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PoPo Got The Strap: NYPD Officer Told Cops To Shoot 50 Cent On Sight, Under Investigation 

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - January 09, 2019

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Seems like 50 Cent has at least one cop who wouldn’t mind putting a slug in him. Reportedly, an NYPD is under investigation for telling fellow officers to shoot the Queens rapper on sight.

Well damn.

Reports the New York Daily News:

A Brooklyn precinct commander is being investigated by the NYPD for allegedly threatening the celebrity’s life — telling his officers at a roll call to “shoot him on sight,” the Daily News has learned.

Deputy Inspector Emanuel Gonzalez, the commanding officer of the 72nd Precinct in Sunset Park, allegedly made the threat last June 7, when the actor and “In Da Club” rapper was expected to attend an NYPD sanctioned boxing match in the Bronx.

During a roll call inside the 72nd Precinct stationhouse, Gonzalez told his officers if they saw 50 Cent at the boxing match, known as a smoker, they should “shoot him on sight,” a source with knowledge of the case said.

“The inspector just said that at roll call,” the source said. “I’m like WTF.”

Guess that Blue Wall of Silence isn’t so quiet. The Internal Affairs Bureau is investigating the incident.

But the real struggle is why Gonzalez suggested cops put a cap in the rapper. 50 Cent was talking ish on Instagram, and his followers came for Gonzalez.

A month before the roll call, Gonzalez filed an aggravated harassment complaint, claiming 50 Cent threatened him on Instagram.

The entertainer was commenting on a lawsuit first reported in the Daily News accusing Gonzalez of shaking down the owner of the Sunset Park club Love and Lust — one of 50 Cent’s favorite haunts — when he wrote “Get the strap,” a slang term for “get a gun.”

In the complaint he filed in the department, Gonzalez said several of 50 Cent’s 18 million followers responded with their own threats against the precinct leader, including “F–k this commander” and “Blast this fool,” leaving him “in fear of his safety.”

Read more about Gonzalez and his rift with Love and Lust over at the New York Daily News. And we suggest 50 Cent sit this one out when it comes to clowning NYPD honchos on IG.

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Police Sources Say Jussie Smollett Orchestrated Attack, Actor Says The Perps Are Lying 


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The details surrounding the alleged racist and homophobic attack on Jussie Smollett continue to further evolve (or devolve) into extreme messiness. According to sources in the Chicago PD, the authorities now have evidence that makes it seem like the Empire actor “orchestrated” the attack on himself.

Basically, those two Black guys who know Smollett and were questioned by cops, pointed their fingers at the actor.

Reports CNN:

Two law enforcement sources with knowledge of the investigation tell CNN that Chicago Police believe actor Jussie Smollett paid two men to orchestrate an assault on him that he reported late last month.

Smollett denies playing a role in his attack, according to a statement from his attorneys.
The men, who are brothers, were arrested Wednesday but released without charges Friday after Chicago police cited the discovery of “new evidence.”

The sources told CNN the two men are now cooperating fully with law enforcement.

Reportedly there is evidence that the brothers purchased the rope that was found around Smolletts neck.

As we’ve come to the he said, they said portion of the drama, Twitter has plenty of opinions. Peep some of the loudest in the gallery.

Don Cheadle Rocked ‘Protect Trans Kids’ Tee On ‘SNL’ & Trump Is Big Mad, Twitter Reacts 

Saturday Night Live - Season 44

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Don Cheadle hosted last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live and won the Internet in the process. Not only did his “Protect Trans Kids” tee shirt win praise, he expertly trolled President Trump, who happens to be big mad at SNL, again. 

The renowned actor rocked the tee before introducing music guest Gary Clark, Jr. He didn’t even say anything about it, and the message was sent.

Then during the close of the show, Cheadle rocked a Russia hockey jersey with the name Trump (with a backward “R”, no less) on the back and the no. 45. This man is now legend.

As for Cheeto, he’s big mad that Saturday Night Live gets to mock him because, ya know, the first amendment. Go figure.

Peep the reactions in the gallery.


