Please tell us how many years have you been creating?: 

I’ve been making music since 2016 

Tell us who are your influences? : 

Young Jeezy 
Lil Durk 
Fat Trel 
Lil Baby 
No Cap 

Please breakdown the creative process of your project. Also, tell us about the project artwork!: 

I had fun making this project because it’s so diverse, I really enjoyed using different flows and sounds on this project. 

How has your perspective changed when it comes to maintaining being indie, or is your goal to get signed one day!?: 

I like being independent and owning my masters. When I drop a single, a project, or video I get 100% back for everything so it’s really a good thing. I can’t say I wouldn’t sign a deal one day but that’s not my goal at the moment. 

How are you dealing with this Corona Virus epidemic right now?: 

I’ve been recording a lot of music lately. The Virus just slowed down shows and me being able to see my fans but things are opening back up now and I should start traveling again soon. 

Any new projects/videos you are working on!?: 

Just dropped a album February 14, 2021 which I’m currently promoting. I’m dropping another project this year but not sure of the date 

Where can people find you on the web? Drop all the vital links?: UNITED MASTERS 

Anybody you would like to shout out?!: 

Everybody that’s apart of what I have going on and all of my fans. I really appreciate y’all!

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