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Ghettosocks Throwback + New Mixset (DOPEfm – Word is Bond) 

Before I started Word is Bond Rap Radio, I was on another program called DOPEfm on 93.3 CFMU. Shout out to Daddy J who still holds down that show every Saturday night.

As part of that program, I did an interview with Ghettosocks that you probably have never heard. So I dusted off the show and added a brand new opening mixset of tunes featuring the stellar Canadian emcee.

I hope you enjoy this new show and throwback interview that was recorded on a pub patio in Hess Village in Hamilton, ON, Canada.

Chase March & Wizekrak – Word is Bond
Ghettosocks ft Apt – Out To You
Ghettosocks & DJ – Reflections
Backburner – The Mackay Bridge Is Over
bRavenous ft Ghettosocks & Tachichi – The Deal
D-sisive ft Wolves – The Weird One
DJ Cosm ft Halfcut & Ghettosocks – Leave the Bells
Chokeules ft Ghettosocks, Savilion, Timbuktu – Booze
Dragon Fli Empire ft Ghettosocks – Gimme the Mic
Muneshine ft Ghettosocks – Dark Days
Chan Hays ft Homeboy Sandman, Ghettosocks, John Robinson – The Shoes
Ghettosocks – Don’t Turn Around
Ghettosocks – Ricochet

Thanks for listening!

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Texas Church Puts On “Unauthorized” ‘Hamilton’ Play And Now Might Be Facing Lawsuits 

Hamilton the Exhibition is closing early in Chicago

Source: Chicago Tribune / Getty

You know the Christian church is in decline when it starts resorting to copyright infringement in order to stay relevant.

This appears to be the case for The Door Christian Fellowship Ministries in McAllen, Texas, which live-streamed a Bargain Basement version of Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s Hamilton last week.

According to NBC News, not only did the church put on its rendition of the famed musical without permission (what happened to “thou shalt not steal,” bro?) but the performance ended with associate pastor, Victor Lopez, equating substance abuse with homosexualityin 2022.

“Maybe you struggle with alcohol, with drugs, homosexuality, maybe you struggle with other things in life, your finances, whatever, relationships,” Lopez said. “God can help you tonight.”

In fact, the church rendition of Hamilton changed up the script to make it more Jesus-friendly.

From NBC:

The Dramatists Guild — a professional organization representing playwrights, composers and lyricists — also condemned the church “for its unauthorized production” of “Hamilton.”

“In addition to performing the show without a license, the Door McAllen Church changed lyrics and added text without permission,” the Dramatists Guild said in a statement. “We hold up the Door McAllen Church’s brazen infringement to shine a light on the problematic pattern of some theatrical organizations performing authors’ work without a license and rewriting the text without authorial consent.”

Just look at this fake pious nonsense.

“What is a legacy?” the actor in the video says. “It’s knowing that you repented and accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ that sets men free. You sent your sinless son of man on Calvary to die for me.” (Not only is this cringeworthy religious zealot ridiculous, but it’s just plain bad writing.)

Anyway, neither Miranda nor the guild are having any of it.

“No organization, professional, amateur, or religious, is exempt from these laws,” the guild wrote in its statement. “No writer’s work, whether they are a student who has just written their first play, or Lin-Manuel Miranda, can be performed without their permission. And it is never okay to change the words, lyrics, or notes, without their express consent.”

And while no lawsuits have been filed yet, Miranda indicated that they’re coming.

“Grateful to all of you who reached out about this illegal, unauthorized production, he tweeted. “Now lawyers do their work.”

Imagine ripping off the script of Hamilton, changing the lyrics to the songs and having actors memorize, rehearse and perform the production—all without it ever occurring to you that this might be illegal. I’m not sure what Jesus would do—but it ain’t this. 




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Man Who A$AP Rocky Allegedly Shot Comes Forward, A$AP Relli Files Suit 

Lollapalooza Paris - Day 2

Source: David Wolff – Patrick / Getty

The man who alleges that he was shot by A$AP Rocky last year has stepped forward to reveal that he is a former A$AP Mob member – and that he’s now filing a civil lawsuit against the rapper.
According to reports, Terrell Ephron, aka A$AP Relli, has publicly spoken out to say that he was the man who A$AP Rocky allegedly shot last November in Los Angeles, California. The former A$AP Mob member and high school best friend of Rocky, aka Rakim Meyers, decided to go public by sending a statement to Rolling Stone with his lawyers Jamal Tooson and Brian Hurwitz announcing the lawsuit, claiming the incident caused “irreparable harm to his career in the entertainment industry”.

