Chrisean Rock Puts Baby Daddy Blueface On Blast For Sharing Son’s Photo

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Chrisean Rock and Blueface are back to their usual on-again, off-again relationship, and the new mother of one is already putting her baby daddy on blast. After Blueface posted a questionable image of their son, Chrisean Rock went on Instagram Live to discuss the matter.

Chrisean Rock saw her name trending after Blueface, or someone who allegedly hacked his Twitter account, and posted an image of their infant son’s genitalia. Again, this is alleged as we have not seen or are looking for that photo.

Rock went on IG Live and let off an emotional rant regarding the leaked image of her son. The stream was screen-recorded by The Neighborhood Talk, which we’ll share below.

From what we were able to gather from X, formerly known as Twitter, and from the comments on Instagram, Rock and Blueface’s son might be suffering from a hernia, which sometimes requires surgery. While the offending images are scrubbed from Blueface’s Twitter page, there are posts from last week that address Rock and their son.

“I know she going thru some an it’s not easy no hood harder then parent hood so I’m not gone be mean to her no more cuz her mental state determines how my son day goes let’s just encourage her to be more accountable an responsible this time around come on rock we got this I’m here,” Blueface tweeted last Friday (September 22).

In a series of tweets posted Monday morning (September 25), Rock looks as if she’s attempting, yet again, to sever ties with Blueface with fans urging her to do so for good.

“I tried making peace but he knew certain things I wasn’t for real about like actually doing milfmusic and back yo giving my income to him,” began the morning thread.

It continued with, “Crazy i didn’t even know u posted our sons D*ck on social media woah this man knows how to hurt me bro I got nothing else to say blue this ain’t ya kid no more blue I got nothing but love for this tragic situation.

We’ve got reactions to Chrisean Rock and Blueface’s latest fallout below.

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