Dave Chappelle Personally Delivers Show Tickets To Couple Hit With Scam 

Jon Stewart & Dave Chappelle in Dublin

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Dave Chappelle and his stand-up appearances are without a doubt a hot ticket no matter where he’s performing, and a Charlotte couple tried to score big for Chappelle’s Valentine’s Day show. After getting scammed out of $500 on Craigslist, Chappelle personally delivered the tickets to the victims and even kicked it with them a bit.

Local outlet WBTV reports:

On Thursday night, Dave Chappelle hand-delivered tickets to his Valentine’s Day comedy show to a Charlotte couple who were scammed out of hundreds of dollars trying to purchase the tickets on Craigslist.

Not only did Chappelle hand-deliver the tickets, he sat down to chat with the couple and took time to take pictures with several people in the hotel restaurant.

On Wednesday, WBTV reported that a south Charlotte wife and mother claimed she paid a seller on Craigslist hundreds of dollars for tickets to see comedian Dave Chappelle at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, but never received the tickets.

Deidra Dickens thought she scored the deal of a lifetime on Craiglist to surprise her husband, Eddie, who is a huge fan of the comedian. However, the whole thing was a sham but Chappelle managed to save the day.

In video captured by the news outlet, Chappelle had dinner with the couple and posed for flicks for fans in a big-time show of class and grace. Way to go, Dave Chappelle.

Happy Valentine’s Day indeed.

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50 Cent Tells Teairra Mari To Pay Up $30K, Gets Called Rat In Response 

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - January 09, 2019

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The legal battle between 50 Cent and Teairra Mari regarding the revenge porn matter has since been settled with the reality show star ordered to pay Fif’s legal fees. After the G-Unit boss threw a petty shot on Instagram regarding the $30,000 owed, Mari fired back with a shot of her own calling 50 a rat.

Fif has been throwing his usual subtle shots via his Instagram page towards Mari about the money, but it appears the one that got her to respond was his most recent jab.

“B*tch if you don’t give me my motherf*cking Money, what’s taking you so long? Oh you ain’t got no mone,” read the caption to an image of a grinning 50 Cent and Mari from the press conference regarding the revenge porn matter.

Mari hit back by posting an image of Tekashi 6ix9ine and 50 inside a club with the caption reading, “Now I understand why you son’d #6ix9nine you instilled the Daddy habit, Curtisssss 🐀 🐀🐀🐀🐀 🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀@monascottyoung I need an advance @50cent is L👀king 4 me.”

Knowing how 50 Cent gets down, everyone knew he wasn’t going to let that jab go and posted an image of Mona Scott captioned, “Hey @monascottyoung this lil b*tch @misstmariii better give me my money. She Saying she need a advance give me a call lady, 😉looking good.”

Yeah, this can only get worse at this point.

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Chicago Police Arrest 2 Black Men Suspected In Jussie Smollett Attack 

Jussie Smollett Performs At The Troubadour - West Hollywood, CA

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A pair of Black men who worked as extras on the set of Empire were arrested Friday in connection to the attack on Jussie Smollett. Cast members say that brothers Ola and Abel Osundairo were actually friendly with Smollett and are pro-LGBTQ and anti-Trump.

TMZ reports:

We’ve spoken with “Empire” cast and crew, and they say Ola and Abel Osundairo do not fit the profile of racists and homophobes — not even close. As we reported, both men have been extras on “Empire” for years and both are friendly with Jussie, and Abel is especially close to him. We’re told Jussie would frequently approach the brothers on set and chat about health and fitness.

The folks we’ve spoken with say they find it impossible to believe Ola and Abel have the DNA of criminals who would carry out the acts that Jussie describes — and obviously cops now believe that as well.

Police arrested the brothers for battery Friday after cops raided their home Wednesday and seized a long list of items, including several bottles of bleach. However, late Friday Chicago PD released the brothers due to “new evidence” gathered from their interrogation … and said they’re no longer suspects.

Smollett has stated that his attackers were white, thus the arrest of the brothers may have just been a formality to eliminate them as suspects.

