eBay Announces New Partnership With FedEx For Shipping & Authentication

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Last week eBay and StockX announced that they’d be adding new fees to the sneakers sold on their websites and now eBay is making a new announcement as they’ve revealed that they will be partnering with FedEx for both shipping and authenticating purposes.

No, FedEx workers aren’t going to be authenticating sneakers, they’ll still just be delivering them (hopefully). But according to Nice Kicks, the new partnership will ensure a free ride for sneakers sold on eBay to authenticators as opposed to paying for that kind of service.

“Beginning in October, upon sale, eBay will provide you with a FedEx label at no cost, to ship your Authenticity Guarantee-eligible sneakers to our authentication center.”

“The change will apply to both new and revised listings, and eBay shipping will be the default domestic shipping service.”

We would’ve preferred if they went back to the days when sellers didn’t have to pay fees on sneakers sold for $100 or more, but it’s something, we guess.

The announcement comes a week after they informed eBayers that they’d be raising seller fees by 12.9% for pairs between $100-$150 for those without a basic store subscription and 12% for those with a subscription.

That same week StockX also revealed that they’d be charging sellers a $4 fee for shipping even as the sneaker community has bemoaned not only their customer service, but the fact that they’ve been caught selling bootleg sneakers multiple times. Heck, even Nike called them out for selling bootleg Jordans to Nike workers who went undercover as everyday StockX customers. It was lowkey funny to be honest. Just sayin’.

What do y’all think of eBay partnering with FedEx? Let us know in the comments section below.

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