#BringBackMasks: Bring Back Masks Trends On Twitter, Sees Some Pushback

Covid 19 vaccinaation.

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Bring Back Masks began trending on Twitter Tuesday (September 28) amid new reports that COVID-19 cases are surging in portions of the United States in the wake of some 40,000 deaths over the summer alone. The trending topic was supported by medical professionals urging a return to masking in certain public spaces but it was met with the requisite pushback from masking critics.

Bring Back Masks, stylized on Twitter as #BringBackMasks, garnered a flurry of response from the medical community and other individuals on the opposite side of the debate. It appears to have picked up steam after Twitter user @kadamssl shared an image of what is presumed to be her daughter refusing to take off her mask during picture day with the hashtag attached at the end of the tweet.

The tweet received over 700 retweets and 11,000 likes after going viral within the social media network. Given the climate and divide within the nation, the response from anti-maskers to the trending topic has been especially harsh. The topic is under the “Politics” category designation, presumably because of the likes of Donald Trump Jr. and others offering their opinions. A common refrain from detractors is that vaccinations and masks didn’t prevent those who did receive shots and wore protection from contracting COVID-19.

Scientists have long said that the best way to prevent the virus from permeating the air is to mask up yet pandemic fatigue, public outrage, and economic impact are all considered factors as to why many businesses and individuals are doing away from masking.

On Twitter, the response to the Bring Back Masks debate is wide-ranging and we’ve got tweets from all sides below.

















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