Amiri Jaccson Proves He's An Artist To Watch in 2023 With 'Project Prince'

New York’s newest noisemaker Amiri Jaccson arrives with his debut album, Project Prince! Made up of thirteen trendy tracks, Amiri takes listeners on a musical marathon with a versatile sonic soundbed that’ll stay stuck in your head after one listen. Additionally, each raved record resonates with his fans in some way or another. 

From the slow, subtle synths of “Solo” to the Jazz inspired “Kid In Queens”, the astounding album opens up with a wide range of musical opportunities for listeners. Next up, Amiri talks that talk to fans on his turnt up track “Talkin” before bringing it back to the beginning, as he pays homage to his hometown on “914”. Maintaining momentum, Amiri Jaccson brings along fellow collaborator, Ty Leray for a fire feature on “Gifted”. In which this standout single serves as the only guest appearance appearing on the album. 

Switching it up by slowing it down a bit, the booking breakout artist unveils “Understand Me” followed up by his optimistic “One Day” release. Not letting up, Amiri continues catching a vibe on raved records “Always Been Me” and “Always Been You”. Moving the masses through his music, Amiri taps into his cultural bag by spitting a little Spanish on “Yo No Se” and asks God to save him on “Save Me” before the album begins to close out with hot hits like “Ride for My Bruddas” and “Let Up” which he launched at the top of the year. 

Continuously honing his craft, Amiri's latest offering Project Prince proves his position in hip-hop. While highlighting his artistic abilities and viral versatility. Nonetheless, this timeless collective captures the art and heart of all things Amiri Jaccson. In addition to being the perfect project to set the standard for what’s to come in the near future. 

For now, get familiar with this trailblazing talent. Press play on Project Prince here at Hip Hop Indie Music. Lastly, let us know what you think! 

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