Messy Mayhem Manipulator Clay Gravesande Says He Was ‘Used’ By Celina Powell, Insists They’re Not...


Love Is Blind but it also a hot mess.

Love Is Blind Season 6 Key Art and Portraits

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Clay Gravesande, the season 6 contestant whose toxic tendencies got everyone talking, once again made eyebrows raise with his recent dating choices but now he’s silencing the nosie and alleging that he’s a single man.

According to Clay, this time he was the real victim. After the internet got wind of his alleged relationship with Only Fans model, Celina Powell, people were once again wondering why Clay wasted everyone’s time on the hit Netflix series.

According to the reality TV villain, however, he wasn’t aware of Celina’s interesting ways of engaging with Black men in the public eye.

In an interview with internet personalities Rory and Mal, Clay claims,

“I didn’t really know the power of Celina and her toxicity. I was just talking and…you know what I mean…I got caught up in the storm.”

The hosts then asked Clay if he knew he was being used when Powell posted the pair on the internet in a suggestive manner.

“Oh, she got me. She won. She won 100%,” said Clay.

Still, Clay found it in his heart to say some nice things about Celina, who seemingly took shots at both he and his mother via social media.


Celina actually is a cool a** person.

Well, that’s some true amazing grace for someone who said “f*** you and your motherf***ing mama” just days ago.


But ill stop. God bless. #fyp #loveisblind #trending #miami

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Must have talked to Jesus like his mother told him to.

Super cool person, it seems.

Meanwhile, our girl AD has been living her best life, body still tea and getting to her influencer bag.

She’s collaborated with brands like Fenty Beauty, Walmart, Dove and Cerave in recent months. She also recently took her mother along for a press trip at Netflix’s Netflix Is A Joke Fest.

She continues to be a fan favorite and collect her blessings. We truly love to see it.


Meanwhile if you care to see more of Clay, watch him on Rory & Mal’s podcast below.


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