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Jill Valentyne shares new single “Pivot” and new EP 

Rising singer/songwriter Jill Valentyne returns with her new single “Pivot” and EP titled “GPS (Guiding Purpose System)”. The single has a moody and soothing texture layered over punchy trap drums while her sultry melodic runs cascade the backdrop like honey over eardrums. The record details her growth as a young woman making her way in this world, breaking down obstacles and the male-dominated space.

Listen to the entire EP below



Raised in Gary, IN, Phoenix, AZ based singer/songwriter, Jill Valentyne, cultivated her own unique sound by drawing from a lifetime of influences. Already a seasoned songwriter, Jill knows it’s time to share her talents with the world, and she’s ready for the challenge, “Everything you want and need is outside your comfort zone” Valentyne focuses on music for the soul; the kind that you are addicted to after listening to once. Her lyrics are relatable (It’s like she’s a fly on the wall, listening to our private conversations); as a result, she’s deeply in tune with the human experience and telling stories through each song.

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Hip-Hop Wired Presents: CRT FRSH [Certified Fresh] Playlist 7.1.22 

Man dancing alone

Source: martin-dm / Getty

Peace to the HHW Nation! We’re back with a new update to our CRT FRSH (Certified Fresh) playlist and we’ve put together another dope collection. Part of our duty as a publication and crew is to school the masses on who is doing what musically and there’s no better way to do that beyond our CRT FRSH (Certified Fresh) bi-weekly playlist.

The CRT FRSH playlist is a labor of love. We don’t take payments nor do we do favors. We only add joints to our playlist that fit the theme and vision we’re going for and don’t seek to waste the time of the listener. Further, we don’t stick to one lane of Hip-Hop. We believe that all aspects of the music should get some light whether it’s young lions in the trenches to those hoping for that one shot to blow up to grizzled veterans puffing out their chests having lots more to say.

We start off this week’s playlist with Cardi B’s latest drop “Hot Sh*t” featuring Chicago stars Ye FKA Kanye West and Lil Durk with the Bronx bombshell showing no signs of ring rust. Brooklyn’s Joey BadA$$ put a delay on releasing his new album 2000 but dropped off the single “Where I Belong” with production from Statik Selektah.

Fans of Planet Asia know all about how dope King Medallions is a rapper, and the Gold Chain Military honcho dropped a new collection of art in Medallions Monarchy. We included “Clap Ya Hands” featuring the Constipated Monkey himself, Kurious. Real ones know.

French Montana is back to show and prove, and his new Montega (Deluxe) project features a lot of Harry Fraud heat and confident bars from the Mac Wit Da Cheese. We include “Bricks & Bags” featuring Benny The Butcher and Jadakiss on the help out.

Lloyd Banks released one of 2021’s best albums in The Course Of The Inevitable and he’s back for more via his new track “Menace” featuring Conway The Machine. We’re just getting hip to Tony Shhnow and his new album Reflexions isn’t what you’d expect out of Atlanta but that’s a good thing. It was hard to pick a joint but chose “Last Chance” featuring the always entertaining ZeelooperZ.

Salute to Method, D-Styles, EarthGang, Elcamino, Raz Fresco, Xp The Markxman, RhymestyleTroop, Holstar, DMH, Cantrell, whatupVERN, KIL, Quelle Chris, Westside Boogie, J Rocc, Chris Crack, Meechy Darko, Lupe Fiasco, and more.

There might be some folks who feel like this playlist is all over the place, but that’s the point. We don’t segregate our Hip-Hop over here. We’re all about highlighting what we think is CRT FRSH and we want to thank everyone who helped us craft this latest release. We’ll be back in two weeks with a fresh update! PEACE!

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Shilla share new single “IM SORRY I WAITED” 

Rap duo SHILLA made up of G.R.I.E.F and HollywoodRoze share their new single “IM SORRY I WAITED”. The track is a somber and reflective tune that explores personal loss, self-doubt, lack of support, and personal struggles. It’s quite reflective and the lyrics are candid as well, enough to give listeners a glimpse into their lives and what they had to go through to get to where they are.

Mile & Flip link with Fashawn for “Somebody Else” [Video] 

Rapper-Producer-Duo Mile & Flip team up with Fashawn for a dreamy summer jam titled “Somebody Else”. Bolstered by the smooth soulful backdrop, Mile runs through a myriad of things bothering him from being unnoticed to being stuck in a rut while Fashawn joins the fray with an introspective verse that explores his own flaws and self-doubt. Overall, the track shows listeners how emcees can show their vulnerable side without losing integrity and the candid lyrics do add a lot of flavors to the mix.

