Nasz Dawg battles himself in “Mirror Match”

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

Nasz Dawg is battling his own demons on this hard-hitting and insightful track titled “Mirror Match” where he reflects on his childhood and environment and how they shaped him. From his street-savvy father and hustling mum, Nasz Dawg was trusted into a hostile environment at a young age and was forced to learn the ways of the wolves lest he gets eaten up.


As Nasz Dawg continued his individual journey and evolved, he came to an agreement with an upstart Akron-based entertainment management team, Royal Rulerz Entertainment LLC. The company was founded by Co-Owners, Vernon Shelton and Mark ‘Kali Kal’ Calloway. He has recently released and featured in multiple music projects and videos that can be both listened to and viewed on multiple social media platforms today.

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