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A few Sundays ago, one of my best friends and I had a chance to catch up over breakfast at Venkmans Restaurant in Old Fourth Ward, Atlanta. We covered the usual stuff – relationships, business, travel, our dogs, and life. As he talked I noticed the additional adornment he was swaggin'… a few rings. He was giving off low-key  Lenny Kravtiz vibes. After telling me the story behind each one he asked how he should be wearing them– wondering if a few of the rings were too feminine or not. I gave him a few tips, and he gifted me a ring with Turkish origins (thanks Julian)

More than anything I appreciated his thoughtfulness in personalizing his style. It's been evolving over these past few years and I could see that jewelry was going to be apart of it. So I decided to create him a personalized Ring Style Guide. Because, hey– what are friends for!

I'm going to keep the generosity flowing and share his custom guide with all you Urban Gents out there. 



In general,  "less is more" is the rule of thumb for most things in life, especially if those "less" items are of high quality. Great fit, good materials, and good colors that match one's skin tone and look will always be the main ingredients to good style. For jewelry it's the same different.

Adding jewelry to your ensemble is another layer and creates a definite vibe. It helps tell your style story of who you modern, hipster, luxe, earthy, or even a combination. 
Men Wearing Rings - TheUrbanGent
So How Should an Urban Gentleman Wear Rings?
Here's 4 simple tips:
1. Stick with thicker bands. It's generally more masculine.
2. If you find yourself in love with a thin band rings, try to find 1-2 additional rings (at that same time)that you can stack with it. Try to coordinate their color as best as possible.
3. Wearing just one ring at a time will give you a more streamlined, well-groomed look.

4. Be unique and personable with your choices in jewelry. What's your favorite color, stone, and or symbol.
How Should Men Wear Rings- TheUrbanGent
Just one ring will do, the pinky ring is classic. Johnny Depp sports his rings on his pinky & ring finger

 How to Swag in Rings-The-Urban-Gent   
Lenny Kravitz wears a thin ring on his thumb; Fashionable photographer with thick band rings on all fingers
Justin Bieber Wearing Ring on GQ TheUrbaGent
Justin Bieber Wearing Three Rings on the cover of GQ

Like my friend, some of you may already own a bunch of thin band rings. That's fine, here's 4 tips on how to style them…

How to make a thin band, or more feminine looking ring, look more masculine: 
  • Stacking – if you're going to wear rings with thin bands– stack them. Meaning wear 2-3 rings on one finger. This gives the rings a more masculine look. Wider band rings look more masculine on men, so stacking gives a thin band ring the allusion of looking wider/thicker. 
  • Pinky – another solution for thin-band rings is to wear it on your pinky. Pinky rings are unfortunately synonymous with secret societies and pimping. Though unfortunate (regarding pimping), it also makes a ring on a man's pinky finger the norm. So you can always give this a try. 
  • Thumb – this is probably a more masculine finger to wear a single ring on than the pinky. The pinky has lost some of its luster due to secret society conspiracy theories and rejection of patriarchy. So the thumb is a great solution for a thin-band ring. 
  •  One – less is more. Wearing just one ring, that matches with your clothing that day, is another great alternative. 



Zayn Malik wearing three rings

Guide to Men Wearing Rings - The Urban Gent

At the end of the day, you have to do what the mood calls you to do. If you're hitting up a music festival, going to a fashion event, or just feel like switching it up– multiple rings will do just fine and could be fun to experiment with. The general rule for style (and life in general) is to keep it simple– so when in doubt, just wear one ring. 


For most of you, your only and  most important ring will probably the ring you'll receive from your woman once married/partnered. Making it the classic and stylish of all. 

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