In the statement, Relli claims that A$AP Rocky lured him to a spot in central Hollywood “to discuss a disagreement between the two of them.” In the LAPD report, the location was a block away from the Hollywood Palladium off of Vine Street. “Unbeknownst to Mr. Ephron, A$AP Rocky was not just planning for a conversation and came armed with a semi-automatic handgun,” the statement goes on to allege. “After arriving at the location, a conversation ensued whereby without provocation, warning, or any justification, A$AP Rocky produced the handgun and intentionally fired multiple shots at Mr. Ephron.” According to the police report, he allegedly fled the scene on foot along with two other individuals. A$AP Rocky was arrested by LAPD officers shortly after arriving in the city last April with his girlfriend, Rihanna, and detained on the charge of assault with a deadly weapon. He would be released shortly after posting a $500,000 bond.

Relli, who has been credited by the “Fashion Killa” rapper for bringing him into the A$AP Mob after their friendship began at the Bayard Rustin High School for the Humanities in Manhattan, New York, offered no other comment on their relationship in the statement. The former member was a key part of the group’s rise in the early days, with the “Purple Swag” video that made the group wildly popular being filmed in his apartment. A$AP Rocky’s criminal trial is slated to begin on August 17th in Los Angeles. 

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Four Men Indicted For Murder of Rapper Moneybagg Vontae 

Bronx Shooting

Source: New York Daily News / Getty

Last June, LA-based rapper Moneygang Vontae was gunned down in the Bronx while he was in town for a performance in New York City and now authorities say they’ve indicted four men for the deadly shooting.

NBC New York is reporting that Isaiah Garrett, Allan Algarin, Nayshon White and River Jones have all been arrested and hit with murder charges for the June 9 shooting at a Pharmacy in the Tremont section of the Bronx. Aside from murder charges the four men were also slapped with manslaughter, robbery, gang assault, and weapon possession amongst other charges.

The 24-year-old Garrett, of Morris Heights, and 18-year-old Jones, of New Rochelle, were arraigned Tuesday; Algarin and White, both from the Bronx, had previously been arraigned.

“The defendants allegedly attacked two men, robbing them of money, their phones, and jewelry,” said Clark. “One of the men, Avanti Frowner, ‘Moneygang Vontae,’ was in New York to perform, and needed medication at a pharmacy. He was shot and killed in this senseless crime.”

According to police, Garrett, Algarin and White were went up to the 27-year-old drill rapper, also known as Avanti Frowner, and his friend outside the Amazing Pharmacy on East Tremont Avenue around 1:30 p.m. Frowner had just bought eyedrops at the pharmacy.

While in the pharmacy the men pounced on the rapper and his friend and relieved them of jewelry and their cell phones before Garrett ultimately shot Moneygang Vontae three times in the chest. Vontae was taken to Saint Barnabas Hospital where he succumbed to the gunshot wounds.

The murder was caught on video which helped authorities catch up to Jones in Westchester County and finding the other three men in Georgia. Police suspect a fifth man was involved but have yet to find him.

All four men are set to appear in court on October 26th to face the charges.

Whether or not the men knew he was a rapper or simply saw a sweet lick is anyone’s guess but this is just a reminder that the streets of New York are filled with wolves who’ll do whatever it takes to eat.

Be safe out there if you shining too bright, y’all.

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Moneá – My Eyes Are Open” 

Storming her way onto the scene in Richmond, VA and beyond, R&B artist Moneá is back with a smooth, ethereal hit “My Eyes Are Open”. The dream-like track blurs the lines between what is real and what is simply fantasy, as the young artist explores themes of love and the urgency she possesses to chase her goals. After dropping her highly anticipated debut EP “777”, Moneá has introduced herself as the kind of artist equipped to lead fans on a spiritual journey while inspiring self-love, unity and self-worth. Musically and lyrically fit for the mainstream, she fearlessly dives into the metaphysical while introducing a charm to existentialism, leaving many listeners on their toes from beginning to end. Her ability to trust in the universe is infectious – leaving no doubt as to why she chose to release “My Eyes Are Open” on August’s full moon.

