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Luca Guadagnino Is Directing a New HBO Drama Set in Italy — Report

Luca Guadagnino is quickly becoming one of the film world’s most exciting (and unpredictable) filmmakers. Now, it seems the director of “Suspiria” and “Call Me By Your Name” is looking to bring his work to television for a change. Observer is reporting that Guadagnino is working on an eight-episode series, directing the first two episodes (at least) and writing scripts with a pair of co-writers. The series has the tentative title “We Are Who We Are” (not to be confused with Jim Mickle’s 2013 English-language remake “We Are What We Are”). Set in Italy, “We Are Who We Are” reportedly centers on Fraser and Caitlin, a pair of teenagers discovering themselves while living on a military base.

Francesca Manieri, who co-wrote the 2015 Berlin title “Sworn Virgin” along with director Laura Bispuri, is also working on the scripts for the series, as is Italian writer Paolo Giordano. This news comes with no casting yet, but between Fraser and Caitlin’s family and the fellow teenagers, there are plenty of details still to come.

One detail from this report stands out: “Fraser is actually missing his friend from home, Mark, while also developing an innocent romantic connection with an older soldier named Jason.” While that’s not exactly a “Call Me By Your Name” redux, it does seem like there might be some thematic connection between Guadagnino’s highest-profile film to date and his biggest TV foray yet.

The director certainly has been busy amassing projects since the debut of the Dakota Johnson-starring remake of “Suspiria” last fall. One other notable item in the works from Guadagnino is a film based on the seminal Bob Dylan album “Blood on the Tracks,” with a script penned by “The Fisher King” writer Richard LaGravenese.

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