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Tamar Braxton Wins ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, Is The U.S. Version’s First Black Winner 

Tamar Braxton Is The FIrst Black U.S. 'Celebrity Big Brother' Winner

Source: CBS Photo Archive / Getty

Tamar Braxton has been going through it, but she has something to celebrate about. The singer/reality star won the second season of Celebrity Big Brother Wednesday night (Feb.13) becoming the first Black winner of the  U.S. version of the show.

Won’t he do it?

Braxton beat former NFL running back Ricky Williams in a unanimous vote 9-0 putting her in elite company. No one has earned a clean sweep of jury votes since season 10 when Dan Gheesling who is considered to the greatest Big Brother player of all time.

With her victory, Tamar Braxton will take home $250,000 in prize money while Williams walks away with $50,000 for being the runner up. It was her passionate explanation that helped her seal the deal and walk away on top.

“I am a huge fan of this show. I played the game to the best of my ability,” she explained. “I lost my job publicly in front of everybody. I lost my husband. . . And I almost lost my life.” 

Braxton has seen better days she lost her co-hosting job on daytime talk show The Real back in 2016. She went through a highly publicized and messy divorce with her ex-husband Vince Herbert one year later. Recently the singer revealed on The Wendy Williams Show that she was molested as a child so this win couldn’t have come at a better time for her.

While playing on the show, Braxton won Head of Household competition and one Power of Veto competition giving her complete control and power of the game. Her many confrontations with other houseguests Olympian Lolo Jones comedian Tom Green and Kandi Burress were all over the internet. We are extremely happy for Tamar, you can watch the moment she was announced as the winner below.

Photo: CBS Photo Archive / Getty

Lil Uzi Vert & Playboi Carti “Left Right,” Casanova “Like Me” & More | Daily Visuals 2.15.19 

Casanova 2x

Source: Xilla Valentine / NoKable

Not too long ago Lil Uzi Vert said he was about through with the rap game and was about to hang up the mic, but until he does he’s still going to get this money and drop new material to get it.

Today the Philadelphia rapper links up with ATL’s Playboi Carti in the clip for “Left Right” where the two get baked on a blunt while stunting with a sky blue Beamer in a back alley. Riding high to the sky.

Casanova meanwhile takes over pledge week at a college in ATL and show them how they bust moves in Brooklyn for the visual to “Like Me.”

Check out the rest of today’s drops including work from Soulja Boy, Danielle Brooks, and more.












‘Fortnite’ Lawsuits Looking Shaky: Copyright Office Says Nah To Alfonso Ribeiro Registering “Carlton Dance” 

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Source: NBC / Getty

Epic Games has been getting slapped left and right with lawsuits for jacking dances and incorporating them in the game. Alfonso Ribiero who was on the sue Fortnite wave just suffered a massive L trying to copyright the “Carlton Dance.”

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Ribiero application to copyright the “Carlton Dance” has been denied. According to the US Copyright Office, it’s just “simple dance routine” putting it beyond the protections of the s102(4) Copyright Act 1976 that requires dances to be “a related series of dance movements and patterns organized into a coherent whole.

So for the “Carlton Dance” to be copyrighted, that would mean basic movements would be copyrightable meaning everyone could be sued. Now, this does not imply that Ribiero’s lawsuit is outright cooked, but this does make Epic Games’ case even stronger against those who are trying to get their coins from the video game studio.

Epic Games is also trying to get 2 Milly’s lawsuit thrown out according to Kotaku claiming the emote is too short to be copyrighted and that the “Swipe It” is different from the “Milly Rock.” But we all know that is not true, we do hope Epic decides to do the right thing and break everyone off with some of that $3 billion in profit the game brought in last year.

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Black History Month Beef: Zora Neale Hurston vs. Richard Wright 

Portrait of Zora Neale Hurston

Source: Donaldson Collection / Getty

Though regarded today as one of the seminal figures of the Harlem Renaissance and the overall evolution of Black literature, Zora Neale Hurston was treated as somewhat of a polarizing figure while alive.

Born in Alabama in late 1891, Hurston became a talented novelist and playwright, but her work was routinely scrutinized by the surrounding community of Black writers and activists alike.