“I’m wide awake but I need some time to reflect, Gotta pinch myself cause it’s really hard to accept / This fantasy, I can’t believe this, Is this a dream I need to chase it.” ~My Eyes Are Open

Our dreams can give us a lot of insight into our reality, especially if we keep track of what we’re dreaming about. In “My Eyes Are Open”, Moneá channels a dream she once had about someone that she didn’t want to end. This is what’s at the very core of her captivating new hit. Once she heard the beat, she instantly thought of a dream she had about her first love before they started dating; it was a positive dream – one so good that it turned into a song. Focusing her narrative around spirituality, Moneá’s presence on social media has seen extreme growth this year with over 38k loyal TikTok followers to date. Online, the young artist offers an engaging combination of enchanting R&B music and spiritual advice, appealing to lovers of personal growth, great melodies and a keen interest in the complexities of our universe and beyond.







Keep up with Moneá | Soundcloud: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram

EXCLUSIVE: Director Sadé Clacken Joseph Talks Rap Sh!t and Breaking Barriers 

Sadé Clacken Joseph

Source: press handout / Sadé Clacken Joseph

When filmmaker Sadé Clacken Joseph was coming of age in the Bronx as a first-generation American in a Caribbean immigrant household, she never would have guessed that her no-nonsense mother would eventually become her biggest cheerleader. Especially while she makes her way in the world as a creative.

And “creative” in her space is more than an overused buzzword in the days of underaged (and too often “overaged”) TikTokers branding themselves as such.

So let’s be clear. Joseph is a photographer, cinematographer, editor, director, producer, filmmaker, singer and songwriter. You may have heard her name before now as she was specially chosen by Issa Rae herself to direct the first two episodes of Rae’s new HBO series, Rap Sh!t, starring Kamillion and Aida Osman as Mia and Shawna. She also acted as consulting producer on the remaining six episodes. The debut season is already half over but the accolades continue to roll in.

Loosely based on the rise of the City Girls (who act as executive producers on the project, along with Kevin ‘Coach K’ Lee and Pierre ‘P’ Thomas for Quality Control Films). It was just last week when Joseph, signed a contract with CAA, positioning her company Out of Many Media to shine even brighter while she awaits the next big opportunity to come her way. And the way it’s all unfolding, that may be a lot sooner than later. “That [phone call from Issa] was a little over a year ago,” she shares. “And it’s been surreal ever since.”

View post on


Hip-Hop Wired: A few days before the first episode debuted on HBO Max, there was a video circulating of this white woman rapping and calling herself ‘lightskinned,’ that set social media ablaze. No commentary, no connection to the show at all. Just this random video. It was such a brilliant move on you guys’ part! Very smart.


Sade Clacken Joseph: Yes! Reina Reign! I honestly wasn’t involved in that decisionmaking but our creators are very intentional and very smart. I know we did want to find ways to engage social media in the real world so I’m not surprised.


HHW: The way that you all incorporate that first-person scanning of social media is really dope too. Was the concept already in the script or was it worked out after you had a chance to read it?


SCJ: The use of social media and things already being on the screen was actually in the original iteration of the script. The story was told entirely through social media or device screens and we opened up the world as we developed a pilot and rewrote it but it was still really important to me that social media was still felt heavily in the pilot especially. I really wanted viewers to be engaged with the show in a whole new way, not even realizing how they’re becoming a character in the show through the way the characters were portraying themselves.

I wanted to be able to go in and out of the phone seamlessly and really use the social media as a character and a way of storytelling. The director of photography, Lucas Gath, and I spent a lot of time developing the visual language of the show and deciding: What does the social media world look like?

What does it look like for someone who’s a pro at social media, like Mia? How do we show this through the editing? Through the camera filtration? The color grade… How do we make it look more polished for her?

Versus Shawna’s Instagram videos where she’s not as much of an expert, or in Reina Reign’s world. Or when we’re just with our character and they’re not on social media, they’re just being present with themselves. How does that look?


HHW: I’m sure the technical side of trying to figure this out was insane.


SCJ: We had different cameras based on the different mental states of our characters and whether or not they were aware they were being filmed. I also wanted to show them going in and out of the phone in very specific moments. So like, in the hotel room, you see where she’s doing the daughter’s makeup and we pull out of the phone when she and Mia start having a real moment together.

Or in the [Instagram] Live, when Mia starts getting real with her, we start “pushing in.” When Shawna is being forced to confront herself, we push in and then we’re out of the social media world and in the real world with them. That’s how I wanted the viewer to be engaged. That wasn’t in the script. These were the things I brought in, because I think it matters. I wanted people to think critically as they watched the show.

Like, a lot of the time we’re presenting this version of ourselves to people, but it’s not the reality and how do I show realness? Especially for women and artists like Shawna who are battling how to navigate being true to themselves and their artistry. Or having to change who they are to present themselves a certain way, just to get attention, be seen or just for their music to be heard.

So those were some of the things we were thinking about. Also, our first time actors, Kamillion and Aida, they wore camera rigs. That’s why we have some of those unflattering angles, all up on their faces or underneath where they’re moving around and you can see the phone in their hands. They were actually holding the camera rigs themselves and acting for the first time so that was really challenging, but fun for them.

I have to give them props, because no other show has done this, to that degree and they killed it. They collaborated in that sense with me because they’re the social media experts. So they helped, because I would ask them, “How would you in real life, film yourself?” And we would do it on their phones, play it for the camera people and then we would emulate what they did, with our camera and work with them. So it was a really fun way to collaborate with my talent and come up with this new way of showcasing social media on the show.



HHW: A lot of people online took note of the comments, especially when Mia and Shawna had their moment on Instagram Live…


SCJ: That was fun to work on with the writers too. Even the editor had ideas for that, we wanted the comments to be able to add more to the storytelling. That was fun to play around with…

I’m happy people noticed that because I didn’t think viewers would have realized or been noticing the comments.


HHW: For sure. On Twitter, everyone was tweeting and retweeting that one comment: “Free Tishawn or whatever…”


SCJ: We really wanted the audience to be engaged. We really wanted to guide people’s eyes to different things on the screen at all times. Even what you mentioned about Mia’s ‘likes,’ how do we hone in on the screen to what Shawna’s seeing? When she looks at Mia’s page, what is she really looking at? Using the camera to guide the viewers’ eyes is really important. My creative director and previsual artist, Anthony Harvey also helped a lot with that. He did a lot of renderings and moving tests for us. I’d show these to Issa and Syreeta and they’d be like, “That’s dope.” Then our editor would incorporate it. It was a really big collaborative effort.


HHW: Okay, let’s go back to the very beginning. Describe the day you knew this would be your path.


SCJ: It wasn’t like one day where I was just like, “Oh. I’m gonna be a filmmaker today.” I just started my interest for filmmaking by watching behind the scenes featurettes on my special edition Lord of the Rings DVD sets. I would religiously watch these DVDs and watch Peter Jackson. I would listen to and watch all these department heads and understand the process of filmmaking that way.

I never knew I could be an artist until later in life when I found out about film school and all that stuff. That was seven years ago when I really started really pursuing filmmaking and I told my parents, “This is what I wanna do. Bye.”


HHW: What should we watch for as this season of Rap Sh!t continues to unfold?

SCJ: You can expect a lot more from Chastity [played by Johnica Booth] and how she comes into the mix and represents a whole other type of female empowerment as a queer Black woman. I just love her character so much and how she comes to interact with the group and her storyline. She’s one of my favorite characters. I think people are gonna really love her.

And you can expect a lot of great music. Some wild adventures. Some traveling outside of Miami adventures for the rest of the season, so stay tuned. I’ve got to shout out Raedio for how hard they worked to make sure that Miami’s music was highlighted and we had writing camps where we flew in some of the most talented producers and writers to come up with the sound of the show and the lyrics for the show, like PineappleCITI and Dreezy. My band is on the soundtrack too, B00ty. We actually released “Matter of Time” with Loose Ends and it’s featured on the show!


HHW: Recently you headed up a panel in LA speaking to the underrepresentation of the Afro-Caribbean experience…

SCJ: That was a couple months ago. I did it at Soho House and I’d like to continue doing the series; it’s called The Longing. It features Caribbean artists in Hollywood. I formed my company, Out of Many Media, for that reason — to be a place to help Caribbean filmmakers and help promote Black representation outside of the African-American experience. It’s funny, my mom went from not supporting me at all with this artistic dream to now, like, helping with my company. She helped me come up with the name.


