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NuMainstream Talks w Pish Posh 



NuMainstream Talks with Pish Posh artist and designer Imani about her brand. We also discussed 2 Chainz new album Rap or Go To the League, Jhene Aiko and Big Sean Break Up, is Jussie Smollet lying? lol, XXXTentacion murder suspect asking for forensics, JB Blockboy shooting suspect, Kodak Black talking about Lil Wayne's daughter Regine and more! 

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Mystikal Rejects Plea Deal In Rape Case, Lawyers Want Case Dismissed 

Source: Photo: Caddo Correctional Center

Mystikal is out on bail while he fights sexual assault charges. However, the New Orleans rapper isn’t taking a plea deal and instead hopes to have the charges dismissed.

Reports TMZ:

The rapper’s lawyer, Joel Pearce, tells TMZ … he recently met with Caddo Parish, Louisiana prosecutors and they offered what seems like a sweet deal. The aggravated rape charge, which carries a life sentence, would be reduced to simple third-degree rape … with a 25-year max sentence. He says they’d also drop the second-degree kidnapping charge.

In exchange, Mystikal would have to plead guilty to felony simple rape … which Pearce says he’s unwilling to do. Offer rejected.

We’re told Mystikal and his defense team believe the alleged victim is lying and has major credibility issues, so they’re ready to play this out in court.

The trial’s scheduled to start in May, but Pearce says plea negotiations are still ongoing.

Mystikal only posted his bond a month ago after being locked up since turning himself in back in August 2017.

These aren’t the circumstances Mystikal expected to find himself in. He previously served six years after pleading guilty to sexual battery and extortion and was released in January 2010.

Photo: Caddo Correction Center

The Guy Who Dyes Kanye West’s Hair Explains Himself [Photos] 

Kanye West

Source: Splash / Splash News

Kanye West has been experimenting with his hair color lately. So of course, someone tracked down the hairstylist responsible for the Skittles bag-worthy hues Yeezy has been coloring his hair.

Page Six tracked down Daniel Moon, owner of HAIR Salon, where West goes to color his non-wavy ceasar.

“This time, I was allowed to be more detailed, which made me super happy because with more time I can create a more original, multi-dimensional piece,” said Moon of Yeezy’s latest, rainbow-flavor dye job. “Making [it] look real and believable from every direction of the head can be a challenge, but we accomplished that really nicely. The energy in the room was vibrating.”

Was it now? More details on the inspiration:

Moon was inspired to create the splatter-painted style after visiting LA art fairs the weekend before, and wanting “to push the prior two styles that we had collaborated on and take them to the next level. Knowing how inspired Kanye is by color and light and artists like James Turrell helps guide the collaborations.”

It all clicked, he continued, “[once] we found that lava red, which we started using with the last time we worked together. [It] felt like a spirit color for him. When you have your spirit color it tends to ignite something inside, and that’s when the magic happens.”

“Personally, I really enjoyed the final outcome and felt like Kanye did too, so I think everybody is pretty stoked,” he added.

See some angles of West’s look below.

Y’all feeling this? See more photos on the flip.

Kanye West

Source: Splash / Splash News

Photos: Splash News

Moonwalk Back: Khloe Kardashian Realizes Overpaid NBA Player To Blame, Twitter Continues Slander 

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - January 13, 2019

Source: Hollywood To You/Star Max / Getty

Khloe Kardashian finally got some clarity. The “reality star/designer/whatever the hell she actually does” took to Twitter to pin the blame on her family demise on Tristan Thompson—you know, her baby daddy who cheated on her.

By now you may have heard about Jordyn Woods, Kylie Jenner’s now-former BFF, allegedly fooling around with Thompson. While on Red Table Talk, Woods asserted that Thompson kissed her (no tongue) after a long drunken night of platonic hanging out.

Khloe shortly thereafter took to Twitter to say Woods was lying and that she was indeed the source of her family’s demise. Twitter immediately reminded Khloe she may want to throw some of that blame on the guy who stepped out on her, repeatedly.

Yesterday (March 2), Khloe finally pinned the blame on the overpaid NBA players, while copping pleas.

“This has been an awful week & I know everyone is sick of hearing about it all (as am I). I’m a rollercoaster of emotions & have said things I shouldn’t have. Honestly, Tristan cheating on me & humiliating me, wasn’t such a shock as the first time,” she tweeted. “What’s been harder & more painful is being hurt by someone so close to me. Someone whom I love & treat like a little sister. But Jordyn is not to be blamed for the breakup of my family. This was Tristan’s fault.”

But will she apologize for that projection Jordyn Woods, though?

We’re only here for the slander. Peep the best of it in the gallery.

A$AP Bari Charged With 2 Felonies In PA Drug Case 

Gunna Drip or Drown 2 'A Listening Experience'

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

A$AP Bari is familiar with the American and UK court system. As for the former, the A$AP Mob fashion designer has been charged with a couple of felonies stemming from his drug bust in Pennsylvania last year.

Late last year, Bari, born Jabari Shelton, got caught with a gang of weed after he got pulled over in Palmer Township, Pennsylvania. Reportedly, he was pulled over in a Mercedes after cops spotted him driving the wrong way down a street.

According to TMZ, Bari was charged with 2 felonies for possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver weed and criminal conspiracy to commit to possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver. Also, Bari was hit with five misdemeanor charges.

