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Guapdad 4000 Breaks Down New ‘Platinum Falcon Returns’ EP, Expanding His Artistry & More 

Guapdad 4000

Source: Paul Middleton / Warner Music

Guapdad 4000 doesn’t appear to be an artist concerned with fitting in with whatever works in today’s frenzied musical climate. In fact, the West Oakland superstar in the making has actually found his footing by defying every convention heaved upon him and that’s especially true with his latest release, Platinum Falcon Returns.

Guapdad 4000

Source: Paul Middleton / Warner Music

Hip-Hop Wired had the privilege of speaking with the 28-year-old Bay Area native on the eve of the release of his latest EP, Platinum Falcon Returns, which is out Friday (August 14). While April’s The Plantium Falcon Tape Vol. 1 was well-received by way of Guapdad’s tongue-in-cheek cleverness and somber wit, he tells us that he’s aiming to do more with the Platinum Falcon series and expand the depths of his artistry.

“I didn’t want to push for urban, or, you know, that whole part of the industry when you got a fun record and you want that to be like ‘put some money behind it’ and give it to radio. I just didn’t wanna do none of that,” Guapdad said of his intentions for Platinum Falcon Returns.

“I personally didn’t give a f*ck about that type of music even though I love the songs [from The Platinum Falcon Tape Vol. 1]. We was out protesting…like I’m out there with my momma and my little sister, we doing charity, it wasn’t no way we was finna drop a twerk anthem, you feel me,” Guapdad clarified.

Guapdad 4000

Source: Paul Middleton / Warner Music

Given that Guapdad was dialed in on trying to give a bit more introspection and thoughtfulness to the current release, he didn’t seem worried about losing loyal listeners who expect his big personality to always dictate the mood of the music.

“I’m expecting a good response from the fans because my music has always existed in its own space in partnership with my personality. They never match up. They probably only match up on a couple of records or maybe moments in the record when I say some outlandish sh*t. But really, I’m way more musically inclined than my personality would have you believe,” he stated.

Guapdad’s stance on where he’s taking his listeners would likely spark some concern from his longtime fans but Platinum Falcon Returns opens with “Little Scammer That Could,” a high-energy track featuring Guapdad’s longtime compatriot Denzel Curry, who brings his usual splendor to the moment. In essence, things remain fresh and familiar all at once.

As heard in grand detail on the previous release, Platinum Falcon Returns isn’t content with sticking to one sonic formula as “Home Of The Brave” distinctly shifts the direction of the project immediately, this time employing melody in his delivery, something he’s done before but this time doing so with conviction. Guapdad, in his words, wanted to create something “more vibey” and to serve as a soundtrack to a long drive or the low-key kickback.

Guapdad 4000

Source: Paul Middleton / Warner Music

We also spoke about “Home Of The Brave,” and while it thematically sounded like a track for him to rattle off details about his scamming past, he assured us there’s more to it.

“I’m just talking about when I was honestly trappin’, and my place as a scammer and where I belonged in America,” he shared. “It takes bravery to commit a crime, and they say this is the ‘Land of the Free, Home of the Brave,’ and you’re free to do crime if you feel like it but you’re brave in a way because you don’t belong anywhere.”

Getting more into the themes on the album, Guapdad broke down the lyrics to “Orgasm Full Of Pain,” featuring the talented Deante’ Hitchcock.

“‘Orgasm Full Of Pain’ was just how I was trying to describe gentrification,” Guapdad. said. “People come in, it’s so beautiful, it’s so robust, all the innovations are so nice but it’s full of pain because everybody that was there before is gone.”

If confidence is the sword and shield of the modern rapper, then Guapdad 4000 has clearly armed himself properly as he forges ahead. Without a hint of cockiness or overblown self-assuredness, Guapdad answered with sincerity about his creative process and what inspires his art.

“Honestly? I inspire myself. I like being saucy, being a saucy n*gga. That’s hella motivating to me,” he said.

Hella saucy, indeed.

