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Steve Kerr Demands Changes To Gun Control Policy At Press Conference 

Golden State Warriors v Dallas Mavericks - Game Four

Source: Tom Pennington / Getty

Steve Kerr was supposed to join a pregame press conference, but instead addressed the tragedy in Uvalde. The Golden State Warriors head coach called for changes to gun control laws, which he’s done in times past.

Steve Kerr: “When are we going to do something?”

Coach Steve Kerr spoke at a pregame press conference ahead of Game 4 between the Golden State Warriors and the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday (May 24). Instead of talking basketball, Kerr spoke about the Uvalde school shooting and pleaded with elected officials to take action.

“Since we left shootaround, 14 children were killed, 400 miles from here. And a teacher,” Kerr said, visibly shaken by the news.

He added, “When are we going to do something? I’m tired. I am so tired of getting up here and offering condolences to the devastated families that are out there. I am so tired of the, excuse, I am sorry, I am tired of the moments of silence. Enough!”

At the time that Kerr spoke, the number of victims reported was lower than the 19 children slain, along with two adults. The 18-year-old gunman, who acted alone, was shot and killed on the scene. An investigation into the matter is still ongoing, coupled with the fact that the nation is reeling from the Buffalo mass shooting as well.

Kerr’s passion was shared by many on Twitter earlier on Wednesday (May 24) while taking aim at the powerful gun rights lobbying arm of the NRA. President Joe Biden spoke on the tragedy, demanding changes to gun laws.

In what some viewed as a hollow gesture, several GOP elected officials offered condolences via Twitter. Users responded by reminding the officials that they’ve received financial support from the NRA. The contributions numbered into the millions for some.

Teams from the MLB honored the Uvalde victims as well.

Video courtesy of ESPN below:

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Check out Sara Diamond’s “Happy With Me” [Video] 

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

Montreal-based singer/songwriter Sara Diamond, delivers this stylish visual for her new single “Happy With Me”. The lovelorn tune dwells on the aftermath of a breakup where one wishes their ex won’t be happy without you in their lives. It’s quite cheeky and the lyrics are relatable. As expected, Sara delivers a soul-stirring melodic performance over the mellow but bouncy backdrop laid before her courtesy of producer DJ Coco.

The visual is zany and cinematic as it makes use of performance shots of the singer in different situations and a bright cast of characters who all play different roles in her life. The retro set pieces and abstract motifs do play well into the theme of the song and adds a unique touch to the overall feel of the visual. The music video is one of a four-part series.

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HHW Gaming: The Best Video Games of 2022… So Far 

The Best Video Games of 2022

Source: Bernard Smalls PS5 Share / Horizon Forbidden West

The year is still fresh, but we can still point out the best video games of 2022…so far.

When the ball dropped, ushering in the new year, there was a feeling among many that 2022 would be one for the books when it comes to video games, and understandably so.

The lineup was incredibly stacked with games like Sifu, Dying Light 2, Elden Ring, Horzion Forbbiden West, Gran Turismo 7, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, etc.

Thanks to the games mentioned above, the year started off strong, hitting their release dates and delivering exceptional gameplay earning strong reviews.

Unfortunately, there was a bit of a hiccup, specifically for Xbox Series S|X owners who were looking forward to playing console exclusive AAA titles from its recently acquired studio Bethesda.

If you haven’t heard, Starfield and Redfall had their wigs pushed back until 2023, leaving some Xbox fans looking at their Series X consoles in disgust.

But there is still hope for a solid year in gaming. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, Forspoken, God of War: Ragnarok, Stray, The Quarry, The Callisto Protocol, Saints Row, and Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora are still on the horizon.

We’re still holding our breath for God of War: Ragnarok, which many believe will also be delayed, but according to a development team member, “Ragnarok is coming this year.”

We will eventually cross that bridge when we get there, but we’re going to focus on the games currently available that have lived up to expectations.

This list is fluid, will be updated throughout the year, and is subjective, so if something you feel is missing, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Keep in mind that we don’t have to agree with you, just saying.

Step into Hip-Hop Wired Gaming’s best video games of 2022 list in the gallery below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls PS5 Share / Horizon Forbidden West


2. Horzion Forbidden West

3. WWE 2K22

4. Elden Ring

5. Tunic

6. Dying Light 2

7. LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

8. Gran Turismo 7

9. Rainbow Six Extraction

10. Evil Dead: The Game

Kanye West’s 2020 Presidential Campaign Claims They Got Fleeced In Fraud Scheme 

WH coverage

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Kanye West’s doomed 2020 Presidential Campaign claims they were the victims of fraud. According to the campaign committee, they were defrauded of thousands of dollars that went to pay off someone’s credit card. 

Scammers gonna scam.

