Album Review: Blimes & Gab want us to ‘Talk About It’

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

There is really no need to introduce your favorite aunties but for those who may be living under a rock, it’s high time you tap into the goodness that Blimes and Gab have delivered on their debut collaborative project titled Talk About It. Before we dive into the 16 track body of work, I just want to take a brief walk down memory lane to when I first heard of these two talented ladies. It was early 2018 when their first single as a duo titled “Come Correct” landed on the internet and reached huge heights. Everyone and their friends were talking about it faster than a sleazy highschool rumor but once I saw the video I was immediately hooked. The chemistry between Blimes Brixton and Gifted Gab is undeniable and like the title of the song, they surpassed the expectations and lived up to the hype.

As a body of work, Talk About It clocks in at 45 minutes with 12 songs, 4 skits, and a whole lot of dopeness in-between. The introductory track “Baptism” makes use of a hymn-like vocal sample and ushers in Gab and Blimes in the smoothest possible manner. There is a lot of back and forth on this cut and the duo brings that raw uncut hip-hop with lines like “Y’all be taking double L’s like you hang around the J/Y’all not down to blaze with 2 girlies from around the way…”  The follow-up track “Sacred” has a lush funk guitar and west coast bounce that would keep your head nodding. The duo delivers a relatable message of keeping the right people around you when the poo hits the fan. There is also a nice melodic chorus on this track showcasing versatility.

There is no question or doubts about the lyrical abilities of Blimes and Gab so I must confess that I was somewhat particular about the soundscapes used for the entire project. I wasn’t thoroughly surprised but rather pleased that they decided to try various styles and sounds as opposed to sticking to maybe trap or boom-bap. Tracks like “No Samples”, “Feelin It” make use of trap elements while the ladies get their flow on like no man’s business. The R&B infused “Hungover with you” gives the listener a whole different perspective as they kick risque lines like “…And I’m working with a flame thrower now am way sober, that good dick can kill a hangover…”. The track is quite groovy and the sung chorus sure raises the ante.

The core rap fans would surely enjoy the hard-hitting gritty sounds of the title track and once again we get to hear the ladies in their purest form as they dish out some insightful lyrics like  “…Poppa was a rolling stone, always dipping no was home/ Macaulay Culkin, home alone didn’t seem much/ Momma is a warrior, didn’t wanna worry her but I move work like a courier truck…” The next track “Un Deux Trois” is a laidback bass-laden track that will rattle your speakers and of course, the ladies come through with their charismatic personas and all. Blimes kick it off with lines like “Never miscarry friends, that’s dead weight/ Ben Franks will never make my head change..” while Gab follows up with a melody laced flow “I’m blowing up, you can check my mentions/ I get cheques, collect and invest them/I pull up and rev up my engine/Hop out don’t need clout to impress ’em…”. The song also comes with a Pulp Fiction. inspired visuals which you can check below.

Overall the project doesn’t lag or bog down the listener with unnecessary elements and the songs hit the mark while offering different sounds. The skits are actually hilarious and help tie the entire project in a seamless fashion. Regarding guest features, these are far and in between as the aunties sure held it down from start to finish. Iamsu! shows up on the bouncy “Magic”, the hard-hitting remix of “Hot Damn” features legendary emcee Method Man and the final cut “My Way”  has Philly rap veteran Bahamadia doing her thing.

Overall the project will stand the test of time for its accessibility and varied sounds. The raps are solid and the ladies don’t miss a beat throughout the project and for the most part, they don’t take themselves too seriously and show us that you can be a lyricist and still have fun at the same time.

Watch the video for “Shellys (its chill) below


Listen to the entire project below via Spotify.

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