The visual directed by filmmaker Clemens Niel has a mix of surreal effects and a lot of performance shots as well. From dilating toy cars to real ones, Mile gets lost in his own daydreaming experience to a fish replacing Fashawnbecause he couldn’t appear in the video. The result is an engaging set of visuals that truly tap into the theme of the song.

Flip is a veteran among Austria’s producers who are appreciated by boom-bap purists as well as street rap fans, has been in the business since the 1990s, and still participates in the Austrian rap crew TEXTA.

Rapper Mile has recently been in the spotlight with his indie band project SHARKTANK.

Stream “Somebody Else” on SpotifyYouTubeInstagramTikTok.




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Top instrumental submissions EP1 July 2022 

We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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B4Lasers – “Waltz of the Spirit”

B4Lasers sets off with “Waltz of the Spirit” an ethereal and eclectic beat made up of lush bells, warm piano progressions, and vocal hums that sound like a nostalgia-inducing mantra.



Jonny Rythmns – “Angel Dust in The Wind”

Jonny Rythmns goes for something different in his new release “Angel Dust in The Wind”. The track is trippy and somewhat off-kilter, the synths are edgy and grating and the drums are punchy with an electronic aesthetic to it.



Yuzostate – “Purse Full of Petals”


Yuzostate comes through with “Purse Full of Petals”, mid-tempo jazz infused beat ripe with bright and soulful textures and sublime atmospheres.


DHANK – “Serenity”


UK producer DHANK taps into pure “Serenity” in his new release. The solemn and ethereal strings and somewhat reflective textures are well crafted and blend perfectly with pulsating bass lines and headnodding drum grooves.

MicroCosmicOrbit – “Food ~ F minor ~ 90.50 b.p.m”

MicroCosmicOrbit  goes for something gritty and moody in his newest release titled “Food ~ F minor ~ 90.50 b.p.m”. The track has crunchy boom-bap drums and ominous cinematic textures to match.


Soulful Playground – “Being One”

Soulful Playground‘s newest release “Being One” plays on the concept of unison and being in tune with oneself as you journey through your spiritual path in life. From the lush chunky guitar riffs, warm textures, and punchy drums, the producer layers a soothing and urgent beat together that fits the mood.






Binfolk – “Aintnuthin”

Binfolk makes his entry on our site with “Aintnuthin”, a track that blends classic r&b chops with lofi aesthetics. The melodic samples, vocal samples, and choppy drums really work perfectly and give a sense of nostalgia.


Big O – “Bi-Coastin'”

Big O drops “Bi-Coastin'” from his forthcoming collaboration project with producer Tranzformer entitled Duplexity. The track is as soothing as they come and it’s ripe with lush strings and synths that exude that summer vibe we all live for.








Da unique – “Dancing Souls”



Emerging producer Da unique drops a new beat titled “Dancing Souls”, a mid-tempo bouncy track ripe with a moody string progression and somewhat haunting vocal hums layered over soft drum grooves.



Polish producer AYASAHAR drops a new beat for us this week titled “SAP”. The beat is cinematic and ominous as it builds-up, the drums are heavy and the use of layered synths and brass lines really raises the ante

Slumberville – “Paraná River”

“Paraná River” by Swedish lo-fi artist Slumberville is a soothing lofi/soulful track that caught our ears. The track is uplifting with its nostalgic flute arrangement, warm textures, and punchy drums. The track comes with an engaging animated visual as well.



SyZtyM – “Inner Self (Instrumental)”


emerging producer SyZtyM makes an entry with his new beat “Inner Self (Instrumental)” which is quite engaging. It has a cinematic texture and the drums are bouncy too


Elijah Nang – “Solitude”

Elijah Nang gets into his lofi form as he drops “Solitude”. The track is as soothing as they come and its ripe with haunting melodic runs, ethereal strings and warm low tones.



B oones – “x”

B oones switches the energy levels up with his new offering “x”. The track is made up of punchy drums, and ominous textures, and it’s quite dynamic as it ebbs and flows with the progression.



