Abrax Phaeton share two singles “Still Not Rich” and “Summer ’22”

Abrax Phaeton comes through with two tracks from his new project It’s Whatever…IDGAF, a 10-track project that sees him teaming with producer/mix engineer Terrex who helps him with cinematic backdrops.

“Still Not Rich” is the main single and it’s a go-getter anthem that showcases his winning mentality. On this one, he implores listeners not to settle for less and shows us how growth allowed him to see further than his peers. He also realized that there is alwasy more to learn and growth never stops.

The second tune “Summer ’22” sees him reflecting on the summer of the year with an impending recession, he had to find new ways to afloat financially and fully enjoy the summer. He makes use of a moody trap backdrop to share his story andhow he is making moves to achieve his master plan.

Listen to the album It’s Whatever…IDGAF, below



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