Definitely Not The Shooter: Lil Baby Shares Awkward Gun Range Video

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Lil Baby is without a doubt one of the best rappers of his generation with scene-stealing features and hits that will ring off for years. However, the talented star found himself getting checked about his street cred after a video of him at a gun range surfaced last week.

Akademiks posted a video of Lil Baby and another gentleman firing off rounds at what appears to be a makeshift shooting range. The rapper, real name Dominque Jones, is seen firing off a semiautomatic rifle but it looks like the kickback is getting the best of him.

Later in the clip, Lil Baby is seen brandishing a gold-plated pistol and fires off the weapon while his friend looks on with approval.

What many observers have noted is that the It’s Only Me artist doesn’t look entirely comfortable with the deadly weaponry in his hands, contrasting greatly with his image of coming up in the streets of the A. What should be highlighted and celebrated is that LB and his homeboy wore protective gear for their ears.

With Lil Baby’s questionable basketball skills and now this video, maybe shooting just isn’t his thing. No shots. Wait…

Check out the video below.

Photo: Scott Legato / Getty

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