Please review the steps and process involved in becoming a Festival Volunteer in the timeline below. 

If interested please email: marvenamuldrow@numainstream.com

1. Application Submissions (Spring 2023): Our application will be available towards the spring of 2023. The application will remain open until all roles have been filled.

2. Application Assessment: Applications are assessed by the Volunteer Resources Team based on your answers to the application questions, experience, general availability, and the needs of the Festival. 

3. Role Placement (February – March 2023): Applicants may receive a phone call or email from a Volunteer Resources Coordinator to discuss availability and role placement. Note that alumni volunteers and those with lodging secured are given priority for placement.

4. Onboarding (January 2023 – March 2023): Applicants who have been selected for a role will receive an onboarding email. This email will include the Volunteer Agreement, Volunteer Expectations, Community Agreement, and the Position Description. 

5. Schedules and Shift Assignments (March 2023 – April 2023): After all onboarding paperwork is completed, volunteers can expect the following based on their commitment level.

  • Part Time Volunteers will have a designated schedule “Sign Up Days” where these volunteers will log into their profiles and select shifts posted across all Festival days that are available and meet the required minimum hours within their role placement.
  • Full Time and Part Time Assigned Volunteers will receive their assigned schedules anytime between mid December through the beginning of January. 

6. Training and Preparing for Shifts (April 2023): In addition to the Volunteer Resources Orientation, onsite or online training is provided for most Volunteer roles in the weeks and/or days leading up to the Festival. A welcome email from the assigned team and training materials for review may be sent ahead of time to ensure volunteers feel set up for success. At training, volunteers can expect to learn about the expectations specific to their role placement.

7. The Festival: Get out there and have fun! Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Festival and bring their energy, enthusiasm, and passion while helping thousands of film lovers and supporters of original storytelling. Between shifts, be sure to catch incredible films, make new friends, visit the Volunteer Hub, and take in the Festival atmosphere.

If interested please email: marvenamuldrow@numainstream.com