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It starts with a question: What does a brand want to be?

Setting a strategy depends on an understanding of where we want to be before we can determine how to get there. The strategy process at NuMainstream begins with an immersion into a brand’s overall vision, challenges and objectives. We then analyze the market landscape and the journey the customer takes to engage with the brand.

Building off of our understanding of the brand and insights into their market and consumer, our team crafts strategies that fully leverage the opportunities the digital space offers. These strategies help guide the brand towards their overall vision and create enduring relationships with their consumers.


Every interaction is an opportunity to communicate a brand’s story and build enduring relationships with highly connected consumers.



In today’s age, consumers make more and more of their decisions online, demanding brand’s communicate their message in new and exciting ways. Every brand needs digital experiences that tell its unique story and engages with consumers in impactful ways. To be relevant, these experiences must be innovative, insightful and user-friendly.

Our team crafts digital experiences with thoughtful UI/UX design and smart technology, ensuring the story being told is memorable, powerful and on-brand.




The digital space offers targeted, effective and efficient ways to reach customers wherever they are.

Brands are constantly looking for ways to put their message in front of the right audience more efficiently. Using custom methods and precise analytics, digital marketing is able to reach customers more directly.  


Our team creates and manages integrated digital campaigns, using an array of tactics like experiential event marketing, search, display, email and social media. While building brand awareness within a highly targeted audience, our campaigns reinforce messaging and drive qualified traffic to a brand’s digital experience.

 Every online form, button, link and view creates a data point that is an insight into consumer behavior.


Brands that understand and leverage these insights are the ones that succeed in today’s digital marketplace. A major advantage of digital marketing is the abundance of valuable data that it generates. However, that data only becomes valuable when it is properly analyzed to identify behavioral trends and actionable insights.

Our team understands the importance of data-based marketing and the power of analytics to create real recommendations that improve digital performance. Through in-depth analysis across all digital touch points and channels, we are able to monitor trends and glean insights to adjust strategies, optimize campaigns and enhance experiences.