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Q&A With Rising New Jersey Based Hip Hop Artist Potent Da Rockstar

Yo Potent Da Rockstar!! We are extremely prideful when we expose fresh/new Hip Hop artists like yourself !! Please tell us a bit about yourself? What part of Jersey are you from? And how long have you been making Hip Hop!

Hey Whats going on ? I just want to let you and everyone thats a part of UGHHBLOG that I appreciate this opportunity so, thank you! Ya some real ones for this, ha but anyway, I’m from Jersey City,NJ only a mile wide river away from New York City. So growing up in the 90s, hip hop was inescapable much like it is now and at the age of 8 I started rappin, wrote my first verse & I even was trying to freestyle, emphasis on “trying” though. lol

Please let us know when was was your first time actually recording and making music? Also, give us a main factors on why/how you decided to become an Hip Hop artist? Any major influences let say?

Even though I started writing super young I actually didn’t get into a studio til I was like 15. One of my best friends hooked it up, through his father’s peoples. As one could imagine I was nervous as hell. Rehearsed that 16 I was gonna record all that morning. lol To be real, my older cousins got me into rappin. They used to rap a bunch of classic shit from like Cypress hill to Tribe Called Quest to me when I was so young I could barely speak but they still remind me today, whenever I see them, how I used to recite a whole bunch of songs word for word back to them. So the music and culture was in me but it wasnt till one of them caught me by surprise and spit one of their verses when I asked “what song is that?” and he laughed real hard and was like “that’s my shit!” From there on, it was like Ok, I’ma see what I can do with it.

Tell us about the underground Hip Hop scene out there in New Jersey? If there even is one out there…LOL

There’s no underground scene in Jersey. There’s rappers and artist but theres nothing organized. Its like everyone is in their own bag so we very rarely collab . There’s only a short few I would work with too . For the same reasons. It doesnt make much sense to do so right now.

Please breakdown the creative process of your new “Numb Jesus” EP? Wicked cover art btw! How did you end up coming up with that EP cover art??

Thanks man! I appreciated, I have been getting a lot of compliments on complaints on it. ha. I gotta be honest I thought about doing a lot more for Numb Jesus. I have other songs written but ultimately decided to focus my budget on pushing a small portion of songs harder instead of the other way around.I feel like in today’s climate, it’s a lot better to put out smaller projects more frequently than bigger projects every year ,

How often do you perform LIVE!? have you ever been on tour?

Please tell us abut your mission statement regarding your music and movement. What do you want fans to walk away with after listening toy our projects? Also, please describe your sound in the simplest way possible?

What you got cooking next? Anything special for Summer 2018!!??

I’m working this summer prepare for the Fall/Winter. I have a tour and a project Im doing with the horrorcore group Dead Noise. and I’m also working on another group project “Street Shamans” which is going to be a collective of different things to express the Street Shamans vision. Podcast, Album, Clothes. Get yourself ready for that!

Our most popular question, what is your definition of “Underground Hip Hop”?

Underground hip hop is music that is made from the heart first , and profit second. And it’s usually in a grassroot , DIY manner .

Where can fans find your music? Drop all links!!

Everyone can find my music through one solid link : , also follow me on Instagram :

Any Shout Outs??

For sure ! I would like to give a shout out to my real ones! Shout out to Nick Rebel , my homie out of Cleveland that I’m working with on the Street Shamans project .To my homie Ricki Carcass from Dead Noise! To my beautiful gf Leelee and to my dog Rockstar.

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