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Kijuana Nige: Model Who Exposed Booger Sugar NFL Coach Is On A Mission

Kijuana Nige is either a hero or villain, depending on which side of the aisle you stand on. The model and media figure launched herself into the headlines after she uploaded a video of former Miami Coach Chris Foerster’s using cocaine, claiming it’s part of a larger mission to expose the NFL’s hypocrisy over race.

Nige, 31, sat down with ESPN Radio’s The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz to share her side of the tale. In the Wednesday (Oct. 11), Nige said her motivation to release the video was two-fold. One, she claims Foerster threated her if she uploaded the clip, and two, she wanted to highlight how a white NFL coach breaking the rules would be protected but protesting players are frozen out in the league.

“He basically sent me a message saying anything I planned to do or tried to harm him will be turned over to his job’s security team,” Nige explained. “After he sent me the video, he came off his high and low-key kind of threatened me if I ended up exposing the information. Before he could do anything to me, I felt that also needed to be exposed. Just in case I somehow pop up dead, that story was still gonna get out.”

Nige claims that she and Foerster had around a two-month relationship and that he sent for her during team trips while using her as a “cocaine platter” among other details. Oddly enough, Nige said that Foerster was a good person but “an example had to be made.”


While Nige took down her old Instagram page (@LuvNThaHustle), the Facebook and a new IG spot is very much popping right now and she’s using it the right way as evidenced by the photos below. Hit the flip to see more of Kijuana Nige in all her curvy and militant glory below and on the following pages.

Photo: Facebook/Instagram

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