Per TMZ, Ye’s campaign committee sent a letter to the Federal Election Commission notifying them that someone who was not part of the campaign used the committee’s bank account to pay off a $3,999 credit card bill.

Twitter Blasts NRA & Others In Wake Of Uvalde Shooting Tragedy 


Source: ALLISON DINNER / Getty

The school shooting in Uvalde, Texas that left 19 children dead is still sending shockwaves of outrage throughout the nation. As typical of these tragedies, the NRA found itself trending and many on Twitter are blasting the association.

The NRA Endures More Criticism

The victims of the Uvalde shooting had their names published in several news outlets, cementing the tragedy. We learned through the various reports that the lone gunman attended Uvalde High School, and purchased two assault rifles just after turning 18. Much like the Buffalo Tops shooter, the gunman faced little resistance in obtaining high-powered weaponry. In both cases, nothing ahead of the purchases alerted the retailers who sold the weapons.

The NRA, which stands for the National Rifle Association, emerged as a powerful lobby in 1975.  The association’s influence on policy is notable as it champions the tenets of the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Several members of the Republican Party have shown outright support for the NRA, and the gun control debates rage on with little progress.

Twitter users are pointing out the hypocrisy of Sen. Ted Cruz and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, both scheduled to speak at NRA events in the coming days. Cruz, in particular, is absorbing jabs at his character from the likes of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez among others. Further, most are pointing out financial contributions the association made in support of several GOP figureheads who all expressed sadness and condolences over the shooting.

The news even spilled over into the world of sports with Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr blasting gun control laws in the country while demanding changes need to come. Beyond the recent tragedies, gun violence has long been unwieldy across the United States.

As the investigation in Uvalde continues, Twitter users are grasping for a semblance of action from elected officials.

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Absentee finds his true self as “Serpico” 

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

Dublin-based rapper Absentee follows up his previous release “New Day” with this cinematic single titled “Serpico”. As the title suggests, it’s s slight homage to the 70s classic flick starring Al Pacino. The record is dark, moody, and solemn and sees Absentee in his element as he reflects on his own shortcomings and flaws while taking steps to rectify some issues within himself. He delivers his bars with a laidback flow and paints vivid pictures that listeners can feel and relate to.


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By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

Welcome to TWIB’s Weekly Top 5 Videos. This is a segment where we will be looking at some exceptional visuals from various acts from around the globe. The music video format has been around for decades and through the 90s and 2000s, it has really taken flight from multi-million budget music videos, to mid to low-budget videos with exceptional features. In this section, we will not discriminate but rather highlight some of the creative visuals that pop up on our radar.




Subreehzy – “Coldest Soldier


East London rap artist Subreehzy opens up our list with “Coldest Soldier“. The track sees her in a reflective mood as she gives listeners a glimpse into her daily struggles and what makes her tick. The visual directed by LJFilmsUK captures her hometown and makes use of performance shots of her and her crew.


Aloe Blacc – “Mercy (Godfather Mix)”

Aloe Blacc gives his own take on the Godfather series with the aptly titled song/video “Mercy (Godfather Mix)”. The Grammy-nominated singer/rapper/producer tells a tale of epic proportions as he embodies the spirit of a man who is balancing the gangster life and the true love of his life over the classic Godfather love theme reimagined over a modern hip-hop beat. The visual makes use of the dark, cinematic motifs ain to the Godfather movies and it’s a befitting tribute to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Godfather.


jonnychang – “You”

jonnychang shares visuals for “You” which is taken from his collaboration with Solomon Chang. The reflective tune sees him musing on his life and the unpredictable things that can happen along the way. The visual is quite abstract and makes use of expressive performance shots with subtle vanishing effects. The visual is directed by Solomon Chang. “You” is 2nd episode from jonnychang’s and Solomon Chang’s latest EP and music video series, The Weather Inside.


Spaceman Dela – “BE YOU”

Spaceman Dela makes his entry on our list with “BE YOU”, a heartfelt tune that dwells on being true to oneself. Over a solemn guitar-laden backdrop, he shares some personal tales that listeners can appreciate and also drops some aspiration and uplifting gems to help lift up our spirits. The visual captures Spaceman’s vibrant performance style in the infamous cold Montreal weather.

BE YOU” is the first single off Spaceman’s upcoming EP, titled Nobody Teaches You to Come Down.




Rio Thomas – “Breakthrough”

Rio Thomas helps close out the list with “Breakthrough”, a soulful tune that is ripe with insightful and retrospective bars. Bolstered by the smooth soulful backdrop provided by producer FROwNS, Rio shares a myriad of topics ranging from personal flaws to finding hope as time progresses. The video has a summer-time feel and captures Rio’s laidback style in all its glory.

J Ravage drops two instrumentals “Matt Ishida” and “Star Breaker” 

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

Hard-working producer J Ravage is not new to TWIB and drops off two hard-hitting beats from his stash.