At the top of 2019, Bari pled guilty to sexual assault in the UK and he was fined, avoiding jail time. Back in 2017, video surfaced of Bari assaulting and threatening a woman in a hotel room.

Bari has been ordered to stay away from the unnamed woman.



Donald Glover Settles With Glassnote Records Over Royalties Issue 

Childish Gambino closes out Lovebox 2018

Source: / WENN

Donald Glover and his former label Glassnote Records were embroiled in a legal tussle over unpaid royalties regarding music streaming. The artist also known as Childish Gambino and the label have settled their legal differences, ending a battle that began early last year.


Glover, under his stage name Childish Gambino, release three albums on the label from 2011 to 2017, including the Grammy-winning “Awaken, My Love!” In July, Glassnote went to court, alleging that Glover was trying to claim 100% of streaming royalties from SoundExchange. SoundExchange pays for so-called “non-interactive digital performance royalties” — monies paid by such streaming services as Pandora, Spotify, SiriusXM and other webcasters which are considered digital radio.

Glassnote contended it was owed 50%, and that Glover and featured artists and producers were due the remaining half. Glover filed a counterclaim in September, alleging that Glassnote had underpaid various royalties and charged inappropriate expenses.

In a stipulation filed on Friday in the Southern District of New York, both sides agree to drop their suits. Both sides agreed to pay their own attorneys’ fees, but other terms were not disclosed.

The outlet adds that Glassnote Records says it paid Glover $8 million over the duration of his contract with another $2 million coming to him.

Photo: Getty

Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Baby Mother Calls Him A “Culture Vulture” 

Tekashi 6ix9ine live in Oslo, Norway.

Source: PYMCA / Getty

While Tekashi 6ix9ine sings like a bird in order to duck fed time, details about the real person behind the persona are emerging. Sara Molina, the mother of Tekashi’s child, called the rapper a culture vulture among other things in a new interview.


“He could definitely reinvent himself, I’ve seen him do it a million times,” she says during the interview. “He’s like a culture vulture, he can adapt to anything.” During the newly released clip, she explained that 6ix9ine hadn’t been manipulated into acting the way he did and that he was merely manipulating those around him. “I feel like in a way these grown men were manipulated by this little rainbow haired kid,” she said.

“Money and fame will make people do a lot of things,” she continued. “I was manipulated… He’s a narcissist, I’m telling you that now. He’s very smart, I give him that. If I can give Danny [6ix9ine] credit for anything… His brain works in an evil way but it’s smart.” Following his admission to involvement in three different violent incidents in 2018, the rapper is currently facing a 47-year minimum sentence on racketeering, weapons, and drug charges.

You can find more of the interview at DJ Vlad’s online hub.

Photo: Getty

Dame Dash Hit With Lawsuit Over Mob Film ‘Mafietta’ 

Dame Dash, Boogie Dash, Angela Simmons on the set of their new TV reality show

Source: Winston Burris/ / WENN

Author E.W. Brooks is filing a lawsuit against Dame Dash due to his involvement in a film involving her novella series, Mafietta. Brooks says that after she hired Dash as a producer for the film, he squandered the money on his own projects instead.

The Blast reports:

Brooks claims she entered into negotiations with Dash to direct the film, and she paid for the production, cast and crew associated with “Mafietta.”

Dash apparently spoke on how much money the woman was going to make with the film, and also gave her permission to use Jay-Z‘s song, “Reasonable Doubt,” even though he didn’t even own the rights.

Brooks says that despite the negotiations, the contract with Dash for the film was never finalized and that his “shenanigans” soon began during production. She claims Dash spent production time and money filming his own personal projects, including a music video for rapper Murda Mook, instead of working on “Mafietta.”

Brooks says she fired Dash from the project, but he continues to post and claim to be involved. She also said he tried to distribute the film on iTunes and she had to fight to get it removed. It’s unclear what ultimately happened to the film.

A trailer for the film starring Murda Mook dropped in 2016. Brooks wants to strike Dash’s name from the film and is also suing for unspecified damages related to the film.

Photo: WENN

HBO Faces Lawsuit From Man Mentioned In ‘Leaving Neverland’ Doc 

Michael Jackson and Friends in 1999

Source: Gisela Schober / Getty

HBO is facing a potential lawsuit from a man who was mentioned in the upcoming Leaving Neverland documentary, stating that the film is spreading falsehoods. Brett Barnes, who is shown as a boy in the film, says that Michael Jackson never molested him and he’s filing his suit due to that insinuation.

TMZ reports:

The upcoming documentary, “Leaving Neverland,” shows Brett, and he claims it implies Jackson molested him as a boy. As for why Barnes thinks this … Wade Robson — one of Jackson’s well-known alleged victims — claims in the doc, Barnes “replaced him.” The film then shows Michael and Brett together on tour. Thus, the insinuation.

Barnes lawyered up and threatened HBO with a lawsuit, claiming the documentary puts him in a false light and subjects him to “hatred, contempt and ridicule.” Presumably, the lawyer is saying MJ supporters will target Barnes as a result of the documentary.

Barnes testified at Jackson’s criminal trial in 2005 — along with Macaulay Culkin — that he was never sexually abused by Jackson … and he hasn’t changed his account since. Brett also tweeted about the MJ allegations in January, calling them “lies.”

HBO has replied to Barnes’ suit, stating it will not strike his image and his account from the film, which appears only briefly.

Photo: Getty