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Matt Nye drops new full length EP ‘I’ll Be Fine’ 

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

Emerging emcee Matt Nye shares his new project I’ll Be Fine, a 16 track project that is filled with smooth soulful beats, gritty boom bap punches, and most importantly honest and reflective lyrics. The project is helmed by the rapper himself with features ranging from the legendary emcees Keith Murray and Krayzie Bone, Rime Salmi, Johnny Hardwick, and more.

From the intro “Call From Gribble,” listeners can tell that Nye doesn’t quite take himself too seriously and consciously throws in humorous elements to lighten the somewhat gloomy subject matter. He also doesn’t go overboard with the humor so there is quite a balance throughout the project. The title track follows the intro and gives listeners a glimpse into Nye’s mindstate as he comes to terms with his situation and he assures us all that he will be ok at the end of it all.  “Whatever Is Whatever” has a dreamy jazz texture and solid bounce while Nye delivers more than a handful of off-the-cuff lyrics like “and I heard Jane Fonda won’t wear Prada but best walk the streets at night with no dollars/My gramps hung with Lanksy asked to kill Seigel.” “Bruh” takes a sample from the Bruh man character from the classic Martin show and has a solemn texture with a thumping bassline to match. “Wanna be A Gotti” has a bright flute-like synth and heavy trap bounce and sure changes the energy on the project and sees Nye in his element. “Smokin Mirrors” features Keith Murray and Kell Vicous who join Nye over a melancholic piano-driven beat that is as cinematic as they come. The rappers share their thoughts on people who fake it to fit in and all the drama that comes with it. The next song “So Low When So High” features Krayzie Bone and it’s quite interesting with its surreal and atmospheric mood. Krayzie delivers his characteristic melodic style and kills the hook as Nye details his family background with such vividness. “Gaslight” features singer Rime Salmi who opens up the track with an emotionally gripping chorus. Nye plays an emotionally abusive character who uses gaslighting as one of his tactics to manipulate his significant other while Salmi plays the friend who is trying to warn her to be aware. This is quite insightful and relatable. The project ends with the guitar-laden track “I’ll be great,” a humorous track that sees Nye trying out some melodic runs and he sure delivers the goods. He is as honest as ever and hilarious as well.

I’ll Be Fine as a whole is quite a journey, it sure has a lot of mood swings and varied emotions, and for the most part tackles a wide variety of issues, mainly personal. Nye shows a lot of character and gives the listener both sides to his life without going overboard.


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French Montana “FTMU,” Ty Dolla $ign ft. Post Malone “Spicy” & More | Daily Visuals 11.25.20 

2019 Global Citizen Festival held in Central Park New York City, United States

Source: Derrick Salters/ / WENN

It’s been more than 8 years since Christopher Nolan closed out his classic Batman trilogy with 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises, and though most people have since moved on to the MCU, the film’s antagonist, Bane has obviously left an impression on French Montana.

In his latest visuals to “FTMU,” French Montana heads back to his hood decked out in a Bane mask and leather shearling jacket just like the man who broke Batman’s back though we’re not sure why he chose to rock that specific attire in 2020.

Ty Dolla $ign and Post Malone meanwhile get their wild-wild west world on in their clip to “Spicy” where the two turn into cowboys with futuristic weapons.

Check out the rest of today’s drops including work from Th1rt3en featuring Pharoahe Monch and Cypress Hill, Peso Peso, and more.








Cyrus Dobre – Bye Bye (Official Music Video) 

The official music video for "Bye Bye" by Cyrus Dobre was recently released to stellar acclaim. Roxana Baldovin directed this epic R&B jam with gripping visuals and cutting-edge aesthetics. Cyrus has created an infectious track that combines smooth R&B with dope, fresh hip-hop lyrics, and a classy, laid-back beat. This enchanted ballad intertwines elements of contemporary rap with harmonious, melodic vocals with each pulsating verse.

The night is yours as you blast this song on in your car or chillin' at home. The video has a Halloween theme with a new wave essence and some of your favorite comic book stars. From the Joker to hot, skeleton costume-clad dancers, the presentation accentuates the vibe of this uniquely-crafted number. With neon colors, vibrant visuals, and an original feel and look -- the video and song truly go hand in hand. Cyrus Dobre is the newest sensation on the R&B-rap fused scene and certainly has a long career ahead of him.

"Bye Bye" has the rhythms you want in a cool, slick ode to everlasting romance. However, there are times when you just have to move on -- and this track and video are like a cinematic tale folding before our eyes on the silver screen. Cyrus Dobre is as unique as his song -- a timeless ballad that will echo in our hearts, minds, and especially ears for years to come.