Jomy – “Fancy”


Jomy shares “Fancy”, his second single from his project coffee breaks Vol. 2. The tack is soothing and relaxing and ripe with solemn piano progression, airy strings, and nostalgia-inducing textures.


Pier 74 – “Haze”

Japanese producer Pier 74 returns to our list with his new offering titled “Haze”. The track is a piano-laden beat ripe with soothing keys, ethereal strings, and soft drums. It exudes a nostalgia-inducing vibe that is perfect for study or relaxation.


JaRon Marshall – “Up All Night”


Producer/instrumentalist JaRon Marshall shares the new release “Up All Night”, a somber piano-laden beat that serves as the first release from his 14-track Lo-Fi series called SOUND DAYS.
The track is crisp and underpinned by pulsating bass lines, solid boom-bap drums, and a soothing vocal sample as well. Every Friday of this summer (06/24 to 09/23), JaRon Marshall will release instrumental beats he created on the road while touring the world as the keyboardist of Grammy-nominated band Black Pumas.

Soon It’s The Future… – “A Ring For My Girl”

Soon It’s The Future.. shares something different for our playlist with his new single “A Ring For My Girl”. A mellow and somewhat hypnotic piece made up of sublime tones, off-kilter sound design, and a sparse drum groove.

Melodiesinfonie – “Upsidedown”


Zurich-based producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer, and composer Melodiesinfonie recently put out his album We Gonna Be Ok and now we got this soothing single “Upsidedown” taken from the project. The track is ripe with woozy guitar riffs, warm textures, and heavenly horns layered over soft drums. He also adds a hushed hypnotic melodic vocal underlining to the track.

Kashi Sankara – “Finally Free”

Kashi Sankara shares his new release “Finally Free” a moody and punch beat made up of ominous vocal hums, warm basslines, and punchy drum grooves.

Joe Sunrise – “Ubuntu”

“Ubuntu” is the newest release from Netherlands producer Joe Sunrise. The track has a bright and summery aesthetic with its layered arrangement and solid drum groove. It’s well crafted and a perfect addition to your relaxing playlist


DaMarcus VanBuren – “Flourish Gang”

DaMarcus VanBuren embodies the go-getter lifestyle in his new release “Flourish Gang”. The track is bouncy and has a somber piano riff with lush synths. As the title suggests, it represents a group of high-value men who aim for only the peak of success.



San-Zo – “Touch”


French producer/DJ San-Zo serves us some blend of folk and hip-hop in his new release titled “Touch”. The track starts off with guitar plucks and riffs that don’t seem to connect but once the drum beat hits, you’d be forced to bump your head. He even throws in some smooth scratches to good effect.



vrong – “Audi 5000”

Vrong drops “Audi 5000” a mellow atmosphere beat ripe with lush and ethereal keys and warm textures to match. Part of a 4-part-beat-release called Vrong’s Vault.

SK & The Kings take us to the “Clouds” 

Rising singer/songwriter SK & The Kings make her entry on the site with this glorious soulful single titled “Clouds”. The mellow melodic tune is bright and uplifting with its lush guitar riffs, warm textures, and  Sarah Kelly’s soothing vocal runs. The record dwells on the support and light close friends and lovers can provide in dark times. Sarah sure deliver the goods with this soul-stirring piece that reassures us of having great people around when times are rough.


Born and raised in Luton, SK was brought up on her family’s vinyl collection. Immersed in soul music from a young age, she was raised on the sounds of Aretha Franklin and Donny Hathaway. As she approached her teenage years, her tastes evolved towards the jazzier sounds of the musical spectrum. Since making her debut with “Nostalgia”, Sarah has picked up support from the likes of Wonderland Magazine, Equate Magazine, Variance, and BBC Introducing. 

Keep up with SK & The Kings | Soundcloud: Facebook :  Instagram

Uncle Clarence Thomas Says Aborted Children Used For COVID Vaccines

US Senate Judiciary Committee Confirmation Hearing

Source: Consolidated News Pictures / Getty

A dissenting opinion from Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas took on a strange tone as he claimed that COVID-19 vaccines were made with the cells of recently aborted children.
On Thursday (June 30th), the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 to leave a vaccination mandate in place for healthcare workers in the state of New York, denying the challenge brought to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of New York by 16 workers who claimed that the mandate lacked a valid religious exemption. The workers who filed the challenge were either fired, lost their hospital privileges, resigned, or elected to receive the vaccine. In the dissenting opinion that was written by Justice Thomas, he claimed that the workers “object on religious grounds to all available COVID-19 vaccines because they were developed using cell lines derived from aborted children,” before hinting that he “would not miss the chance to answer this recurring question in the normal course on our merits docket.” Justices Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch joined him in dissenting.