Richard Wright, a Mississippi native, poet, novelist and non-fiction author, was one of many Black writers who criticized Hurston. Wright scoffed at Hurston’s 1937 novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God, because it didn’t focus on race and instead centered around feminism and sensuality, as told through the voice of the novel’s protagonist, Janie Crawford, a thrice-married fair-skinned Black woman in her 40’s living in rural Florida.

In his review, Wright condemned the novel as lacking a message, and a theme. “Miss Hurston can write, but her prose is cloaked in that facile sensuality that has dogged Negro expression since the days of Phillis Wheatley,” he wrote. “Her dialogue manages to catch the psychological movements of the Negro folk-mind in their pure simplicity, but that’s as far as it goes.”

Wright also accused Hurston of continuing a “forced tradition” of Black writers using “minstrel techniques” to pander to whites. “Her novel is not addressed to the Negro, but to a white audience whose chauvinistic tastes she knows how to satisfy.”

Their Eyes Were Watching God earned positive reviews from white mainstream media, and overwhelmingly negative reactions from Black writers including Wright, Ralph Ellison, Alain Locke, and Otis Ferguson.

Portrait of Richard Wright

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Hurston pushed back at the criticism. “I am not interested in the race problem,” she explained. “But I am interested in the problems of individuals, white ones and black ones.”

In 1938, Hurston reviewed Wright’s novel Uncle Tom’s Children. She was less than impressed writing that the novel was “so grim that the Dismal Swamp of race hatred must be where they live.” Hurston concluded that Wright’s book was full of “hatreds” and null of “sympathy.”

“With his facility, one wonders what he would have done had he dealt with plots that touched the broader and more fundamental phases of Negro life instead of confining himself to the spectacular.”

Wright’s best-selling novel, Native Son, was released in 1940. A year later, the FBI began surveilling Wright due to his affiliation with the Communist Party.

Meanwhile, Hurston was not easily intimidated, but her refusal to cave to the racial uplift movement championed by W.E.B. DuBois, likely affected the sales of Their Eyes Were Watching God. The novel went out of print shortly after its release in 1937 and remained out of print until 1978.

RELATED: Black History Month Beef: Booker T. Washington vs. W.E.B. DuBois

DuBois was one of the more notable, and possibly most dedicated, of Hurston’s critics. The two exchanged multiple critiques and criticisms of each other’s work throughout the years. Hurston didn’t shy from sharing her opinions, no matter how unpopular. In 1955, she penned an article blasting the Brown vs. the Board of Education ruling as “insulting.” Of the Supreme Court verdict that opened the door to integration, Hurston wondered, “How much satisfaction can I get from a court order for somebody to associate with me who does not wish me near them?”

By that point in her career, Hurston was prepared for the inevitable backlash. “Now a great clamor will arise in certain quarters that I seek to deny the Negro children of the South their rights, and therefore I am one of those ‘handkerchief-head niggers’ who bow low before the white man and sell out my own people out of cowardice,” she wrote. “However an analytical glance will show that that is not the case. If there are not adequate Negro schools in Florida and there is some residual, some inherent and unchangeable quality in white schools, impossible to duplicate anywhere else, then I am the first to insist that Negro children of Florida be allowed to share the boon. But if there are adequate Negro schools and prepared instructors and instructions, then there is nothing different except the present of white people.”

Wright and Hurston never had an official truce moment. Hurston continued to write dozens of essays, poems, articles and novels, one of which became the recently-released novel Barracoon chronicling the life of Cujo Lewis, one of the last former slaves stolen from Africa and forced into the U.S. in 1860. Hurston also covered the trial of Ruby McCollum, a wealthy Black Floridian convicted in 1952 of killing a racist white doctor. The final years of her life found Hurston penniless and alone and battling health problems.

Much of her work didn’t become popular until after her death.

Wright moved Paris in the late 1940s, but sought to remain in the good graces of the U.S. government in order to stay in France. He eventually became a citizen of the country.  Wright published dozens of novels, essays and other non-fiction works well into the late 1950s, and traveled between Europe, Asia and Africa. He spent the remainder of his life in Paris, along with his wife, Ellen Poplar, and their two daughters.

Ironically enough, Wright and Hurston both died in 1960 from heart-related issues.