Near the conclusion of the interview, Guapdad detailed that a final release in the Platinum Falcon series is forthcoming in 2020, and will be a full-length album instead of the EP format of the previous drops. He added that he plans to go full-speed with the creative side of things as he brings the concept to final fruition in the form of a trilogy.

Platinum Falcon Returns features production from Guapdad’s longtime producer James Delgado, with contributions from BRYVN, Fonzi, Kal Banx, Mosley, and Nascent.

The album is available across all DSPs and we’ve got the streams listed out below. For the full list of DSPs, please click here.

This interview shortened for clarity and length.

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Vyle Ft. HPrizm “SANS TORSION” (Audio) 

By msavino Word Is Bond

Vyle and HPrizm team up for a classic Hip Hop flow in “SANS TORSION.” The single is off Vyle’s 11-track ‘Her Complacence is Violence’ project.

The knocking bass and innovative wordplay set the tone for an authentic piece of Hip-Hop. The lyrics pay homage to Brooklyn and mention bloodlines and crossing the same blocks that Biggie built dreams on.

The duo set off an infectious head-nodding vibe throughout all of New York’s boroughs. Stream “SANS TORSION” above.

Machine Gun Kelly “Concert For Aliens,” Blueface ft. Trucarr “Outside (Remix)” & More | Daily Visuals 8.14.20 

Machine Gun Kelly on The Breakfast Club

Source: Power 105 / Power 105

A few years ago when Machine Gun Kelly shocked the rap world and released a devastating diss track towards Eminem, it seemed like the Cleveland rapper was ready to establish himself as one of the hardest white rappers to ever step into the game. Now all this time later, MGK has decided to switch it up a bit and is carving out his own niche in a new music genre.

In his latest visuals to “Concert For Aliens,” Machine Gun Kelly continues to roll with the rock-pop sound and goes from a game show host to a music performer for a crowd filled of Aliens. This the same man that handed Slim Shady the first L of his rap career, y’all.

Back in the rap game, Blueface looks to have some fun in the sun and for his Trucarr assisted clip to “Outside (Remix)” take a gang of thick young women to have a paintball gun fight because who doesn’t want to see bare butt cheeks catch a paint bullet?

Check out the rest of today’s drops including work from MO3 featuring Kevin Gates, G.E.D, and more.









Wishlade Ft. DJ Checko “How I Love You” (Audio) 

By msavino Word Is Bond

Wishlade links with DJ Checko for a soulful bop titled “How I Love You.” The single is off Wishlade’s 16-track ‘Olives’ album.

The smooth blends of drums and bass are the lifeline of the record, while the soulful vocals from Wishlade and classic cuts and scratches from DJ Checko exude a Maxwell meets Preemo vibe.

Wishlade allows listeners to drift off into a realm filled with love, be it music, self-worth, or relationships. Stream “How I Love You” and connect with Wishlade on Instagram @wishlade.

Kamala Harris Joining Joe Biden’s Ticket As His VP Is Already Paying Off…Literally 

Joe Biden Raising Records Amount of Money Thanks To Kamala Harris

Source: MANDEL NGAN / Getty

Regardless if you like Joe Biden’s decision to name Kamala Harris as his choice for Vice President of the United States, its already paying off for him…literally.

Kamal Harris joining Biden’s ticket is paying huge dividends for Biden already, and it’s only been two days. Before the California senator was named Biden’s running mate, it was a painful process to raise money. That is no longer the case, since Tuesday’s (Aug.11) announcement, the Biden/Harris campaign has raised a record $36 million, and that includes donations from 150,000 new donors, and the influx of cash shows no sign of slowing up.

Now, despite some eye rolls from those who can’t seem to look past Kamala’s record as a prosecutor and decisions she made as California’s Attorney General, the enthusiasm behind Harris being Biden’s running mate is at an all-time high. The fact that she is the first Black Jamaican woman, the first person of Indian descent, the first Howard alum, the first AKA to be nominated for national office by a major party, definitely works in Biden’s favor to lure in even more Black support. So that means more Black dollars pouring into his campaign.