HHW: You met Issa on set while shooting a commercial for Madewell, but you’ve also worked with Google, Spotify, etc… You’ve shot a documentary with TI and Common. How long is your resume right now?


SCJ: I’ve been working at it for a while. I started just freelancing in New York, doing documentaries and photography. I worked my way up. I’ve traveled to Africa and Palestine doing documentaries. I started with documentaries as a background but I come from a music background as well.

Before film, I was songwriting, singing and playing the piano. So finding a way to combine my love of music and documentaries is what led me to work with Common. I worked with him for a really long time starting at USC which led me to directing his music videos and stuff. But everything I do is music driven, or music playing a big role or about musicians or just has a lot of musicality to it and also a really grounded reality about people coming into their own identity.

Just working, having my own production company and being someone who was a shooter, a cinematographer, an editor, a director and producer allowed me to produce a lot of things and get a lot of work. I’ve definitely done my 10,000 hours. It’s been a journey. That’s another thing I could say: Every relationship I’ve had and every job I’ve had, I’ve always had a good attitude. Issa recognized that [at the Madewell shoot where they met and worked together] and thought of me. You never know who’s gonna give you your next job in this industry so reputation is really important.


HHW: What advice would you offer up-and-coming filmmakers with a background similar to yours?

SCJ: You do not need to wait for permission from anyone to pursue your artistry. Know that there is a place for you and your voice matters, people want to hear it and there’s no set path to becoming a filmmaker. There’s film school, yes, that’s great. But I also learned by working on sets, diving in and getting my hands dirty, so I think don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams. There are so many possibilities, different jobs and things to do and explore in this industry.

I encourage you to do as much as you can with them because if you’re even interested in directing, the more you know about all the jobs on set and how to do them all, it makes you an even stronger director. I really encourage people to have an open mind and to humble themselves when it comes to working in this industry. I’d also tell them not to allow anyone to make you feel like you don’t belong because imposter syndrome is so real…


HHW: Right!

SCJ: For us as women, for us as people of color in this industry, especially when you’re directing, you’re on these sets with white men who’ve been directing for decades so it’s really easy to get lost in “Oh. I don’t belong here…” or “They know better than me…” People hire you because they want your eye. Your background and how you see the world is a unique perspective, lean into that and don’t try to assimilate to what the people around you may think is right. Trust yourself and your voice.


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Kanye West, Lil Uzi Vert & Steve Lacy Show Off Their New Matching Tattoos 

Kanye West, Lil Uzi Vert & Steve Lacy Got Matching Tattoos

Source: Mez Afram / Instagram

Kanye West took some time off from harassing Pete Davidson to get matching tattoos with his friends.

Tuesday (Aug.9), Kanye West, Lil Uzi Vert, and Steve Lacy showed off their matching tattoos in a photo taken by Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Mez Afram. Lacy shared the same photo on his Instagram account with the caption, “we here forever technically.”

Per Page Six, a close-up of the trio’s identical ink all says, “we here forever technically.” In Afram’s post, who is rocking a pair of Yeezy’s new ugly shades and a black bodysuit from West’s GAP x YEEZY collection, she simply shared a heart emoji in the caption for the post.

The “YR 3022 YEEZY SHDZ” were also sported by West’s now ex-wife Kim Kardashian and his oldest daughter North in an Instagram post shared by the reality star.

Kanye West Returns To Trolling On Instagram

West was recently in the news again because of his social media behavior. Reacting to the news of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s breakup, the Chicago rapper shared a doctored New York Times front page with the headline, “SKETE DAVIDSON DEAD AT AGE 28.”

Yeezy eventually took down the post after Kardashian expressed disgust about the post and was “livid and incredibly upset,” a source revealed to Page Six.

“Kanye is back to his old ways, and Kim will not tolerate his bullying behavior towards the people she loves and cares about,” the insider further revealed.

“Kim and Kanye have been in such a positive co-parenting space and with communication lately,” the source added. “Kim even was happy to support Kanye and do the Yeezy shoot and post for him.”

Well, at least it looks like Kanye West is happy with his new body art. Maybe that means he is back in chill mode and will leave Davidson alone.

