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Meek Mill’s Lawyer: “There’s No Way We Will Let This Injustice Stand”

Meek Mill 'Wins And Losses' Album Signing

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Meek Mill‘s legal troubles have gained a massive spike in relevancy, with a number odd instances throughout. Media outlets have recorded the injustices the Meek artist has faced with his court case, but the Maybach Music Group artist’s lawyer is aiming his efforts to see his client through his recent round of obstacles.

Joe Tacopina still remains hopeful that “there’s no way we will let this injustice stand,” as seen in a report and interview with XXL. Tacopina shared with the outlet a number of behind-the-scenes machinations that point to a mishandling of the matter with hopes of ensuring Meek’s freedom.

Judge Genece Brinkley has been reported of showing unfair harshness to Meek, and a criminal defense attorney that once attempted to work with the rapper is now representing the judge in a suit their side filed, this after she was accused of unethical practices and bias.

Tacopina said, “She gave him a two-to-four-year sentence when both the district attorney and  probation officer recommended no jail time for what was a technical violation, not a criminal offense.”

The good news is that Tacopina and his team have plans to file papers in the higher court to have Meek Mill released on bail. They also have information that they believe makes Meek’s arrest “problematic.”

The continued efforts of Tacopina and Meek’s increasing support shown by the city of Philadelphia, the Eagles, and the hip-hop community has kept Meek uplifted.

“He knows that he has a team that supports him and is fighting for him, he’s got amazing support,” Tacopina told the outlet. “[During the Super Bowl], he watched the Eagles coming out to his music in solidarity for him.”

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