Biden knows the Black voters, more specifically Black women are the backbone of the Democratic Party and are essential if he wants to defeat Donald Trump, so that’s why his choice of Harris was a no-brainer for him. Not only is she helping him raise the money needed to battle Trump, but she is also assisting him in making the case as to why Trump is unfit for the job, and the country can’t endure another four years of his nonsense. In her introductory speech after she was revealed to be Biden’s MVP (madame vice president), Harris called the case against Trump and Mike Pence “open and shut.”

We’re definitely on board the Biden/Harris train because Trump needs to be removed from The White House immediately.

Photo: MANDEL NGAN / Getty

Catch The Fade’s “Howl At The Moon” gets a Remix from Ade 

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

Catch The Fade are back in the field with this solid remix for their song “Howl At The Moon.” Backed by the lush, dreamy soundscape by Ade, the duo come through with their insightful bars and vivid lyrics.

The track is quite soothing and has a solemn, introspective vibe that everyone can rock to. From the layered pads, soft keys and groovy percussions to match the melodic chorus, the remix is definitely something highly recommended.

Keep up with Catch The Fade   | Facebook: Website: Instagram

Keep up with Sir Tizzy  | Soundcloud  : Twitter : Instagram

Keep up with  Ron James | Twitter : Instagram

Anterluz Breaks Down “Proverbs 31” (Audio) 

By msavino Word Is Bond

Cali based songwriter, producer, and artist Anterluz drops countless gems in his single titled “Proverbs 31.” The single is off his 9-track ‘Loudest Amen’ project.

Anterluz provides listeners with a kaleidoscope of soulful, smooth, and alluring tones that set the mood for his lyrical ode honoring women, mothers, and unbreakable black love bonds. He shares knowledge about trust and loyalty, the difference between hoes and women, and what men should look for when choosing a mother for their children. He credits these practiced gems to his parents.

“Proverbs 31” is ideal for slow cruising, top-down, or joining champagne glasses celebrating black love. Stream the record and connect with Anterluz below.

Elian Gray’s “High Art” is not what you think it is [TWIB premiere] 

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

London based rapper/producer Elian Gray explores the intricate dynamics of this thing called “High Art.”

The self-produced track is a purely cinematic and somewhat cerebral affair as Gray comes through with multi-layered couplets and vivid lyrics over the ominous percussion-less backdrop. He, however, doesn’t try to go over our heads with extraneous or pretentious lines but rather give a tongue-in-cheek presentation that everyone can ride along with. From the emotional flow to the unprecedented lines such as “I swear I’m turning super Saiyan/ my spirit animal is the singer from future island/Mutant hybrid, Human-computer virus…” which stops abruptly and goes into a self-deprecative burst.

“High Art” is a solid introduction to the man and brings his unbridled, off-kilter style of hip-hop to our consciousness.



While his debut LP Awkward Awemarks Elian’s first outing as a solo artist, his skills have been honed through his involvement with numerous crews and bands, including Gentle Mystics, DefDFires and Undali. This gave him the chance to play festivals and gigs throughout the UK and Europe while he continued to develop his production technique working as a soundtrack artist, as well as cutting demos and EPs for a variety of musicians and vocalists.


Keep up with Elian Gray  | Soundcloud: Website: Twitter: Instagram

TAPES Share “9-5” Tiresome Life (Audio) 

By msavino Word Is Bond

Melbourne based Neo-Soul & R&B band TAPES shares a record about the tiresome “9-5” life and its toll on relationships.

Teila Packman’s melodic vocals tell a story we are all too familiar with. The songstress depicts the life of working all day and night with little time to spend with the ones we love, even mentioning how lame a 9-5 can be.

The smooth arrangement of bass, drums, guitar, and keys accentuate Packman’s emotion and set the soulful tone of the record. Stream “9-5” and connect with TAPES below.