The conservative judge’s claim is a highly misleading one that has become a nagging talking point for vaccine deniers – including those from the QAnon camp – when the COVID-19 vaccine first became available. While it is factual that frozen fetal cell lines from elective abortions done decades ago were instrumental in testing the effectiveness of the vaccines, the vaccines were not made with recently aborted fetuses or their cells. Furthermore, religious groups and organizations have thrown cold water on the idea of legitimate religious exemptions to the COVID vaccines, with the Vatican doing so in December 2020. At that time, their Congregation for the Doctrine of The Faith wrote that  “it is morally acceptable to receive Covid-19 vaccines that have used cell lines from aborted fetuses in their research and production process.”

The dissenting opinion is another eyebrow-raising statement from Thomas. He has previously expressed a desire to overturn the decisions that made same-sex marriage and the right to contraception protected by the Constitution after he joined in the vote that overturned the decision made in Roe V. Wade which protected the right to abortion last week. But he explicitly made no comment about the Loving v. Virginia case, which protected interracial marriage.

Puma Drops Running Shoe Specifically For Women 

Puma Nitro for Women

Source: Puma / PUMA

Ever since Jay-Z got down with Puma it seems like they’ve been making serious inroads in the sneaker game with their collaborations and growing list of pro-athlete signings, and now they’ve taken things a step further with their latest innovative project.

According to Gearpatrol, Puma is now making a gender-specific running sneaker made for women as everyone knows running shoes has been a big thing for quite some time now. While the game is flush and maybe even oversaturated with countless kinds of running kicks on the shelves, Puma went the extra mile with their latest creation and recruited some top of the line researchers to help them craft their next ground-breaking silhouette, the Run XX Nitro.

How exactly did Puma pull this feat off? Well, they collaborated with the University of Massachusetts Biomechanics Lab on how to construct the Run xx Nitro. After recruiting 224 runners who hit the pavement for more than 36,000 miles over an eight week period, they learned that 81 percent of volunteers preferred the Run XX silhouette due to it’s cushioning and responsiveness.

“This was the first time we conducted a large-scale study on female runners and the results will help us shape our approach to women’s running shoes moving forward,” says Puma’s Run/Train General Manager, Erin Longin. “As a runner myself, I want to know my running shoes will support my own biomechanics, because women are made differently, and the Run XX does exactly that.”

The Run XX Nitro is named after the woman-specific double X chromosome DNA sequence and boasts progressive engineering to support female biomechanics. The updated fit is designed to hug a woman’s heel, instep and arch better than male-focused alternatives. A new, firmer Nitro foam midsole blends a lightweight ride with ample durability as well.

The silhouette even features a Run Guide firm density rim around the heel for proper footstrike alignment and increased stability on longer distances.

Hella clever. Once word of mouth gets out about these they’re going to be flying off shelves.

The Puma Run XX Nitro is available now on Puma and retails for $130. Will you be picking up a pair? Let us know in the comments section below.

RAAQEL and BRIIZV are stunting in their “New Whip” 

San Francisco-based female rapper/producer duo RAAQEL and BRIIZV team up for a pounding track titled “New Whip”. Over BRIIZV’s bass-heavy and moody backdrop, RAAQEL delivers an unapologetic and stylish performance that sees her flexing on the opposition. The track exudes that classic Cali-vibe with a Latin twist bolstered by feminine energy as the duo brings a refreshing summer jam to our doorstep.



Standing under five feet tall yet exuding the type of energy that captivates the room, rapper RAAQEL is making waves with the combination of bass-heavy beats, catchy hooks, and lyrically skillful bars. A Bay Area native, she is a versatile and energetic performer delivering fast rap and melodic intoxicating bars with ease. Drawing influence from UK grime, drill, trap, and Cali rap, she has created a one-of-a-kind sound that is recognizable and respected.

RAAQEL stands out from most because of her innate ability to innovate, she enjoys being in the forefront of new ways share her art, breaking the boundaries of the norm. Look out for an exclusive project dropping only in the Metaverse! She will be releasing an NFT project to accompany her song “The Hatter” in collaboration with fellow artists, Dead Pharaoh and West Coast Creatorz. 

