NuMainstream Talks About Nothing 


NuMainstream Talks about Big Sean's new album, Dr. Dre's wife's spousal support deal, Future's baby momma drama, and Ice Cube becoming a "real lord", and more!!


NuMainstream Talks Trailer 

NuMainstream Talks is a trending topic news podcast! We have fun discussing relevant NEWS with our viewers! Here's a quick preview of the vibe!!

NuMainstream Talks About Knockin Boots w Superb Skillz 

NuMainstream Talks about Chadwick Boseman's untimely death, should they continue with the Black Panther franchise? Also, about Monica VERZUZ Brandy,  We talk with Superb Skillz about upcoming projects and realease song Knockin Boots, and more!!


NuMainstream Talks Dirty to Ya! w NolaLee 

Today we had a special guest NolaLee who shared some insight into her podcast "Positive Sexual Energy Only", where they speak unfiltered about sexual topics. We joined in on some quick discussions about sex and dating in 2020! 

NuMainstream Talks Only Fans and more 

NuMainstream Talks Only Fans and Kamala Harris as democratic candidate pick as well as the NBA playoffs and the bubble, Tyson fight pushed back, and more!!


NuMainstream Talks about WAP and more 

NuMainstream Talks with J-Ready @jrncemcee and SmoothBlackdaFantom @dafantom336 about Cardi B and Meg Thee Stallion song "WAP", they also discuss the Rick Ross vs 2 Chainz Verzuz, a girl that ran over her husband with her car in Norfolk,…

NuMainstream Talks @HOME w ONNY 

@RadioGuy_ caught up with Onny about her music and coronavirus experience. (Video and performance below)



Onny is a young Nigerian-American that excels in singing, writing music, producing music and beats, dancing, and acting. Born in Detroit,…

NuMainstream Talks @HOME w Blac Lou Kaine 

@ParisAmorOfficial had the pleasure of speaking with Greensboro's own @blac_lou_caine formally known as Black Boi! They had a convo about the Corona Virus and staying safe while handling business. They also discussed new ventures as well as his…

NuMainstream Talks w Jasmine Taylor and Candice Nance 

NuMainstream Talks with Jasmine Taylor about domestic abuse and Candace Nance about yoga and gun violence. RIP John Witherspoon. We also discuss the Netflix show Rhythm and Flow. We discuss Kanye's album "Jesus Is King" and more!!

NuMainstream Talks w/ comedian Ace Brown 


NuMainstream Talks with Ace Brown and he got jokes! They also discuss crime and violence in Greensboro, NC hit and run incident that left one dead and five injured, along with another black victim shot and killed by…