announced a new documentary Raising Kratos that will give fans a never before seen look at how the game came to life.

First teased on Friday (Apr 19), the documentary will feature commentary from the game’s director Cory Barlog as well as showing the mocap stars who played Freya, Atreus and the mythical ax throwing protagonist Kratos. Plus we will get to see hilarious shenanigans that took place with the rest of the Sony Santa Monica team as they came together to craft the masterpiece that is God of War.

Per PlayStation:

“It’s only fitting on the one-year Anniversary, we’re excited to share this peek behind the curtain of God of War’s very own Santa Monica Studio with a trailer for our upcoming film, Raising Kratos. This full-length feature documentary, coming very soon to PlayStation YouTube, is an exploration into the massive undertaking it took to change the course of the God of War franchise.”

Rasing Kratos has no release date as of yet, but the full-length feature definitely looks like something fans of God of War will appreciate. The PlayStation 4 exclusive which took Kratos from the world of Ancient Greece into the realm of Norse Mythology was well-received by the video game press and took home Game of The Year at the 2019 Video Game Awards besting Rockstar Games’ Western darling Red Dead Redemption 2, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and Celeste.

God of War also became PlayStation’s fastest selling exclusive moving an impressive  3.1 million units just three days after its release before Marvel’s Spider-Man swung past it. The reception to the game even brought Balrog to tears, and understandably so because it took years to bring the game to fruition and it delivered.

If you haven’t played God of War do yourself a favor and cop this game immediately, you’re doing yourself a disservice. For those who have,  watch the trailer for Raising Kratos below and try not to get a little teary eyed watching it. We will keep you updated on a release date when it is announced.

Photo: PlayStation/Sony Santa Monica

Meek Mill Deletes His IG After Tweeting He Was Done With Social Media 

Meek Mill Returns To Drais Nightclub

Source: Judy Eddy/ / WENN

Looks like Nipsey Hussle‘s death has affected how Meek Mill is going about his business as the Philadelphia representative has taken to Twitter to let everyone know he’s done with social media. Well, parts of social media anyway.

Last night the Dream Chaser’s head honcho took to Twitter to let his fans know that from here on out it’s “No social media … all real life!”

After posting that tweet, Meek then went on to delete his Instagram account to prove that he’s taking a break from the Internet and all the love and hate that comes with it.

For those who didn’t know, Meek and Nipsey had been working on a joint project just prior to his murder and it seems like the shock of that harsh reality has influenced Meek’s way of life for the foreseeable future…on Instagram only apparently. He’s since been tweeting like its business as usual about a range of things, including his absence on Instagram.

Well, at least his fans can interact with him via tweets. Something’s better than nothing.

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