Currently working on her second EP with live MPC drummer Briizv, RAAQEL says “My next project will be more party vibes you can dance to. I’m really excited to be collaborating on a full project with another Latina artist.” You can catch RAAQEL and Briizv performing together for the first time at the upcoming summer festival, Shamablama, happening in Canada in August, 2022!

Stream “New Whip” on all DSPs here.


Keep up with RAAQEL | SoundCloud: Spotify: Twitter: Instagram 

Drake Confidently Swerves Into Dance Music Lane With ‘Honestly, Nevermind’ [Review] 

Philadelphia 76ers v Toronto Raptors - Game Six

Source: Cole Burston / Getty

Drake doesn’t have anything to prove to anyone at this stage, although rumblings crop up that he wants to be respected as a top-tier lyricist before all is said and done. That statement is why the Canadian superstar’s surprise latest album, Honestly, Nevermind, is a polarizing yet enjoyable shift in sound as Drizzy confidently swerves into a different lane.

Honestly, Nevermind is first and foremost, not a Hip-Hop album as many expected. Further, it isn’t the only time Drake has toyed with House and Dance rhythms, but it is the first time he’s committed so much time to the effort. The response to the OVO honcho’s seventh album bordered on comical with notable figures such as Irv Gotti pondering the end of Hip-Hop as we know it because of Drizzy’s massive influence.

While it is true that Honestly, Nevermind will undoubtedly inspire a parade of imitators, much of the album sounds like a long experiment to see what works. Not every track immediately dazzles. In fact, early impressions from some called the project weak in unfair comparison to earlier works. This isn’t Toronto tough talk or UK-influenced Hip-Hop. Honestly, Nevermind was made for day parties, evening kickbacks, and Instagram captions to send subliminal messages to a past lover or two.

The album’s first single “Sticky” is one of the standout tracks featuring production from the deft hands of Gordo, who also lends a number of tracks across Honestly, Nevermind. Along with “Jimmy Cooks” which features 21 Savage, “Sticky” is the only time listeners are treated to traditional rapping from the album’s star.

Gordo, alongside RY X, once again shows up for the album’s second single “Massive,” a booming track seemingly crafted for large auditoriums and sweaty nightclubs. While the vocals are capable, the chorus will undoubtedly inspire the random late-night text after one too many shots.

“Oh, when you’re ready
We can put this behind us
Baby, we can find us again, I know
Put this behind us
We can find us again
‘Cause I don’t wanna go
‘Cause I don’t wanna go
I was alone, I was alone in this world
And I needed people
I know my funeral gon’ be lit ’cause of how I treated people
I don’t wanna go, I don’t wanna…”

Perhaps the album’s strongest track, “Flight’s Booked,” features a sample from Floetry’s “Getting Late” and the track from Kid Masterpiece with assistance from Alex Lustig is flawless. The song features not only Drake’s strongest vocal performance but leans into exquisite if succinct songwriting that hints at a chance at a rekindled relationship.

“Trust me, I’m starting to realize
And look beyond my fears
Sun keeps on turning to twilight
Baby, we don’t have long
I can’t keep my hands off you
All night, all my love
You say it’s getting too late
Baby, don’t be afraid”

The album’s lone misstep, “Liability” is a chopped-and-screwed attempt at Bedroom Pop that simply doesn’t work for a variety of reasons. While Nyan’s production is more than capable, the slowed vocals take away some of the song’s vast potential.

The album’s closer garnered quite a bit of chatter during its release as it harkened back to the days of The Boy’s trap-influenced forays. Locking back in with Tay Keith, the aforementioned “Jimmy Cooks” is sonically jarring considering what came before it. However, the pair recreate their chemistry from their past collaborations, sparking passing thoughts of a joint project not like Drake’s work alongside Future.

Honestly, Nevermind most likely won’t go down as one of Drake’s vaunted releases as suddenly, music listeners morphed overnight from causal fans of House to opinionated experts via an array of kneejerk reactions. A day into its release last month, people declared the album an immediate failure, and the chatter nearly achieved its goals of muddying the experience. But if one has an open ear, and the right listening environment, Honestly, Nevermind could serve as the proper audio backdrop.

Listen to Honestly, Nevermind via your preferred DSPs in the link provided below.

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