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How Your Music Style Can Influence Your Fashion Sense

For many people in the country, you can have an idea of the style of music they like depending on what they are wearing. For as long as music has been around, people have often based their fashion sense on what they like to listen to, with some people going to more of an extreme than others; think Motley Crue fans with their tight leather pants and huge hair!

Who We Are

Music plays such a part in so many people’s lives, and it also says a lot about who we are as a person. Music can not only be part of our personality, but it can also be flexible and be adapted into our individual style.

In the 1970s and ‘80s, there was disco and rock, and in the ’90s, there was punk, so the style in these decades was often influenced by music. However, in the 2000s, it seems like we are less inspired by musicians and tracks when it comes to our fashion choices.

Maybe this is because there are so many mediums in which we can listen to music nowadays from TV to radio, streaming services to social media, that the choice is just so vast when it comes to pinpointing one style of music we like.

Music Videos

Music videos were also a lot more prominent back in the ‘70s and ’80s, meaning there was an easy platform to influence impressionable music lovers. More weight is held on the social media accounts of these pop stars and rock bands in the digital age, as we are more interested in what they are doing in their day to day lives than we are wondering how we can copy their style.

However, there will always be diehard fans that want to emulate their music icon, which is perfectly acceptable as this is who they are and how they define themselves.

Fashion and Style Are No Accident

According to research in 2012, the relationship between music and fashion isn’t an accident; when a certain type of music is seen to be on trend, then many people dress accordingly to how that band or genre does.

Researchers found that if people liked ballads, dance, hip hop or rock, then they were more likely to adhere to that style of fashion as opposed to people that didn’t necessarily like such specific music.


Some of the stereotypes that you can guess what kind of music they perhaps like are:

  • A rock band fan: Traditionally, seen in bandanas and ripped jeans. Or if they are into Britpop, which is also a sub-genre of rock, then military style jackets that have a retro edge.
  • Reggae fans: Bob Marley attire, dreadlocks with beads in the hair and lose, bright colored clothes.
  • Pop fans: Younger girls and boys with high fashion pieces combined with slogan t-shirts of the band or singers
  • Indie music: Dark dyed hair, eyeliner (for both boys and girl), piercings, skinny black jeans, and plaid shorts.
  • Rap music: High-end fashion such as designer tops, jeans, and shoes.

Whether music influences your style or you dress depending on how you feel that day, the proof is there that there have always been people that copy what a music icon is doing and what they are wearing. This enables some people to gain confidence as they are happy with that musician’s style, so if fashion and music can make people content, then there is no harm in anyone copying their favorite band.

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