Skilla Baby X Tee Grizzley - Controversy (Album)

Skilla Baby, a breakout star of the Detroit rap scene who’s risen to fame for his flow-like sound and dynamic lyricism, recently released ‘Controversy,’ a fresh new album alongside fellow Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley. Building upon a steady drumbeat of new music releases since the onset of his career in 2020, Skilla Baby’s latest work shines a spotlight on his edgy aesthetic, poetic lyrics, and experimental approach to classic rap beats. Skilla Baby, a protege of the notable artist Sada Baby, first fell in love with the power of writing when he had to memorize a Langston Hughes poem for school as a child. The impact of this early influence can be felt throughout Sada Baby’s work, but his lyricism feels extra especially powerful in the 12-song sequence on ‘Controversy.’ Though Skilla Baby successfully emulates the vibe of popular classic rap – one of his biggest influences being Lil Wayne – listeners can also glean a deeper layer of unique experimental sounds throughout the album. During press interviews for the recent release, Skilla Baby revealed that his favorite tracks from the album are ‘Gorgeous’ and ‘Side Piece.

“We didn’t just rap – we had a story to tell,” he said about the writing process for the songs with co-writer Tee Grizzley.

‘Controversy’ also comes during an interesting time for Skilla Baby. In just a few short years since launching his career, the Motor City rapper’s notoriety has exploded. He mentioned during the interview that his biggest challenge as an artist these days is adjusting to his sudden fame, particularly in his hometown. The reality of his newfound status hit him hardest when he performed at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, the same venue where he grew up watching the Pistons play.

Though Skilla Baby’s career is rapidly unfolding, he still manages to prioritize community outreach across Detroit. He performs at local schools just as much as he does for fans, if not more.

“I appreciate the schools more than anything because I’ve been in those seats; I feel like if I just save one child, then I did what I was supposed to do,” he said. “I feel I was put on earth to do something like that and save somebody. I do it to motivate them to do better – I want to reach back and let them know I’m still a person who can reach them and touch them.”
For hip-hop fans looking for a fresh take on Detroit rap, Skilla Baby’s ‘Controversy’ is now streaming on all major music platforms.

To stay up to date with the latest from the rising artist, follow him on Instagram @_skillababy, YouTube @SkillaBaby, or Twitter @_SkillaBaby.

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