Photo: Mez Afram / Instagram

Young Thug Slapped With 6 Additional Charges In RICO Case 

Gunna's DS4EVER LA Listening Party

Source: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty

Young Thug, currently jailed as he and members of his YSL collective face a number of charges in an ongoing RICO case, was hit with six additional charges according to a new report. The Young Slime Life honcho and Hip-Hop artist has been imprisoned since May and was denied bond recently ahead of an impending trial to come at the top of 2023.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Young Thug, 30, saw charges added by the Fulton County Superior Court along with four other co-defendants in the RICO matter. Young Thug, given name Jeffery Wiliams, was given new changes of participation in criminal street gang activity, violation of the Georgia controlled substances act, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony and possession of a machine gun and drug charges according to the outlet’s reporting.

“Mr. Williams has committed absolutely no crimes,” Thug’s attorney, Brian Steel offered in a statement to the outlet on Wednesday (August 10). “We cannot wait for a trial date.”

Young Thug is slated to report for trial in January of 2023.

Photo: Getty

S.I.N. (Survival In Negativity) & B.Positiv share visuals for “Rewteen” [Video] 

Baltimore mc S.I.N. (Survival In Negativity) and Portland producer B.Positiv are back at it again with this new release titled “Rewteen”. The track is a mellow, brooding tune made up of dusty keys, and moody basslines with soft drums that match the delicate issue of the anxiety that comes with a routine stop by the police. It’s quite relatable and offers an insight into the mind of a Blackman caught up between a rock and a hard place where he is not sure of what to do in case an overzealous cop decides to go above and beyond his duty.

S.I.N. (Survival In Negativity) and producer B.Positiv first made each other’s acquaintance as far back as 2017 through the good old magic of Soundcloud & connected over shared influences including the likes of Blu & Exile, Atmosphere and Madlib to name a few. Their unique spin on jazzy lofi soundscapes and observant subject matter makes its debut on their 6 track joint release, “Ximena: The Listener’s EP” and continues on their 2nd effort “Nightlife 4 (Thinking) Introverts”

Stream “Rewteen”  on  SoundCloudBandcampSpotifyApple MusicDeezer.

Keep up with S.I.N. | SoundCloud : Bandcamp: Spotify : Twitter : Instagram

Megan Thee Stallion Thans Fans For Support, Announces New Album ‘Traumazine’ 

'Traumazine,' Megan Thee Stallion's Sophmore Effort Arrives Friday

Source: Joseph Okpako / Getty

Fresh off blasting her label 1501 Certified Entertainment and its boss Carl Crawford in her recent L.A. Leakers freestyle, Megan Thee Stallion said thank you to her fans for sticking with her through the drama.

Megan Thee Stallion is not just one of the hottest rappers out. She’s also super humble. Taking to Twitter, the Houston rapper expressed how grateful she was to her Hotties for them sticking by her while she dukes it out in court with her label. The 27-year-old has been very vocal about the treatment she is enduring while being on 1501 Certified Entertainment’s roster.

In a series of tweets shared on Wednesday night (Aug.10), Thee Stallion expressed her gratitude towards her enormous fan base while promising “WE ALMOST OUT,” and lets “RUN THIS LAST ONE UP,” referring to her troublesome contract with Crawford’s label.

“Y’all know I always have problems with dropping my music under this label, all these games and having to go to court just to put out my art has been so stressful,” The “Big Ole Freak,” crafter said. “Thank you hotties for rocking with me through the bullshit WE ALMOST OUT LETS STAY FOCUSED AND RUN THIS LAST ONE UP.”

Traumazine Is Coming Friday

After promising to unveil her sophomore effort, Thee Stallion was true to her word announcing her new album Traumazine is dropping on Friday (Aug.12).

The project features already released singles “Plan B,” the Future-assisted “Pressurelicious,” and “Sweetest Pie” featuring Dua Lipa. Traumazine also features appearances from H.E.R., Rico Nasty, Latto, Jhené Aiko, Sauce Walka, Big Pokey, and Lil Keke.

Before dropping the news about her album, Tina Snow alleged that her label was behind a leak of one of the songs.

“From my cover art, pieces of my track list and me even hearing a part of a song I haven’t dropped yet leaking (and we ALL know who the only ppl who had access to all these PRIVATE links are..) I might as well…lol,” she tweeted.

We can’t wait to hear Thee Stallion’s new project tonight.

Photo: Joseph Okpako / Getty