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Listen to “Those Were The Days” by Midnight Kids ft Jared Lee

The production duo Midnight Kids began dropping original material last year yet, have been quick to get involved in the festival circuit. Pretty cool too their first ever festival spot was just a few weeks ago at Coachella. Made all the more amazing because they only have two fully-fledged singles under their belt, “Serious” (which I have previously written about) and debut release “Find Our Way“. The heat is definitely rising around them. Set to get hotter further still since “Those Were The Days” single number three has arrived on the scene.

The track is steeped with pretty epic, electronically charged elements. Where chord progressions grow into an expanse of sonic melody. While being mindful to give listeners a euphoric rush, but not at the expense of losing some of their artistic integrity. Which the duo has built up from their many slick top-draw remix productions, (where they are most notably recognised for their rework of The Chainsmokers track “Young“). It is not just the duo’s presence on the electronic pop scene which is substantially increasing. The featured artists who they are collaborating with on their singles keep getting bigger in stature. It was exciting to get Matthew Koma on board as the vocalist for “Serious“. For “Those Were The Days” the additional vocal duties are provided by equally brilliant singer, songwriter and platinum producer Jared Lee.

It can be easy to pass off production duos as being most interested in the overall technical features of their work. This cannot be said of Midnight Kids, song narratives and lyrics play a massively important role in their music. The duo use song lyrics to recount stories from their youth, about growing up and figuring out the whole life thing. Done in a way which is personable and charming. Easy to relate to and genuine. This is the reason why I felt a connection to their music. They are stamping their songs with a good dose of originality. I am much of the opinion that straight-talking lyrics is the best way forward to enjoy EDM nowadays. It is a joy to see, Midnight Kids have already understood there’s a lot to be said for keeping it real.

Connect with Midnight Kids
Twitter: @usmidnightkids

Connect with Jared Lee
Twitter: @jaredleemusic

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