Quis Chandla Got the Streets Flooded with "Mission #1" Visuals

NJ-native Quis Chandla has reached the summit of self-realization, meeting the most hierarchical hip-hop requirements. He's not only soul searching and rhyming actual rap wisdom, but he's dedicated his mic to changing the streets.

While his single speaks volumes, so do the visuals. The Jersey-native puts the city on his back with his brand new banger. In doing so, he brings the dirty Jerz out to spotlight and support all of those who have shown support throughout his creatively climbing career. This is because true fulfillment comes from serving others rather than gaining fame and notoriety. 

Additionally, the TrueNLivin founder is seen switching scenes posted up in the hood bodega, breaking bread with his homies, all while putting on for his city. With no lies detected, the striving star mentions the money he’s made off of his “Get the streets flooded” and “Get the hood jumpin’” merch in which we see the stans and all of Jersey sporting his attire!

Quis Chandla Gets The Hood Jumpin' With "Mission #1"

Lethal lyricist, Quis Chandla is a master of his craft. In fact, he mixes metaphors, similes, and other literary elements to paint pictures with his lyricism. As a result, he creates unforgettable lyrics that remain long after the music stops. Throughout his groundbreaking career, he has explored the whole range of rap and hip hop lyrical, from intricate, multi-syllabic rhymes to socially concerned musings. The best rappers can create stories that resonate with their audience and transcend time by crafting songs that encapsulate the essence of their experiences and emotions. With that being said, allow me to introduce to you the latest lethal lyricist.

Quis found his formula early in his music career and has stuck to it. The thought-proving spitter never went too far from his niche, merging explosive turn-up tunes with some contemplative cuts and a handful of joints for the ladies as well. Overall, after hitting a new level with his lyricism and album-crafting, he has firmly established himself as one of the top rappers to watch in the game right now. Don’t believe me? Press play on his latest offering “Mission #1” featuring The HitSystem here at Hip Hop Indie Music!



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