"Bye Bye"



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Kea Michaels Releases “Holla If You Hear Me” 

Listen now:

The Radio Edit Fade of Kea Michaels' "Holla If You Hear Me" is off the charts! This jam has an infectious jazzy beat with stunningly beautiful vocals. As a slickly crafted R&B number, this song is Sade-esque with Michaels' melodic voice that is unique and mesmerizing. I love the way Kea flows from one lyric to another with an incredible celebration of music and style. This ballad brings me back to those romantic nights in New York City just sipping on some wine and taking in the sights under the starry night.

"Holla If You Hear Me" has the and charisma of George Benson with the captivating style and sound of Anita Baker. Don't get me wrong --Kea Michaels has a unique, distinct voice that captures the heart, soul, and essence of love songs and R&B. She is a fantastic singer and lyricist with a strong following on social media and fan base. The lovely, vivacious Michaels has incredible range and truly knows how to compel the audience. "Holla if You Hear Me" is a musical journey that will leave you wanting more. I have this song on repeat, and it gets better every time I hear it.

If you love old-school R&B romantic ballads with a contemporary vibe, this one is it! There is something magical about this track -- it combines elements of modern R&B with vintage styles that just melt your heart and dazzle the earbuds with each listen. I am definitely a Kea Michaels and fan and urge you to listen to her latest single by clicking on the link below.



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Rayne Muzik Releases “GRIP” 

"Grip" by Rayne Muzik is a song dedicated to people going through difficult times. The global pandemic has hit the nation and world like a never-ending sledgehammer. Scores of people are dealing with anxiety, depression, and loss in countless ways. This ballad serves to bring love and restore belief to their lives. Whether from encouraging words of expression or physical touch, "Grip" can help ease the pain, people are suffering daily.

This beautiful, soulful ballad will touch your heart and leave you in tears. The emotional vibe and essence truly reconnect us with our minds, bodies, and spirits. The harmonic, angelic voices are soothing and heartwarming with each lovely ballad and verse. The piano blares steadily while we try to see the meaning behind each word and line on the track. If you feel overwhelmed, undervalued, or that life has lost its meaning -- consider listening to this track to revitalize, replenish, and rejuvenate the system.

There is always hope, and each cloud has a silver lining. "Grip" by Rayne Muzik reiterates the fact that we are mere mortals that need love, companionship, and each other to live and survive in this ever-changing and demanding world. This song will breathe new life into a world that has been blanketed by fear, negativity, uncertainly, and sheer gloom for far too long. Take a listen by clicking on the link below, and be prepared to immerse yourself in something amazing!


Music link:

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Extra Life: Walmart’s PS5 & Xbox Series S|X Restock Goes Live Tonight 

Xbox Series S|X & PS5

Source: Microsoft / Sony

Rejoice gamers, if you’re looking for a PS5 or Xbox Series X, Walmart just dropped the extra life you have been looking for to complete your mission.

We already know for Black Friday week (yes, this is a thing) the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 5 All-Digital version, and Xbox Series S|X will be back in stock on or around Black Friday (Nov.27). Thanks to Walmart, your first chance to cop one of the next-gen consoles will happen tonight.

According to Walmart’s website, the PS5 and Xbox Series S|X will be available starting at 6 pm PST (9 pm EST) when these links go live.

Unfortunately, Walmart revealing the time when its restock goes live, gives scalpers time to prime up their bots to get ready also. To help your chances, you should make sure you have an account with Walmart with your payment information uploaded, so when you proceed to checkout, you will give yourself a greater chance to purchase whatever console you selected into your cart.

Like previous Walmart restocks, we expect an influx of traffic to the website will cause it to crash or freeze, so be prepared for that happen as well but don’t let it deter you. Keep in mind, if you do not get a PS5 or Xbox Series X tonight, there will be plenty of other opportunities leading up to Black Friday, so stay vigilant.

Good luck.

Photo: Microsoft / Sony

Florida Man: Rapper Ace NH Kills Two People Right After His Video Shoot 

Florida rapper Billy Bennett Adams III

Source: Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office / Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office

It’s a sad state of affairs in the Hip-Hop industry. Another rapper is now involved in a murder plot.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Ace NH was arrested and charged with the murder of two men. On Thursday, November 19 the Florida performer visited a studio for the purposes of filming a music video. After finishing the project he allegedly shot the two unnamed individuals and sped off in a vehicle. He was apprehended by local police two days later.

According to the initial report the man born Billy Bennett Adams III knew both of the victims. While it is unclear what prompted him to assault the duo it is speculated that the crime is gang-related.

Both Adams and one of the men are Crips, allegedly. Sheriff Chad Chronister offered further context via a formal statement.