“Matt Ishida” is the first bat and it starts off with heavy 808 kicks, west coast-styled synths, and snapping snares. It’s quite cinematic and well-crafted to kick off a party.

Stream on Apple MusicYouTubeDeezer


“Star Breaker” is next up and has a gloomy synth that sets the tone for the track. The drums again are heavy and come equipped with a distorted bass synth. I do like the vibrant energy and it’s more than perfect for high octane raps.

Stream “Star Breaker” on Apple MusicYouTube, and Deezer


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Rockwell shares three tracks “Issues (feat. Cheff)” , “No Holds Barred” and “Soul Bleed “(feat.... 

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

Emerging rap artist Rockwell shares some tracks from his discography. The tracks in question showcase his lyrical style and knack for blending personal lyrics that listeners can feel into his writing.

The first cut titled “Issues” is built on a moody piano-laden backdrop and details Rockwell’s journey as he tries to overcome internal struggles and trust issues with people around him. The lyrics are well-crafted, honest and the melodic chorus also adds a nice touch to it all.

“No Holds Barred” is Rockwell in his bag as he delivers pure unbridled bravado bars over a sparsely arranged moody backdrop. Here, he reminds the opposition to be careful if they ever meet him because he is not the one to play with.

Stream “No Holds Barred” on  Apple MusicDeezerYouTube.


“Soul Bleed” is a heartfelt track that talks about the daily struggles we all go through and the changes these events bring to us.

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Rockwell is an artist from New Orleans, LA, who was raised in Allentown Pennsylvania. 610.

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Wu-Tang Clan Studio Worker Who Spent 23 Years In Prison For A Crime He Didn’t Commit To Receive... 

Grant Williams exonerated

Source: NBC News / NBC New

It is inconceivable that a person can be sentenced to prison without any physical evidence tying them to a crime. How many people (and disproportionately Black people) have to spend years and even decades in prison for crimes they didn’t commit before people involved in our justice system realize they need more than faulty witness testimony and a (racist) hunch to convict someone who is truly guilty?

How much settlement money do taxpayers need to be burdened with before legal officials come to glory on the fact that changes need to be made to the process in which a person goes from suspect to convict?

Last year, 51-year-old Grant Williams was exonerated in the 1996 shooting of Shdell Lewis outside a Staten Island public housing complex, according to the Associated Press. Grant had spent 23 years in prison for the crime before he was paroled in 2019. Then last July he was cleared of all charges and now, NYC has agreed to pay him $7 million for his pain and suffering.

Grant just handed to be a studio worker for one of the most legendary rap groups in Hip Hop history. Here’s how he ended up in prison for a killing he wasn’t responsible for, as reported by AP:

The case against Williams had rested largely on the testimony of a couple of eyewitnesses. One was a police officer who chased the gunman — and initially gave a description that didn’t match Williams.

Prosecutors at his trial also sought to suggest a connection between Williams and a baseball cap that the shooter dropped at the scene, though the hat was never tested for DNA that could have pointed to its wearer. It was emblazoned with the logo of Wu-Tang Clan. Williams had worked at the multiplatinum-selling rap group’s Staten Island studio, but his lawyer notes that there was no telling how many hometown fans might have had Wu-Tang Clan hats at the time.

No physical, forensic or digital evidence tied Williams to the crime, and some witnesses testified that he wasn’t the gunman.

First of all, finding Wu-Tang apparel in Staten Island is like finding someone in a Spiderman t-shirt during a Marvel movie premiere. Secondly, why wasn’t the cap tested for DNA considering the fact that there was no additional evidence outside of the testimony of a cop and another witness who gave descriptions that didn’t even match Williams? Lastly, WHEN WILL THE JUSTICE SYSTEM STOP TAKING A COP’S WORD AT FACE VALUE?

Anyway, William—who also won a $5million settlement in a separate claim, according to his attorney, Irving Cohen—is not only free, but he’s apparently being reasonably well-compensated for years of his life that was stolen from him, not that a price can really be put on an individual’s freedom.

“This will assist him in going forward and trying to get back on his feet,” Cohen said.

More from AP:

Williams unsuccessfully appealed his conviction for years before Staten Island District Attorney Michael McMahon’s office agreed to review it. Prosecutors ultimately joined Williams in seeking the dismissal of his conviction, saying they now believe he’s innocent.

Williams told reporters at the time that he never lost faith that he would be exonerated and used to tell other inmates they’d see it on the news someday.

“And today is that day,” he said with relatives, supporters and friends including Wu-Tang member Ghostface Killah by his side.

It’s a wonderful thing that Williams has been set free and cleared of all charges, but this should never have happened in the first place. Imagine how many inmates who ended up in prison under similar circumstances are falling through the cracks.