Garrett Zoukis Drops Off “Dirty Laundry”

Rising star Garrett Zoukis just dropped off a track to remember with “Dirty Laundry”

Are you a fan of J. Cole, Odd Future, or Mac Miller?

If you answered yes (which I am sure you did), I have a special song to put you on today…

Garrett Zoukis is an upcoming mc from Los Angeles, California, who has been making his mark on the rap game with records like 4th Quarter and Eunia.

On September 8th 2023, Zoukis offered to us the next chapter in his musical journey with a track titled “Dirty Laundry,” and it did not disappoint. In just three minutes, Garrett sets the tone for what to expect from him in the near future with his imaginative performance. Between the LA rapper’s witty bravado and relatable subject matter, he delivers a performance on this track that is just as charming as it is raw. It’s these factors that allow for you to exist within this gifted artist’s mind and understand who he really is during these three minutes. The musical worldbuilding on this track is another aspect of its strength as Garrett really morphs you into another world for the duration of this song.

The high-pitched vocal loop creates the perfect backbone for the song’s instrumental, and this sonic pallet does a great job at taking you back to the blog era while also exciting you for the future of Garrett’s journey. It’s this ability to ride between nostalgia yet the horizons of the future that makes this song so compelling.

In modern music, there are a lot of artists who have become impossible to resonate with because of their out-of-touch lyrics and safe musical choices, and fortunately, you do not get any of this with “Dirty Laundry.” Just by telling a fairly relatable story focusing on the themes of self-worth, Garrett allows people to connect with his story and his experience, ultimately opening a gateway for even more compelling stories. Overall, by presenting to us a personal story with a catchy instrumental and some sharp lyricism, Garrett Zoukis has made something special with his new song “Dirty Laundry,” streaming now on all platforms.

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