“Although the attack was clearly targeted, we will not allow gang-related disputes to disrupt the comfort and safety of innocent residents in any of our communities” he said. “It is clear that this suspect had no regard for human life, and now he will face the consequences for his actions,” he added.

Ace NH is charged with two counts of first-degree murder and one count of armed robbery. He is being held without bail and reported —ahem, worked—at s Finish Line store in The Shops at Wiregrass in Wesley Chapel.


Twitter Announces You Might Be Able To Get Your Blue Check Starting Early 2021 

Twitter's New Verification Process Will Launch Early 2021


If you have been wondering when exactly you would be able to apply for your blue check on Twitter again, we have some good news for you.

Back in June, App researcher Jane Manchun Wong shared screenshots suggesting that Twitter was bringing back its verification process with some much-needed improvements like making qualifications much clearer for those applying for their blue check.

Tuesday (Nov.24) confirmed via its blog Wong’s discovery by announcing that the new and improved verification process will launch “early 2021.” If things remain the same, accounts that would be eligible for verification include companies, government accounts, sports, organizers, activists, brands, and “other influential individuals.” Each type of account must meet specific requirements like being profiled by another website to qualify for verification.

Twitter has a shared a draft of the policy, which can be viewed here, and is currently accepting feedback from users before the final policy is released on December 17.

Twitter also shared how your precious blue check can be taken away as well in the blog post. If a user who has been verified changes their bio or display name to mislead people about their true identity, Twitter has the right to pull their badge. Repeat terms of service violations could also lead to your blue check being confiscated. So basically, Donald Trump should have been lost his verification.

Not everyone will qualify for a blue check, but Twitter says there will be other ways to “distinguish accounts” on the social media network.

“But the blue verified badge isn’t the only way we are planning to distinguish accounts on Twitter. Heading into 2021, we’re committed to giving people more ways to identify themselves through their profiles, such as new account types and labels. We’ll share more in the coming weeks. This is just the beginning of what we have planned for 2021.”

If you want to partake in helping to mold the new verification policy, Twitter is allowing users to partake in a survey before December 8th. You can also Tweet your thoughts using #VerificationFeedback.


HHW Tech Review: Google’s Nest Audio Is The Best Midsize Speaker On The Market For Only $99 

HHW Tech Review: Google Nest Audio

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

There are plenty of smart speaker options on the market to choose from right now. Google hopes it’s Nest Audio will be the one that will grab your attention and help smarten up your homes.

Does Size Matter?

Amazon, Sonos, Apple, and Google all offer consumers wireless speakers in small, midsize, and large options that help determine where you will place them in your house. Google aims to give you a great midsize option with the Nest Audio, the replacement to the 2016 Google Home that could work in any room situation. The Nest Audio’s rather strange pillow-like shape doesn’t throw off the decor of whatever room it’s placed in, be it the living room, bedroom, or kitchen, thanks to its mesh design that does come in an assortment of color options.

Even when it’s not paired with another speaker, the Nest Audio still manages to deliver superb sound quality to fill whatever room it is in. Using just a mono speaker setup (75 mm woofer and 19 mm tweeter), the Nest Audio manages to compete with the likes of Amazon’s new Echo and will have you jamming out while doing whatever tasks at the time.

Don’t Let Its Simple Design Fool You.

Looking at the Google Nest audio, its design doesn’t blow you away due to Google keeping things very simple aesthetically wise. Outside of the four hidden LED lights that appear when you wake the speaker or adjust the volume, it’s nothing to marvel at. What matters is what’s on the inside of the smart speaker that helps it stand out from the rest.

The Nest Audio has 3 far-field microphones that do an excellent job at picking up my voice accurately when issuing commands like inquiring about the weather or telling it to play a specific song via YouTube Music or Spotify. I noticed I had to shout when trying to talk over the music playing at the time. I was also reminded that I still have Issa Rae as my voice assistant.

On the top of the Nest Audio are hidden touch controls that allow you to lower or raise the volume or start and stop songs. The touch controls are a tad bit sensitive, but you probably won’t use them that much. If you’re one of those people worried about your speaker secretly listening to you, Google added a simple switch on that easily mutes the mic.

HHW Tech Review: Google Nest Audio

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Final Verdict

For only $99, I believe Google has the best midsize smart speaker out right now with the Nest Audio. It’s easy to set up and use and pair with other smart devices around your home. If you’re in the market for a smart speaker or looking for that perfect Christmas present, you can’t go wrong with Google’s Nest Audio.

You can head here to pick one up right now and even save $30 when you purchase a second Nest Audio via Google.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz