NuMainstream Talks w/ Nas-T - Episode 13 - What's Free? 



NuMainstream Talks about Meek Mills new album Champions and his newfound activism, also discuss Jay Z's iconic verse on the song "What's Free", along with Kareem Hunt's alleged assault on a woman and the NFL's stance on…


NuMainstream Talks Episode 11 - Politically Incorrect 

NuMainstream Talks politics and voting. Do Black people need all the shenanigans to inspire us to go to the polls? Barack and Michelle Obama net worth continually rises, Will Smith's son Jaden is wilding out for making announcements without consent…

NuMainstream Talks w/ Kimberly Daniece and The SunQueen! 

NuMainstream Talks with Kimberly Daniece and SunQueen Kelcey, discussing Mac Miller's autopsy, Rick Ross advising Kanye to eat Lemon Pepper Wings, Justin Bieber's car breakdown, Floyd Mayweather fighting in the UFC, Iggy Azalea's Bang Bros proposition, Migos performing the…


NuMainstream Talks - Episode 8 - Bizzare World 

NuMainstream Talks discusses Saturday Night Live Kanye West and Donald Trump meeting skit, C-SPAN should never be entertaining Emily B's Dad has Fabolous' back, Vic Mensa talking XXXTentacion, and #CornerStoreCaroline.


NuMainstream Talks - Episode 7 - Black Ink Crew Sex Pad 



NuMainstream Talks discusses Black Ink couple accused of renting out a rental property for sex! We also discuss Kanye deleting his Twitter and Instagram, Birdman and Tyga lawsuit, Katt Williams laying hands on his driver, Iggy Azalea's…


Episode 5 - 93oe Katt, Kevin, and Kanye

NuMainstream Talks discusses Katt Williams rant and Kevin Hart defending Tiffany Haddish. Eminem's "Killshot" review and Kanye West defending Kim Kardashian. 

So Many Beefs 


#NuMainstreamTalks Colin Kaepernick Nike Endoursement, George Zimmerman threatens Jay-Z, RIP Mac Miller, Ty Dolla $ign Arrested, Cardi Vs. Nicki, Mary J. Blige vs. Faith Evans, Eminem Vs. Joe Budden!


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Azalea Banks vs Wildn' Out, Drake Monopoly, RIP John McCain 


NuMainstream Talks discusses Azalea Banks being wack for being in her feelings about her appearance on Wildn' Out! Drake has a Monopoly Game, Drunk fan running up on Beyonce' and Jay Z, John McCain took up for Obama…

Nikki Minaj vs. Safaree Hairline! 

Check  out  Episode 2 that just aired on FaceBook Live August 20, 2018! Discussing topics like the #MeTooMovement Terry Crews, Aretha Franklin, Nicki vs Safaree, Young Thug Gun charges, Kodak Black released from jail.



Titty Milk and Syrup!


NuMainstream Talks host discuss breastfeeding in public and the controversy behind it. They also discuss young artist and rap drug culture.