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Kittycoin Token – Is it Dogecoin 2.0? Why Kittycoin is set to Skyrocket in 2021 

Just like Dogecoin, Kittycoin is a fun meme-based cryptocurrency that recently came into play in the cryptocurrency market. While its main aim is to promote fast, cheap, and reliable yet safe online transactions, Kittycoin also contributes a great deal to philanthropy. The Kittycoin website has a range of crypto wallet applications alongside their set-up tutorials. As such, in case you want to use Kittycoin, you'll first need to download a crypto wallet that is compatible with your device. Some of the benefits of the Kittycoin token include:

No Charges for Entry

Unlike most other cryptocurrencies that charge a sign-up fee, Kittycoin allows you to get started without paying a dime. This not only caters to prospective users who can't afford a starting fee but also promotes mainstream user adoption of this cryptocurrency.

Free Tokens for Every New User

Apart from a free sign-up, Kittycoin also offers you about 1000 tokens at no cost once you get started. With these tokens, you can start conducting online transactions, mining, and even investing. Take note that this offer is only valid until Kittycoin gains a substantial number of users. Additionally, the number of tokens will be reducing as more users sign up for Kittycoin, and hence, signing up early will give you an advantage.
Supports Animals

Through mining, investment, and transactions, Kittycoin gains a new supply of tokens, 10% of which goes to philanthropic activities. More specifically, this portion is donated to animal shelters and rescues that are voted upon by Kittycoin users. It helps both abandoned animals in shelters as well as endangered species in animal parks and reserves. From this, more animals get to enjoy a safe and conducive environment.

Fast and Affordable Transactions

Kittycoin offers fast, cheap, and safe online transactions to its users. To give you an idea, you can complete a transaction instantly and only incur less than a penny.

Affiliate Marketing Program

Typically, marketing is crucial for any business, including cryptocurrency investment. Even so, marketing Kittycoin is a bit difficult considering there's no single entity that controls it. To solve this problem, Kittycoin has a built-in affiliate marketing program that allows you to invite your friends and earn 1000 Kittycoin tokens worth of a commission for every successful referral. This promotes mainstream user adoption of this cryptocurrency.

Mining is Possible with Readily Available Equipment

Cryptocurrency mining involves the use of special equipment that can burn a lot of electricity to provide the high processing power required. This can be expensive, especially if you're just starting. Considering low electricity costs can help maximize your profits on cryptocurrency, per the Corporate Finance Institute (CFI), ensure your equipment does not use a lot of power. Thankfully, Kittycoin has a "Proof of Activity" mining method that allows you to mine Kittycoins with your PC or phone. This way, you won't have to incur high costs of purchasing special mining equipment.


These are some of the benefits of the Kittycoin token in the cryptocurrency market as well as the society. With a compatible crypto wallet, you simply need to sign up at no cost to join the Kittycoin community.

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Trump Supporter Rapper Bestowed With “Kodak Black Day” In Florida 

Kodak Black and Friends

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Florida is going to Florida, on all levels. Trump-supporting rapper Kodak Black was just honored with “Kodak Black Day” in the Sunshine State.

A TMZ reports, June 11 is now Kodak Black Day in Broward County.

Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness presented Kodak with the proclamation, stating June 11 will forever be known as a day honoring the rapper.

Holness bestowed the honor on Kodak Friday at a charity basketball tourney in Coral Springs.

Kodak was clearly moved, saying the proclamation means more to him than any platinum album.  The proclamation lists some of Kodak’s charitable work and personal accomplishments over the last few years.

The basketball tournament raised $5k to benefit the Lippman Youth Shelter.

Hey, we can’t be mad at the charity work (the proclamation give him props for his myriad of donations that include diapers, turkeys, and toys), so kudos for that.

Recently, he pleaded guilty to first-degree assault in sexual assault case he was facing in South Carolina and managed to duck a possible 10-year sentence, which has been suspended. He is currently on probation because of it, though.

As for rocking with Donald Trump, Kodak has been extra grateful to the Orange Overload since he pardoned the rapper at the end of his one term as POTUS. The rapper served about two years of a 46-month sentence for federal firearms charges.

But don’t expect Trump to donate to any of the causes Kodak has been getting props for since they won’t be benefitting him in anyway, just saying.



Pooh Shiesty To Remain Behind Bars After Judge Revokes His Bond [Video] 

Onyx Monday Nights Hosted By Gucci Mane

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

One of Hip-Hop’s rising stars might not have the bright future he had hoped for. A judge has revoked Pooh Shiesty’s bond thus mandating him to remain in jail.

Things are not looking good for the New 1017 Records talent. On Tuesday, June 8 the “Back In Blood” rapper surrendered himself to court to face charges that claim he participated in a shooting at the King Of Diamonds gentlemen’s club in Miami during Memorial Day weekend. He faced Judge Venzer, the same magistrate he saw for his 2020 shooting case, who apparently did not take this second appearance lightly as she did the first. She is quoted as saying “there is not a chance I am giving this kid a bond right now”. She also mandated that he stay away from KOD as well. In the court appearance he is shown wearing a green jail gown which is commonly associated with Miami Dade County inmates who are suicidal.

The man born Lontrell Williams is accused of shooting a security guard in the leg as he was trying to exit the establishment on May 30. Video footage later surfaced on Instagram showing in what seems to be a tense situation between him and fans while on stage. The clip claims someone swiped about $40,000 dollars from his pants pocket while at the club but he later denied the rumor saying “FALSE ALLEGATIONS NOTHING NEVER BEEN TOOK FROM ME” he wrote in the caption.

If convicted he could face 20 years if convicted.


Jordan Baumstark shares visuals for “Diamond Cutter” [video] 

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

St. Louis artist Jordan Baumstark‘s new single “Diamond Cutter” comes with its accompanying visual, the single is his second single this year. The self-produced track flips a classic soul sample and layers over punchy boom bap drums to produce the perfect backdrop for the rapper’s vivid lyrics about his life.

The visuals shot by Kreative Child blends several clips from the past and juxtaposes them with performance shots of Baumstark in different scenes. Baumstark adds that the idea of the song is to bring something new to the forefront while giving respect to the legends that laid the foundation.

Stream “Diamond Cutter” HERE.
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Top instrumental submissions EP2 June 2021 

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Zigg Zag – “The Shogun (Tsushima Remix)”

Long Island, NY based produced Zigg Zag shares “The Shogun (Tsushima Remix)” a fusion of Japanese musical elements and boom-trap grooves. He also throws in some vocal samples from Hokuto-Shinken for good measure.

This is the remix to 2020’s “Tsushima” from his album Blue Dream.




Lubin Beta – “Swing”

Swiss producer Lubin Beta takes us into the lo fi world on “Swing” where he fuses jazz elements with the aforementioned genre sensibilities. From the soft keys, warm textures, and smooth grooves, he sure delivers something soulful and engaging

Get it on Soundcloud.


Capsvl – “Hop in There’s Room”


Capsvl’s “Hop in There’s Room” is a laidback moody beat ripe with smooth basslines, crunchy drum grooves, and lush textures. It is quite brief but gets the job done.



Dude – “Invader”

Dude shares his new release “Invader” where he makes use of airy and atmospheric synths and arpeggios layered over upbeat punchy drums. The production has a mix of pop and electronic elements.






Sïckö goes for a guitar-laden vibe on his new release “BLESSINGS.” The beat is quite dynamic and also has some somber keys as it progresses.


monk. – “Night Terror”


Monk‘s new release “Night Terror” is a laidback jam that fuses jazz and moody electronic/hip-hop elements. The drums are punchy, the keys are somber and the horns are reflective as well.
Get it on Deezer





Johny Holiday – “Sea Salt”


We got something new from Johny Holiday in the form of this mid-tempo instrumental titled “Sea Salt.” From punchy boom-bap drums, engulfing cinematic textures, and ethereal horns, the track sure keeps the listener locked in from start to finish.





Slxt – “Distant (Instrumental)”


Producer Slxt shares new single “Distant (Instrumental)” where he blends lush somber guitar riffs, moody textures over punchy trap drums
Get it on Apple Music//Deezer



Dirty D – “Breezy”


Sax player/producer Dirty D comes through with “Breezy” a blend of smooth horns and booming trap drums. Quite unexpected but it works like a charm for us




eu93ne – “Squid”


Swiss producer eu93ne makes his entry on our list with this relaxing and soothing piece titled “Squid.” Bolstered by soft keys, lush guitars and sublime vocals hum over smooth drum grooves, the producer eases the mind and takes us into the comfort zone.



DaMarcus VanBuren – “Timeless – Instrumental Version”


Indie producer DaMarcus VanBuren shows us his skill behind the boards on his new release titled “Timeless” over punchy trap drums, he blends soothing flutes and thick basslines to deliver something we all can rock with.

Get it on Apple Music//Deezer// Soundcloud



Bensa Beats – “Freshly Baked”


Bensa Beats serves up some dopeness on “Freshly Baked” as he blends classic boom-bap with jazzy elements. From the soft keys, ethereal horns, and punchy drums, Bensa Beats delivers the goods.
Get it on Apple Music//Deezer//Soundcloud






Mills – “Inertia”


Mills is not green to TWIB and once again he gifts us with a solid release titled “Inertia.” The track is a moody and melodic tune ripe with atmospheric strings, textures, and melancholic keys that blend perfectly over soft drums.
The single showcases Mills’ wide array of musical influences, with jazz keys akin to FKJ, alongside synth build-ups similar to Disclosure and drum beats drawing from that of Kaytranada, all marrying together for a distinctly unique sonic experience.





NXRTH ROAD shares the first track from his new ep, the track is titled “Lost” and it’s a laidback melancholic piece. It makes use of somber textures, synths, obscure vocal samples, and booming trap drums to complete the job.
Get it on Apple Music//Deezer




debeats1492 – “Fear of Failure”


Emerging producer debeats1492 goes for that big Louisiana/Texas type sounds on his new release “Fear of Failure.” From the boomy kicks, snapping drums, and ethereal synths, he delivers the goods.
Get it on Apple Music//Deezer







HUMAN BOOT PROJECT is a Japanese electronic producer/remixer who help close this week’s list with his new single titled “The Big Beggar.” The track is ripe with punchy big drums, rousing grooves, and lush arps with a cinematic sound design to tie things up. This is quite engaging and keeps the listener locked from start to finish.
Get it on Apple Music//Soundcloud

Ominous Words, Abstract Rude , Zen of the Visionaries and Thoughtsarizen team up for “Cali Soul” 

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

Ominous Words‘s new release “Cali Soul” is a solid posse cut featuring Abstract RudeZen of the Visionaries, and Thoughtsarizen. The record taps into the spirit of the city of angels and its overall global vibe. Each emcee contributes their own perspective over the upbeat soulful production courtesy of Akil of Jurassic 5 and LD who performs some excellent cuts on the hook.



Get “Cali Soul” on Apple Music//Deezer


Keep up with Ominous Words | Instagram

Migos “Avalanche,” Cordae ft. Young Thug “Wassup” & More | Daily Visuals 6.11.21 

Last night the Migos returned to the rap game with the drop of their latest LP Culture III, so naturally to accompany the release the three-man group drop some visuals in support of their latest effort.

Having debuted their latest single “Avalanche” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the ATL trio now come through with some visuals for the cut in which they keep that Blues Brothers vibe poppin’ with matching suits and fedoras in the studio while they lay it down on the cut.

From the studio to the underground, Cordae gets ready to put hands on his rivals in his Young Thug assisted clip to “Wassup” where Fight Club is the name of the game and the young rapper is feelin’ froggy!

Check out the rest of today’s drops including work from Kodak Black, Sean Paul, and more.









Hip-Hop Wired Presents: CRT FRSH [Certified Fresh] Playlist 6.11.21 

Portrait Of Young Man Standing Against Colored Wall

Source: Antonio Ovejero / EyeEm / Getty

We at Hip-Hop Wired pride ourselves on being fully immersed in the music of the culture we rep proudly. Part of our duty as a publication and crew is to school the masses on who is doing what musically and there’s no better way to do that beyond our CRT FRSH (Certified Fresh) bi-weekly playlist.

We open up this week’s playlist with the Migos marking their return with Culture III, and the Drake-assisted “Having Our Way” track, which caught some ears for reasons that have already been documented time and again. We follow that with the return of Tina Snow aka Megan Thee Stallion and her high-powered summer anthem “Thot Sh*t” and we added Kodak’s “Feelin’ Peachy” from his Happy Birthday Kodak project.

We then take it to Memphis with Gucci Mane and Pooh Shiesty showing off definitive chemistry on “Like 34 & 8,” a clever nod to Shaquille O’Neal and the late, great Kobe Bryant. Lil Durk and Lil Baby’s Voice Of The Heroes recently dropped and the title track shows off how great these two legends in the making sound together. We also want to give Lil Yachty a strong shout for taking it to Michigan and tapping in with the state’s rising talent and matching the manic style of Detroit’s Tee Grizzley on the track “Dynamic Duo” from the Michigan Boy Boat project.

We also feature CRT FRSH past inductees such as Chris Crack, frequent collaborator U.G.L.Y. Boy Modeling, L.A.Z (formerly of Clear Soul Forces), DirtyDiggs, Skyzoo, IDK, GoldLink, French Montana, Rome Streetz, ANKLEJOHN, Akai Solo, Mavi, Sideshow, Fly Anakin, and many more.

Check out the flyness below. See you again in two weeks!

Photo: Getty

Outside All Summer: Dr. Dre Is Officially A Single Man 

Dr. Dre

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

It seems one of Dr. Dre’s biggest projects is finally complete. His divorce to his long-time wife is finally complete.

As spotted on TMZ the legendary producer officially has formally ended his marriage to Nicole Young. According to the celebrity news site the judge presiding over their case has approved the break up thus legally ending their marriage of almost 25 years. While we are sure that Dre took the judgement as good news this is far from the end of his battle with his child’s mother.

This recent decision only speaks to their legal separation but does not conclude their prenuptial agreement woes. According to Nicole she signed the papers prior to their holy union but she alleges the Compton rapper had tore up it in front of her after forcing her to sign it. “Andre acknowledged to me that he felt ashamed he had pressured me into signing a premarital agreement and he tore up multiple copies of the agreement in front of me. Since the day he tore up the agreements, we both understood that there was no premarital agreement, and that it was null and void” is her side of the story. But Andre claims he never coerced her to sign it nor did he ever tear up any of the copies.

The pending decision will not only give rule on whether Nicole gets a prenuptial payout but also who gets what in terms of their joint real estate properties. Dre is represented by the same lawyer who is handling Kim Kardashian’s divorce from Kanye West.

Photo: Bernard Smalls

J. Rhodes’ Hip-Hop Musical ‘It’s A Wonderful Plight’ Aims To Shake Up Audiences 

J. Rhodes

Source: J. Rhodes / Handout

A year after the unrest of 2020, there’s many who are wondering where all those allies that popped up back then are now. A new film that’s the brainchild of an award-winning producer looks to answer that question.

J. Rhodes (born Justin Rhodes), whose musical production work includes teaming up with Dr. Dre, Black Thought, Rick Ross and many more is the main force behind the film It’s A Wonderful Plight. The film is billed as a Hip-Hop musical that focuses on a young white man in Dallas, Texas named Scott (played by Brian Shorkey) who gets called out for his professed love of Hip-Hop and Black culture hiding his own hidden prejudices and appropriation. He gets shown the error of his ways due to help from a “woke spirit” named Josef the Hotep (played by Rhodes). Along the way, the film gives viewers an in-depth look at Black American history, with reenactments that touch upon figures from Dr. Martin Luther King to Tupac Shakur and even showcasing tragic deaths by police such as Botham Jean’s with insight and sharp wit. The producer laughingly refers to it as “A Christmas Carol meets Hamilton“.

“The beauty of the film is that it tells a story told a thousand times, in a way that has never been told before.  That’s extremely tough to do & I’m proud to be a part of the team that executed such greatness,” says J. Rhodes. This is on the heels of his Vintage Rhodes Productions creating short films that gained acclaim at the American Black Film Festival and other showcases since 2016. The film has already gotten rave reviews since being in limited release last year, landing on USA TODAY‘s list of films to see this summer.

It’s A Wonderful Plight will be available to view on Amazon Prime on June 15. Peep the trailer below.